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Table tennis, also called “ping-pong,” requires a good reaction from a person, the ability to quickly determine strength, the direction of impact on the ball. You can’t do without a good racket of a special form. Rackets must meet many professional quality standards: all their details from the lining to the core, which in the end are assigned 1-5 stars, are subject to certification. A standard choice for professional players is a five-layer base inventory with special spikes on the rubber surface of the pads.

Table Tennis Rackets

A high-quality tennis racket for table tennis can be easily identified by marking from 4-5 stars on the base of the handle. In total, there are 3 main classes into which this sports equipment is divided:

  1. One star. Simple products that are suitable for amateur play, weight balance poorly maintained, control over ball rotation impossible.
  2. 2-3 stars. A great choice for a semi-professional game. The quality of rubber pads increases sharply, which opens up more control possibilities for the ball. Often have an anatomical carbon-coated handle that easily absorbs vibration after impact.
  3. 4-5 stars. Such rackets are chosen by professional athletes. These products are often manufactured using wrb technology, which strictly regulates the ratio of all the characteristics of a racket. An ideal choice for training for a different style of play, good control of the speed of the ball rebound, the set includes a set of overlays differing in thickness, a special case.

Best Table Tennis Rackets

To buy a table tennis racket in Moscow, St. Petersburg, another city, first check out the list of manufacturers providing first-class products that will suit everyone: from beginners to professionals. The proposed inventory is characterized by a wide range of characteristics: the thickness of the sponge, the design, and the core of prefabricated rackets are changing. When choosing, pay attention to the material of the body of the product: plywood can not be expensive, and the cost of sports options made of veneer or balsa wood can hit your pocket.

Rackets and Ping Pong Ball

Rackets Stiga

A magnificent line of sporting goods from a well-known manufacturer will be a good assistant for beginners and professional athletes:

  • model name: Stiga Terminate;
  • price: 1900 rubles;
  • Characteristics: the conical handle is impregnated with a water-repellent composition, S3 pads 2 mm, a body of 5 layers;
  • pluses: anatomical form, does not slip in a hand;
  • cons: too wide base of the handle, not equipped with a cover.

Stiga Terminate Tennis Racket

The balance shifted to the center makes you play more aggressively, and the included case will keep the product intact for a long time:

  • price: 2200 r.;
  • Characteristics: five-layer body, rigid pad, equipped with a cover;
  • pluses: anatomical rubberized handle, very light;
  • cons: ambiguous playing qualities, it is difficult to choose a style for the product.



At Donic stores, you can order a table tennis racket made from solid carbon fiber. The product stands out for its high performance. ease of use:

  • model name: Donic Carbotech 100;
  • price: 4500 r .;
  • characteristics: monolithic carbon product, smooth overlay, base without stop;
  • pluses: the maximum possible indicators of elasticity, ball rotation control, very high strength;
  • cons: not suitable for beginners.

Donic Carbotec 100 Carbon Tennis Racket

A budget option that is suitable for people who are just mastering ping pong:

  • model name: Donic Champs 200;
  • price: 500 r.;
  • characteristics: plywood two-layer product, rigid overlays;
  • pluses: durability;
  • cons: the choice of novice players, it is very difficult to control the ball, the handle slides strongly on the skin.

Ping Pong rackets Donic Champs 200


The manufacturer focuses on the durability of the product, which can withstand shock, fall, water:

  • model name: DOBEST BRO1 6;
  • price: 800 r.;
  • Characteristics: made of wear-resistant materials, the surface of the shock part is rubberized, equipped with small spikes;
  • pluses: good ball control, high strength indicators;
  • Cons: non-anatomical handle.

Ping-pong racket DOBEST BRO1 6

The budget option of the famous durable racket from Dobest will be an excellent option for playing on the street:

  • model name: DOBEST BRO1 5;
  • price: 400 r.;
  • characteristics: made of wear-resistant materials, the pad is equipped with small spikes;
  • pluses: good ball control, high strength indicators;
  • Cons: non-anatomical handle.

Budget tennis racket DOBEST BRO1 5


Soft wood species increase the elasticity of the product, which increases the speed, control the rotation of the ball:

  • model name: TELOON TN404;
  • price: 600 p.;
  • Features: softwood core, studded rubber surface;
  • pluses: does not slip in a palm during game;
  • cons: poor build quality, the use of wood glue.

Racket for table tennis TELOON TN404

Made of hard wood, this racket is designed for quick biting blows, an aggressive game:

  • model name: TELOON TN406;
  • price: 350 r.;
  • characteristics: softwood core, rubberized surface, anatomical handle;
  • pluses: does not slip in the palm of the hand during the game, good ball control, good grip;
  • cons: poor build quality, the use of wood glue.

Racket for table tennis TELOON TN406

Start line

The average balanced characteristics provide this product with great popularity among athletes of many levels:

  • model name: Level 300;
  • price: 600 p.;
  • characteristics: average speed, rotation, good adhesion, nine-layer base;
  • pluses: suitable for semi-professional players, as well as for learning simple, medium difficulty tricks;
  • cons: thickening at the end of the handle can rub your palm.

Start Line Level 300 Tennis Racket

A multi-layer wooden body improves speed, and a studded rubber pad ensures excellent grip:

  • model name: Level 100;
  • price: 300 r.;
  • Characteristics: below average speed indicators, excellent grip, nine-layer base;
  • Pros: Suitable for semi-professional players;
  • cons: thickening at the end of the handle can rub your palm.

Ping Pong Racket Start Line Level 100


The anatomical shape of the rubber handle will not let the athlete get tired during an important match:

  • model name: Torres club 4;
  • price: 900 r .;
  • characteristics: moderately heavy product, excellent ball grip;
  • pluses: sits well in the palm of your hand, does not slip;
  • cons: not found.

Rackets for table tennis Torres club 4

An additional layer of hard material increases wear resistance, increases speed:

  • model name: Torres Profi 5;
  • price: 1300 r.;
  • characteristics: five-layer base, additional rigid lining, providing better overall elasticity of the product;
  • pluses: excellent anatomical shape, rubberized surface eliminates slipping;
  • cons: too heavy.

Ping Pong rackets Torres Profi 5


Fan-oriented, Sponeta equipment is distinguished by average performance in all respects:

  • model name: Sponeta Comet;
  • price: 700 r .;
  • Features: five-layer body, rubberized surface, amateur version, suitable for mid-level players;
  • pluses: good control of rotation, ball speed;
  • cons: not found.

Sponeta Comet Table Tennis Racket

The thick sponge pad shows the maximum ball grip characteristics:

  • model name: Sponeta Master 5;
  • price: 1200 r.;
  • Characteristics: straight rigid cylindrical handle, spongy corrugated gasket 5 mm;
  • pluses: a good option for the average player, excellent grip;
  • cons: inconvenient handle.

Ping-pong racket Sponeta Master 5

Master series

The high popularity of products, the frequent appearance at promotions, sales due to good quality at a low price:

  • model name: Master;
  • price: 400 r.;
  • characteristics: four-layer body, corrugated sponge gasket, smooth wooden handle;
  • pluses: high rates of speed;
  • cons: low ball rotation control.

Master table tennis racket

Children’s products from the master series are famous for their soft surface, lightness, good characteristics:

  • model name: junior;
  • price: 250 r.;
  • characteristics: four-layer body, corrugated sponge gasket, wooden smooth handle, reduced children’s option;
  • pluses: high rates of speed;
  • cons: low ball rotation control.

How to choose table tennis rackets

Buying a ping-pong racket is not an easy task. In order not to be mistaken in your choice, pay attention to a certified online store that supplies ping-pong products. This guarantees the quality of the purchase, quick delivery by mail. Before buying, decide what the racket is for. It depends on what requirements it should meet:

  1. Core. The most economical option is plywood. Such a product does not have good speed characteristics, vibration from shock is not extinguished. The best choices are linden wood, veneer, cork, carbon.
  2. Lining. A professional racket from an amateur racket is distinguished by a set of pads suitable for different situations. So, an attacking, aggressive player is better suited for a more rigid coating, which he can change before the match.
  3. A pen. Anatomical shape, non-slip water-repellent coating will help focus on the game.
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