Tai bo – what is it, the benefits of combat aerobics for weight loss, lessons for beginners with video

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If you are looking for a quick and effective way to lose weight, tighten your body, get an adrenaline rush, then you should learn about tai-bo – what it is, how to do it better, who suits you. Every day the popularity of this sport among women is growing faster. Tai-bo classes will not only put your figure in order, but also teach you the basics of self-defense.

What is tai-bo in fitness?

Tai-bo fitness is a new direction that combines martial arts techniques (such as karate, Thai boxing, taekwondo), aerobics and gymnastics movements. The author of this sports direction is the famous American coach, athlete, seven-time martial arts champion Billy Blanks. The principle of training is based on martial arts, which develop strength, speed, balance, reaction. Dance elements improve endurance, coordination, heart function, and power loads tone muscles, joints, tighten skin.

Tai bo for women

Tai-bo classes are suitable not only for active women with a strong character who want to throw out their aggression in sports, but also for ordinary timid, shy girls. Such an unusual fitness system will allow you to achieve the perfect balance between physical and spiritual development. Engaged in this sport, a girl-fighter will be able to fend for herself, while remaining feminine and beautiful. Tai-bo is especially suitable for girls who have little time for training, but they urgently need to bring their bodies into shape, throw out aggressive energy and achieve the desired result.

Tai bo group classes

Tai Bo Slimming

Tai-bo for weight loss – combat aerobics, the advantage of which is the ability to lose weight in a short time and without special diets. The combination of power and cardio loads will be able to burn subcutaneous fat, which is difficult to leave with regular aerobics. In just one hour lesson, up to 800 calories can be burned. For three such classes a week, after a month you can lose 4-5 kg ​​of weight, and if you reduce the calorie content of the daily diet, the process of weight loss will occur even faster. The main thing is that at the same time such intense weight loss does not harm the body.

Tai Bo for Beginners

Before you start practicing, read the information about Tai-bo on the Internet – what it is, who suits you. You must be sure that you are healthy and you have no abnormalities in the work of the cardiovascular system. If you are a beginner and before that did not know what sport is, then for a start you should work out for several months with aerobics, dancing, jogging or another sport that provides cardio loading. And only after that you can master this combat fitness.

Choose training clothes from natural fabrics. In order not to be injured, after an unsuccessful exercise, avoid any metal accessories. Shoes should fix the foot well and not slip on the floor. You can start practicing at home on the Tai-Bo for Beginners video tutorials, but in order to feel the surroundings it is better to take a group lesson in a fitness club with a trainer. Find out where tai-bo classes are held in your city – ask what it is, and if everything suits you, you can start regular training.

Tai bo girls

Tai bo training

All tai-bo classes must begin with a warm-up. It can be dance movements, a step in place, running, swinging arms and legs with a small amplitude. After that, you can connect the power load. The effectiveness of training can be improved by adding blows to the punching bag, jumps characteristic of martial arts. When hitting hands in space, the load increases with the help of dumbbells. Finishing classes is worth the movements that restore breathing and a set of stretching exercises.

Tai bo group training

Tai bo exercises

To understand whether you should do it or not, try these simple tai-bo exercises from the combat fitness program for beginners:

  1. Take in your hands dumbbells of 0.5 – 1 kg, stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Punch with your hands right in front of you, at the level of your nose, as if you were about to attack someone. Better do it in front of the mirror.
  2. Straighten, pull the stomach in, bend one leg at the knee and pull it to the stomach. Make a kick with this foot, straightening it with your heel forward. Take 20 of these kicks with each foot..
  3. From the same position, kick to the side. In this case, the heel should go forward, and the body should remain level. Try not to lean to the side. Repeat the same with the other leg. After 20 hits on each side.
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