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Nutritionists call citrus fruits useful products for metabolism and fat burning, and are advised to eat lemon or grapefruit daily. There are even schemes for losing weight on oranges, but whether it is possible to eat tangerines with a diet is a question. This sweet juicy fruit, judging by the taste, has a lot of sugar. Would he harm the figure?

The benefits of mandarins for the body

All plant foods are good for health, if you understand the principles of its use, since you can even harm yourself with water. The use of mandarins for the body is also not disputed – this sweet fruit has a lot of valuable properties:

  • It will help strengthen the immune system due to the high proportion of ascorbic acid..
  • A whole set of vitamins and minerals helps strengthen blood vessels, eyesight, musculoskeletal tissue.
  • Prevention of the accumulation of fat on the internal organs – the merit of Nobiletin.
  • For all its sweetness, this delicious fruit lowers blood sugar, so you need it in the diabetic menu (not too much; daily amount – up to 3 pieces).

Are tangerines caloric?

The energy value of this citrus is determined by the number of disaccharides that formed in it while it was ripening on a tree. If you look at whether tangerines are calorie relative to other fruits, the answer will be negative – they are on a par with apples recognized as the most dietary plant sweetness. A tangerine weighing 100 g has only 53 kcal, and varieties with a reduced amount of sugars are even less – 32-40 kcal. From the standpoint of calorie content, tangerines do not cause harm when losing weight.

Peeled tangerines

Is it possible to recover from tangerines

You can gain weight from any product, up to lettuce leaves, if you don’t know the measures, although greens, like the rest of plant foods, pose a minimal threat to the figure. The main reason why women are wondering if it’s possible to recover from tangerines – sugar:

  • 2.4 g of fructose per 100 g of product;
  • 6 g of sucrose;
  • less glucose than oranges – 2.1 g per weight.

The daily norm of the last element will be covered if you eat a little less than 500 grams of tangerines, which is why there are suspicions that this fruit does only harm when dieting. In fact, the danger is not greater in it than in the already mentioned orange, although the latter is lower in calories, but both will not let you get fat if you do not eat them in kilograms. A pair of pieces for dessert is an excellent substitute for sweets, which does not hurt weight loss..

Tangerines for weight loss

The general health benefits of consuming citruses have been proven; the answer to the question “do they get fat from tangerines” is negative, but what about the opportunity to lose weight with them? Experts assure that a number of substances present in the chemical composition of this fruit have a beneficial effect on metabolism, so tangerines for weight loss are extremely useful. On their basis are mono-diets and softer weight loss schemes, designed for a week and a half. The exception is tangerine juice, which is devoid of fiber, so it only provokes appetite and insulin release.

Tangerine Slimming Diet

Fruit breakfasts, lunches or dinners are a frequent diet of people who relax in hot countries. Nobody has begun to get fat on such food, unless other factors provoking weight gain have been accompanied. Dieting on tangerines is an excellent choice for the summer, when the appetite is naturally killed by heat. If your day regimen does not have high physical exertion, you can try this weight loss by choosing from these schemes:

  • In the morning, eat mandarin and drink green tea, in the afternoon – boiled chicken breast (150 g) and 2 tangerines, and in the evening – steamed fish (200 g), 2 tangerines and vegetable broth. Kefir is allowed at night. Weight loss lasts 10 days. Chicken can be replaced with any tender meat..
  • A tangerine-egg diet, in which for a week they eat 6 proteins from chicken eggs and the same amount of tangerines daily. Possible loss of 6 kg.
  • Mandarins on a diet (any) instead of breakfast (3 pcs.) Can be eaten in a day 2 weeks.

Girl eating tangerine

Tangerines fasting day

Quickly lose 1-1.5 kg, expelling fluid from the body, if you spend a fasting day on tangerines. There are contraindications to this technique: it is forbidden to people with lesions of the gastrointestinal mucosa and increased acidity of the stomach. With a tendency to allergies, the use of this product in large quantities is also unacceptable. You can’t repeat such a “diet”, it should last only a day.

There are 2 schemes of tangerine discharge for fast weight loss:

  • For a day, eat 500 g of this fruit and drink 1.5 liters of water. In this case, you first need to drink, and after half an hour – eat.
  • With an interval of 3 hours, drink a glass of tangerine juice diluted in half with water, and between these “meals” you can use a mineral water.

Tangerine at night

If you are at the stage of active weight loss, when the whole diet is rigidly built and every gram is taken into account, tangerines should not be eaten before bedtime, because they contain mainly carbohydrates. Such food should enter the body in the morning, so as not to be deposited on the sides, and they provoke appetite due to sugars. Those who simply maintain a figure or follow a healthy diet do not even have to wonder if tangerines can be eaten at night – if you overcome hunger after dinner, and if you are far from sleep, the weight will not go up from a couple of things.

Peeled and peeled tangerines on a tray

Mandarin peel for weight loss

The skin of citruses is often thrown away, not assuming how much health it can bring, and especially during weight loss. It contains significantly more potassium than tangerine pulp, which helps sugar derived from food to be converted to glycogen. A few more important elements contained in the zest act on cholesterol and prevent obesity. Its use in alternative medicine has been popular with diabetics for a long time, but few have heard about the use of mandarin peels for weight loss..

Options advised by nutritionists:

  • Infusion on the zest (a glass of boiling water and 1 tbsp. L. Grated peel) is drunk before meals for half an hour for 1 tbsp. l.
  • Dried Peel – A Cinnamon Spice.
  • Candied tangerines – do not contribute to weight loss as the fruit itself, because sugar is added here, but they are also healthier than sweets.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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