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Proper sports nutrition, which is obtained from natural products, is called protein isolate for weight loss – it can be drunk not only to athletes, but also to girls who dream of looking slim and young. This special protein helps maintain muscle mass during regular sports with fitness or bodybuilding. Girls, exhausting themselves with vegetable diets without meat products, deprive the body of protein, nails begin to exfoliate, and hair grow dull. To look not only slim, but also healthy, you need to use soy protein – isolate.

What is protein isolate

An isolated protein or isolate is obtained by filtration. It is different and looks like a powdered food supplement. From it you can make cocktails, thanks to which a person gets clean, processed protein without fats and carbohydrates.

Protein name



Digestibility (g / hour)

Biological value


Competitive price. Easy to mix with other ingredients..

The composition includes 60% amino acids.

It is quickly acquired.

Use strictly before and after training. During the day, whey protein for weight loss is used in combination with other proteins..




It is slowly absorbed, thanks to which the body receives a high concentration of amino acids 60% during the day.

It dissolves poorly, has a specific aftertaste.




Affects blood cholesterol.

Low performance.

Low biological value.

Estrogenic activity.




Acceptable price.

A large composition of amino acids.

The composition includes lactate, which impairs the functioning of the intestinal tract.




High amino acid composition.

The effectiveness can be compared with

perfect protein.

The high cost of the product




Peak concentration of essential amino acids.

Long-term muscle nutrition due to slow

suction isolate.

Manufacturers can add soy isolate in bulk. Adding related useless components.

Slow (no information).

Biological value depends on the percentage of the composition.

What is it needed for

Whey isolate for weight loss is obtained by filtration, purification of whey. In this way, all related components are removed. In order for a woman in the process of losing weight to get pure protein, you need to take the isolate for the entire period. Unlike fats and carbohydrates, protein is not deposited in subcutaneous fat, and therefore is indispensable for weight loss. It is important to remember that you need to use this supplement in combination with weight loss exercises or a diet..

Protein Isolates in Measuring Spoons

When to take

An important rule that cannot be ignored is the exclusion of desserts, rolls and other pastries when taking a protein supplement, otherwise the opposite effect will occur and the woman will gain extra kilograms. The minimum calorie deficit for weight loss is at least 20%. The body’s need for protein is 2 g per kilogram of weight. The proportion of isolate should be in half the daily dose.

How to take whey protein for weight loss and achieve the desired result? To do this, drink a protein shake fractionally. To prepare it, dissolve 15 g of isolate in water. It is worth taking it 20-40 minutes after training, only after 1.5 hours it will be possible to eat something from the diet menu. Isolate can be drunk before training, in 2 hours.

How to drink protein isolate

To prepare a cocktail, it is important to observe the dosage. Slimming Whey Protein Isolate can be included in multi-component protein supplements and taste like banana, chocolate or strawberries. You need to drink the isolate immediately after cooking, preferably with a large gap before meals. It can be consumed at night – this is how muscles are saturated with all the beneficial components contained in complex supplements.

It is important to remember that each portion of the isolate replaces the meal, so after eating a cocktail you can not eat anything. In order not to buy a fake, you need to purchase products only of well-known brands, in specialized stores. The most popular manufacturers are:

  • Weider
  • Dymatize
  • Optimum Nutrition;
  • Twinlab;
  • Multipower.

Protein Shake in a Shaker


Slimming protein isolate is designed for those who want to build, especially when a woman keeps a nutrition diary and calculates the calorie content of food. Protein needs to be taken several times a day, portions can be measured using a measuring spoon, which is included in the set. It is a mistake to think that protein can be consumed only by men. There are no contraindications for women; they can also drink a cocktail. Due to the isolate, there is a slowdown in the absorption of carbohydrates and fats. To achieve a result, you need to correctly calculate the diet and exercise.

After training

Protein isolate is available in convenient packaging – these are metallized bags or cans with a cap. Even after a workout, taking a shaker out of a backpack makes it easy to make a cocktail. After power loads, a small time interval is allocated for receiving the isolate (within 40 minutes). The preparation formula is as follows: you need to dissolve the required amount of protein in skim milk, water or juice (250-500 ml). To get a homogeneous liquid, place all the ingredients in a shaker and shake well..

Girl with a barbell

For weight loss

Protein isolate for weight loss can not be used outside the diet. To maintain the muscle relief, which may “shrink” during weight loss, it is worth taking isolate. Muscle mass will keep in shape throughout the entire time. When broken down, protein saturates the body with essential amino acids that help the body function normally..

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