Static exercises for weight loss and strength development

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Static training (the second name isometric) has been known since ancient times. They are used in martial arts, yoga, serve to feel your own body, improve coordination, develop the strength of tendons and ligaments without resorting to heavy loads, exhausting training.

What is static load?

Tighten muscles, pump up the press, correct posture can be not only with the help of moving and active exercises. Static load is the same effective way to correct the figure as working on horizontal bars, simulators, pull-ups, squats, push-ups and other elements of sports training. It consists in lifting and holding a projectile or the weight of one’s own body motionless for a maximum period of time. Statics requires the same regular training, warm-up and stretching, as well as any training.

The benefits of static exercises

Those who seek to increase their strength and endurance will bring undeniable benefit to static exercises. In this sense, they are much more effective than dynamic ones. The advantage is achieved due to the fact that during constant tension, the blood supply is significantly deteriorated, without bringing lactic acid to the muscles. The lack of this substance leads to the onset of muscle failure, that is, the inability to perform more than one repetition. The longer the failure occurs, the stronger the muscles become.

All tension during static is directed to ligaments, tendons, joints. The weight that acts on them, trains their strength, reduces the likelihood of all kinds of injuries, including during dynamic training. If in exercises only the weight of one’s own body is used as a load (as happens in yoga), then such a load will never cause harm.

Isometric exercises at home are very useful for people who once suffered injuries and are unable to perform dynamic exercises. It affects the deep muscles, makes the maximum number of fibers work, training and restoring them. This requires serious training, a good study of the approaches, lasting 50-60 seconds.

Girl performs an exercise

Static Slimming Exercises

Any sports help to lose weight, but not everyone can afford active training for health reasons. So, statics exercises for women will allow you not to exhaust yourself with excessive loads in the gym. They are suitable if there are contraindications such as cardio-loads, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and a serious condition after operations. This type of exercise leaves the pulse normal, active movements are not performed, but fat folds go away, and the tone of the body rises.

To remove excess weight, static gymnastics for weight loss should be combined with proper nutrition. It is best to perform the complexes every other day, then the muscles will have time to recover, and fat burning will take place evenly. The load should increase gradually. Approaches last from 1 to 3 minutes, the number of repetitions 2 to 3 times. Of the most effective exercises from statics for weight loss, the following can be distinguished:

  • Strap. It involves all muscle groups. It is necessary to take the emphasis lying on the arms extended or bent at the elbows and freeze.
  • The side bar tightens the sides and press. We accept the emphasis lying on its side, resting on a bent arm at the elbow.
  • The boat allows you to tighten your back and abs. Lie down belly, arms along the body, raise legs and chest at the same time.

Static exercises for strength development

Body strength can be developed not only with the help of sports such as various types of wrestling. Static exercises for the development of strength are already mentioned in ancient Eastern techniques, as they are able to bring incredible power to the body without building muscle mass. To begin with, you can choose one of simple complexes, which does not require any equipment. These are popular isometric strength exercises designed by Alexander Zass..

The exercises of Zass, the famous circus and strongman, are known for their incredible effectiveness. The man himself demonstrated it, raising a horse in front of the audience and easily carrying it around the arena. He was sure that muscle volume is nothing compared to their strength, which can be developed without increasing muscle mass. To begin with, each reception can be performed for 2-3 coming up with a duration of 5-6 seconds.

  • We bend our arms at the elbows near the chest. Palm rests on palm. Crush hands on each other.
  • Hands take the same position, but are locked into the lock. We try to unfasten the lock, stretching our arms to the sides.
  • We rest our hands against the wall, push it with all our might, straining the whole body.
  • We stand in the doorway, rest on it with our hands and try to “push it apart”. All effort is concentrated in the shoulders and arms..

Girls with palms in front of them

Static exercises for the press

Millions of people dream of bringing their stomachs into shape, doing hundreds of approaches to raise / lower the body. But there are much more effective static exercises on the press, which literally burn fat at the waist, form a beautiful, flat, pumped stomach. During exercise without movement, the load is enormous. It causes a burning sensation, but is compensated by an excellent result..

The most effective static muscle work is achieved using the following exercise. We lie down on our back, hands behind our heads, raise our legs 20-30 cm from the floor, and freeze. At first, the forces will last only for a few seconds. It is necessary to try every time to increase the execution by at least 1 second, bringing it to 1 minute. We concentrate tension in the area of ​​the press, but not the back.

Static leg exercises

To qualitatively load the muscles of the legs, it is not necessary to run kilometers. Static leg exercises give excellent power load. For example, one of the favorite activities of dancers is “plie”. We place our legs as wide as possible, lower the pelvis so that the knees bend at a right angle to the floor. The hips and buttocks should be in a straight line. We stand on the socks to maximize muscle tension, delay for 30 seconds. Then lower the socks. Rest 10 seconds and 3 more reps.

Here are some more simple exercises that cause static muscle tension. They are performed for 15-20 seconds with a break of 10 seconds:

  • Sit on a chair, put your heels on the legs and push hard.
  • Stand on tiptoe from a standing position, tighten your muscles as much as possible.
  • Get on your heels (you can stick your hand behind the wall for balance) and pull the socks up with all your strength.

Static exercises for the buttocks

The techniques with which we train the legs have a positive effect on the buttocks. Among the static exercises for the buttocks, about which there are many positive reviews, the following can be distinguished:

  • Exercise high chair. We rest with our backs against the wall (legs about 30 cm from it) and move down until we sit down in the air at an angle of 90 degrees. We stand for 20 seconds. We do 5 approaches with a rest in 10 seconds.
  • Lie on your stomach, raise your legs from the knees and lower to a height of 20 cm. The back is flat, does not bend in the lower back.
  • We lie down on our back, we bend one leg at the knee, the other is extended. Raise the pelvis and straightened leg on the same level. Hold for 5 seconds. Do 10 reps and change the leg..
  • Repeat the previous exercise, but the free leg is stretched up, not straight.

The girl performs an exercise for the gluteal muscles

Static exercises for the back

From the health of the spine, the state of the whole organism depends. Static exercises for the back will strengthen and improve it. They are divided into 4 levels: for the lumbar, chest, shoulder, neck muscles. The main condition is to fulfill them without jerking slowly. It takes a lot of time, but if it is not there, perform the simplest and most useful exercise at work, at home, standing in line or at the stove: starting position, standing, one hand on the belt, take deep breaths, push the palm with your palm to the stop, the spine pull up.

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