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If a person who is losing weight is forbidden to do heavy workouts that require initial endurance of the heart and blood vessels, the doctor may recommend exercises in the weight loss pool or full exercises in water aerobics. How do such physical activities affect the figure and what are their advantages over other types of fitness? Is it possible to independently make up a complex for training in water or do I need the supervision of an instructor?

Use of a slimming pool

Swimming – physical activity, which, with apparent lightness, is much more serious than walking or jogging. To maintain the correct position of the body, a person must strain the press, to move back and forth – use the muscles of the arms and legs, and even the neck is in tension, because you need to keep your head above water. Even the simplest fitness exercises, performed not on land, but under the water column, are an effective means for losing weight, because suggest outside resistance that needs to be overcome.

Water aerobics

A couple of points:

  • An hour of swimming (especially associated with exercises) a person can lose 400 kcal – this is almost the same as an hour of running, but people with obesity, joint diseases can visit the pool, but not run.
  • To get rid of cellulite and increase skin tone is one of the goals of women, and the pool is ready to contribute to this..
  • Beautiful contours of the arms and chest are something that cannot be achieved with classical cardio training (without isolating exercises), and swimming works well on the upper body.
  • Different swimming styles involve different zones: you can focus on the back, buttocks, hips, sides, etc..

How to lose weight in the pool

Here you need a full-fledged training, therefore, if you came to the pool and swam a couple of times from one wall to the opposite, waved your hands a little and decided to complete the activity on this, you can not think about losing weight. If you intend to achieve the goal, you have to work hard:

  • Classes should be regular. Have you chosen a clean swim for an hour and a half, or made up a set of exercises that you are trying to perform, you need to do this systematically.
  • Ideally, exercises and clean swimming should be combined, and the latter should occupy more than 70% of the training time: so losing weight will be as fast as possible.
  • The duration of the lesson in the pool is from 45 minutes and above, and the time is taken into account without rest. Take a break? Increase your workout.
  • Warm up before entering the pool: charging is relevant for any physical exertion. Approximate warm-up time is 10 minutes..
  • After an intense load, you need a 300 meter repurchase: it will not affect weight loss, but it is important for your muscles.
  • Remember that to reduce body weight, it’s not enough to train correctly, you must follow the nutrition schedule: you can’t eat 1.5-2 hours after training.

Five women with noodles in the pool

Swimming in flippers

This is a very good way to help lose weight, as flippers add strain to the muscles of the legs. If you wanted to get rid of deposits on the hips, mark the relief of calves and make beautiful buttocks, you should try this option. Here experts do not offer specific exercises – they consider the interval program more effective: when you alternate 30 seconds of high speed and 15 seconds of a relaxed pace. Such cycles for 45 seconds will need to be done from 10 or more, focusing on the degree of fatigue.

Water exercises

Weight loss programs, involving the repetition of stationary movements in the pool, are called aqua fitness or aqua aerobics. All exercises are performed mainly to the music, in order to maintain rhythm. Experts argue that it is advisable to combine the chains of exercises in the weight loss pool with classic swimming, if you need active fat burning, but you can only sign up for water aerobics – this will also bear fruit.

Swimming for weight loss

The key mistake of women who decided to correct their shape with the help of the pool is the inability to use time and resources. A 45-minute workout involves active work, and if you take an inflatable circle or a mattress, you automatically remove most of the load from yourself and simply “flop”. Of the auxiliary resources for losing weight, the board (for those who can not swim), the previously mentioned flippers, can make sense. Swimming styles play a role only from the perspective of redistributing the load across the zones, but for general weight loss they are equally effective..

What is water aerobics

This offshore fitness branch is a rare case of physical activity that can help you lose weight, but is safe for almost everyone. Age, state of health, the level of endurance of the body and even the ability to swim do not play a role. There are exceptions, but their list is short:

  • skin diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • tuberculosis.

These are the only serious contraindications that water aerobics for weight loss and exercise in the pool has. Mostly it is only beneficial: beautiful posture by strengthening muscle stabilizers, improving heart function, blood circulation, skin massage and even hardening. It is allowed even for those who cannot swim, since exercises are performed statically.

Water aerobics with noodles

A flexible stick, due to which the person performing the exercises can hold the correct position – this is a noodle or noodle. Inexpensive, but very effective sports equipment is actively used by water aerobics instructors. It is especially convenient when you need to do abdominal exercises (standard “angle”, that is, lifting both legs at the same time) without noodle becomes uncomfortable, because requires holding on to the side. As a classic gymnastic stick, which is strengthened by the arms and shoulders, the noodle can also be used, and thanks to its flexibility, it takes any given shape.

Activities for all age groups

Aqua fishing

There are several definitions for this fitness area: a number of specialists do not differentiate between aqua aerobics, aqua-training, while others argue that the latter does not involve cardio, but strength training. The only true clarification will be the fact that there are no additional weights for aqua-fishing – the other types of aqua fitness involve the use of sports equipment. This is a good option for beginners, as the degree of load is low, but weight loss is useful. Experts advise such exercises in the initial stage and in obesity..

Water aerobics with dumbbells

Strength exercises in the pool can also be practiced – this is an effective way to lose weight, if they are associated with cardio, which provides aerobics. Dumbbells are used small, weighing about 2 kg, and for beginners even lower. Exercises are mostly the same as for classical fitness: raise and lower hands, try to make turns, rotations with large amplitude. For maximum results, the power block must be combined with traditional cardio loads..

Workout with dumbbells in the water

Pool exercises to reduce abdomen

A beautiful waist and a designated press is the very first result that women see who have started to visit the pool with the aim of losing weight. These zones receive a particularly clear load, so they react earlier than others. They do not even need separate exercises, but for a more pronounced effect it is worth choosing an individual complex for yourself. Below are some effective exercises in the weight loss pool with and without weights and sports equipment..

Water aerobics

Of the variety of exercises that can help lose weight in the stomach, experts especially highlight the following three:

  • Using the board, lie on your back with your legs extended. Bend at the knees, pull to the stomach and straighten back. Per approach do 35 times.
  • From a vertical position, quickly raise the legs bent at the knees up, simulating running without moving. Do inextricably 3 minutes.
  • Gymnastics in the abdominal slimming pool will be inferior without a “bicycle” performed from an upright position. Keeping on the surface will help the noodle.

Butt exercises for the pool

The program proposed below makes you not only keep your abs tense, but also work with your gluteal muscles, so you get a double effect on weight loss and contouring. The exercises are simple, but some require an inventory:

  • Positioning the noodle horizontally behind and grasping it, pull the bended knees to the stomach and perform leg rotations left and right. Repeat 30 times.
  • Standing upright, tear off your foot from the bottom and sharply lift up, swinging. For each 20 repetitions.
  • Performing this exercise resembles an asterisk jump: legs apart, arms lowered. Flatten your legs, and hands spread palms down. Quickly take a starting position. Repeat 40 times, pace active.

Interval training in the pool

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