Shellac remover – manicure at home. Review of the best shellac remover fluids

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Nail coating is widely used by modern women. Shellac helps keep female handles well-groomed for several weeks in a row. However, a durable coating is different from ordinary varnish, because it should be removed with a specially designed liquid, and not with ordinary acetone.

How to remove shellac at home

The best solution is to use a special solution if you do not seek help from a manicurist. Among the many brands, you can choose a universal remedy, the effectiveness of which will please its owner. In addition to liquid, in order to erase a resistant coating at home, you may need:

  • file for grinding;
  • orange sticks;
  • foil;
  • sponges;
  • cream.

Means and tools for manicure

Nail Gel Polish Remover

Girls who first encounter gel polish often wonder about how to remove shellac at home. For a super-resistant coating, a special preparation was created based on components that are aimed at softening and dissolving. In this case, you should not think that the tool for removal will harm the nail plate. Manufacturers of cosmetics have created a special shellac remover, which is additionally saturated with vitamins, oils – nutrients and moisturizers.

How to remove shellac at home without a special liquid

If there is no special liquid intended for shellac, then it can be replaced with banal acetone, which is on the shelf for every girl. It is also able to erase a resistant coating, but is more aggressive and harmful to the nail plate with prolonged contact. But always at hand. In order to make acetone softer, you should dilute it with ordinary water: two to one.

To remove with acetone, you will need more cotton pads, foil and an orange stick. First of all, wash your hands, because the nail plates should be as low-fat as possible: for this you may need soap or alcohol. If the surface is poorly treated, then acetone will have a weak effect on shellac, and the procedure will have to be repeated again. After good hand hygiene, put cotton soaked in acetone on each nail, wrap the finger with foil, and hold for about fifteen minutes. Remove the foil and remove the cracked varnish with an orange stick..

Bottle Nail Polish Remover

The composition of the gel polish remover

If you want to provide your nails with quality care, it is better to use shellac remover. Regardless of the price, acetone is included in all removal solutions, but the special solution is maximally purified, and vitamins and oils help make the main component of the composition almost harmless. If you use a liquid to remove shellac without acetone at all, then it will not take a super-resistant coating. Gentle compositions will help you solve the problem of how to remove shellac from nails.

How does a shellac remover work at home

The principle of action of the substance is the same as that of cosmetic acetone for removing simple varnish. The procedure is identical: wash your hands, moisten cotton pads in a special tool, apply to your fingernail, wrap with foil, wait about fifteen minutes, remove the remaining gel polish with an orange stick. A special tool differs from ordinary acetone in that it is able to care for the nail plate and is harmless to the human body.

How to remove shellac using a special tool

For high-quality removal at home, professionals recommend not only to purchase a special liquid, but also to use clothespins, clips or disposable wrappers Shellac Remover Wraps instead of ordinary foil. Additional devices help make the gel polish removal procedure more comfortable and effective. The process of removing shellac is standard, but the only difference is that instead of foil, clips or wrappers are applied to the nails.

Shellac Remover Wraps

How to choose a shellac remover

Professionals say that buying shellac remover should be the same company that you use cosmetics for manicure. Today there are a number of manufacturers who, thanks to their quality, have earned the recognition of many women, masters in manicure and beauty salons:

  • Just Gel Polish Remover – instant exposure to the components can dissolve the varnish within five to eight minutes. The composition of the product is gentle, the elements do not injure the nail enamel, do not dry the skin around the plate, have a pleasant aroma and do not provoke an allergic reaction.
  • One Step Remover Mozart House is a great option if you do not know how to wash off shellac at home. The composition gently acts on the nail plate, and oil and moisturizers help protect the surface from chemical components.
  • Shellac Severina – an effective tool has an increased demand, because it can be inexpensively bought in an online store. The liquid not only acts instantly, but is also available in a bottle with a convenient dispenser, which saves the solution. Severina does not injure the nail plate, does not burn, perfectly softens the gel polish. The acceptable cost of the product expands the circle of customers.
  • Nano Professional – refers to a professional line, so it guarantees excellent results. The manufacturer of this cosmetics focuses on the fact that even with frequent use, the liquid will not harm the nail plate, and you can paint a new layer immediately after removing the previous.

Shellac Severina Shellac Remover and Gel Polish

The price of shellac remover

Having decided to use a special tool, start, first of all, from your own budget, because the price for them is completely different. To remove gel polish, there are a huge number of solutions, and in the catalogs of online stores you can choose and order the substance that suits you at the price and quality. Here is a rough list of average liquid prices, depending on the manufacturer and packaging:

  • CND Nourishing Remover, 236 ml – 950 rubles;
  • Shellac Remover SEVERINA, 500 ml – 420 rubles;
  • D’eva Florum, 130 ml – 73 rubles;
  • Domix Green, 500 ml – 199 rubles;
  • Just Gel Polish Remover, 236 ml – 865 rubles;
  • Orly Remover SmartGels, 118 ml – 350 rubles;
  • One Step Remover Mozart House, 150 ml – 230 rubles.

Learn how to choose a gel polish remover.

How to remove shellac from nails in a salon

Removal in salons differs from home attempts to get rid of super durable coating in that professionals remove it quickly and efficiently. Masters in their work to remove gel polish use Product Remover, moistening it with a disposable tampon on a sticky basis, which is worn on the nail like a thimble. In this case, the solution does not get on the skin, and you need to wait only fifteen minutes. Residues of resistant coating are removed with an orange stick. The price of the procedure will be approximately equal to the cost for one jar of funds.

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