Stretching for losing weight at home – the benefits and techniques of doing exercises

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In modern fitness, cardio and strength training are the main exercises, but judging by the reviews, stretching for weight loss is no less useful. This concept comes from the English “stretch”, which translates as “stretching”. The stretching technique is based on the alternation of relaxation and muscle tension. This direction of fitness is allowed even during pregnancy, just the load should be slightly less. Does stretching help you lose weight and how to perform it, you will learn below.

What is stretching?

The stretching technique itself is more similar to oriental approaches to healing. It supplements the main types of physical education, is used as a warm-up or the end of a workout, especially aerobic. Stretching is a system of exercises to increase body flexibility, strengthen joints, stretch muscles and ligaments, lose weight and improve body contours. Such a complex can be not only an addition to the main classes, but also a full-fledged training.

The benefits of stretching

Stretching brings many benefits to the body, which is why it has become popular. By practicing stretching regularly, you can increase the flexibility of the body, become more plastic and slimmer, improve posture and blood circulation in the tissues. The latter effect helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The use of stretching for the body also lies in relaxing muscles, reducing tension and pain, especially after strength training. Regardless of gender, stretching gymnastics helps:

  • prevent the deposition of salts;
  • saturate the brain with oxygen;
  • improve spinal mobility;
  • produce growth hormone;
  • to strengthen the heart;
  • tighten the figure, make it beautiful;
  • give a boost of vigor;
  • speed up metabolism;
  • get rid of fatigue, get in shape;
  • reduce excessive muscle relief;
  • improve well-being, mood, gain self-confidence;
  • reduce the manifestation of certain chronic diseases;
  • reduce the manifestation of edema.

The girl is engaged in stretching in the hall

For women

The fair sex is more appreciated by stretching for slowing down aging. It is achieved by improving the condition of the skin, its elasticity. Due to the flexibility of the movement they become more graceful. The use of stretching for women is also to eliminate such a defect as “orange peel.” Stretching refers to aerobic exercise, which is better than others affect body fat. By stretching problem areas, such as the sides, abdomen, buttocks, you can quickly adjust them. Stretching also helps get rid of negative emotions..

For men

Let the flexibility of the body is more inherent in the female sex, stretching for men is no less useful. It helps to maximize the effect of training, relaxes muscles after heavy loads and warms them before exercise, thereby preventing injuries. In addition, stretching expands the range of motion, reduces back pain, relieves fatigue, makes tendons tough.

Does stretching help you lose weight?

As a way to lose weight, stretching is considered very effective. Thanks to it, digestion improves, lymph and blood circulation increases. This leads to a tightening of the contours of the body and a decrease in cellulite. Thanks to stretching, the muscles become toned, but they do not become too voluminous. You can lose weight with stretching by 2-3 kg per week, and with persistent exercises during the month – by all 10 kg.

Girl doing stretching exercise

Stretching exercises

For beginners, 2-3 workouts per week are enough. Stretching exercises have several common features. When performing it is necessary to observe the direction of the socks – they should “look” in the same direction as the knees. It is equally important to keep your back straight. So that there is a natural deflection in the lower back. In this case, the risk of injury is reduced. Before stretching, it’s worth warming up your muscles – running in place or stretching yourself in another familiar way.

Morning stretch

The whole complex of stretching is recommended to be done in loose clothing. It is better to start charging from the neck in order to “release” the muscles of the shoulder girdle. To do this, tilt left and right, back and forth. Then you can smoothly twist your head, alternately with your left and right hand push your head to your shoulder to feel the stretch. Morning stretching for weight loss includes exercises for the main muscle groups:

  1. Arms and legs. A good exercise is the cat pose. In this position, it is necessary to extend the arm forward and backward of the opposite leg to get the diagonal. Holding for 10 seconds, return to starting position.
  2. Press. A simple stretching exercise will help strengthen and stretch your abdominal muscles. You need to lie down on the floor or mat, face down, bend your legs at the knees and try to grab the ankles with your hands. Then it remains to tear from the surface of the thigh. The legs rise up.
  3. Back. The best option for stretching it is a horizontal bar. If he is not there, then you can simply stand against the wall, leaning his back against it. Then slide down, crouching slowly. Again delay for 10 seconds and return to the starting position.

The guy pulls up on the horizontal bar

Leg Slimming Stretch

To improve the contours of the legs, you can perform many different stretching exercises. Each of them is aimed at working out certain muscles of the lower extremities. For training, any convenient time is suitable. It is important to exercise regularly. Stretching for legs for weight loss includes several movements:

  1. “A dog looking down.” Take a position, resting on your hands and knees. Then exhale and slowly straighten your legs and arms. To do this, tear off the knees from the floor, only heels and hands should remain pressed. Then you need to walk with your hands to your legs to fully straighten. Run this complex again at the end of the workout.
  2. “Active dove.” Stand in the push-up position, just lean on your elbows at right angles. Then tighten the left leg so that the heel touches the right thigh. Feel the tension, tighten the abdominal muscles, then carefully lower your chest down to the floor, stretch your arms forward. Then the leg can be straightened, repeated 5 times with each.
  3. “Leg up to the head.” Stretching exercises on the back of the thigh. You need a towel – you need to roll it and put it under your head. Lying on your back, you need to pull one leg to your chest, pressing your hands to yourself. Do 5 times each.
  4. “Raising to the half-fingers.” You must lunge one foot forward. Further in this position, each foot rises to half-fingers alternately. Then you need to take the back leg as much as possible back so that the back surface of the thigh is stretched.


Even with all its health benefits and weight loss, stretching has several contraindications. The main one is the presence of injuries, diseases of the joints and spine. In the latter case, you should always consult a doctor about stretching. Stretching can bring harm with infection with fever, cough, runny nose. Other contraindications for stretching:

  • thrombosis;
  • heart disease
  • osteoporosis;
  • arthritis;
  • open wounds;
  • with caution with high blood pressure;
  • recent surgery.

Woman has heart pain

To properly master the technique of stretching, you should pay attention to photos or useful video tutorials. Each of them tells about a separate type of stretch. This is aero stretching, dynamic stretching for weight loss. Separately highlighted stretch for beginners. Having studied each type, you can choose the appropriate option for such training and develop the flexibility of your body.

Stretching at home for beginners


Dynamic stretching

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