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Any woman wants to have young and toned skin, but not everyone knows that for this it is not necessary to use radical surgical methods of rejuvenation. One of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve the desired result is lymphatic drainage facial massage..

What is lymphatic drainage facial massage

Lifestyle, chronic diseases, cravings for diets provoke a violation of the lymph flow. Because of this, fluid from the cells is not completely discharged or discharged, but not in full. This affects the appearance of puffiness. You can remove this fluid with the help of a drainage massage, which is carried out in the cabin or at home. Lymphatic drainage massage is a pleasant and effective way to rejuvenate. It helps to improve complexion, wrinkles decrease, swelling goes away, the correct oval is formed. A woman becomes prettier and younger. This confirms many reviews..

Beautician makes a procedure for the skin.


Hardware lymphatic drainage of the face consists in the use of special devices that conduct current to problem areas. Thanks to this, nourishing, stimulating and moisturizing substances reach the deepest layers of tissues and lymph flow is enhanced. The effect of this procedure lasts for a long time, which allows you to look younger than your age. Hardware drainage can be carried out in several ways: vacuum and microcurrent, galvanization, electroionophoresis. Such methods are actively used in beauty salons..


Manual lymphatic drainage facial massage is simple to perform. It can be easily mastered at home. The essence of the method consists in circular movements in problem areas: it can be pinching, stroking, tingling. Before the procedure, you need to cleanse the skin and treat it with a special tool. Do not massage on dry skin, so it can be injured. Manual manipulations help when you notice face problems in time and the skin is not running. In another case, you should contact a cosmetologist who can use hemolymphatic drainage massage..

Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home

Many women do not have the opportunity to go to a beauty salon, but this is not a reason to abandon their skin. It is possible to carry out lymphatic drainage of the face at home, which will save both money and time. In this case, a manual procedure is recommended, but judging by the reviews, many people use various devices in the process. In order not to leave bruises or other injuries on your face, you need to use these devices correctly.

Lymphatic drainage by massager

How to do lymphatic drainage facial massage

There are 3 types of massage – superficial, projection and deep. In our country, the Japanese technique of lymphatic drainage facial massage from Yukuko Tanaka is very successful. It is called Asahi face massage or Zogan face massage. Asahi’s technique is carried out according to this scheme: 12 repeating 3 times steps and the final exercise. This is a kind of gymnastics for the face. It’s important not to touch the lymph nodes.

  1. Face preparation. Place the fingers of both hands on the forehead (in the center), then start moving, go to both temples, then vice versa. After this, stroking the area from the cervical lymph nodes to the clavicles.
  2. Forehead. Bring your palms to the middle of your forehead, connecting your fingertips. With index, middle and nameless pressure on the skin, count to three. Then draw a line to the temples, extend it to the ears, go down the neck (side) to the collarbones.
  3. The area around the eyes. Press the pads of the middle fingers to the outer corner of the eyes and draw along the arc to the inner. Reverse the same movement along the edge of the orbit. From there, go to the temples with an intensive movement, hold your fingers near the tragus of the ear and go down the lymphatic lines of the neck to the collarbones.
  4. The area around the mouth. Put your fingers in the center of the chin, press, hold it a little. Then swipe to the corners of the lips. The skin should “move” up. In the same way, pressing for a few seconds, work through existing or potential nasolabial folds.
  5. Nose. Active manipulations in a circle massage the wings of the nose and nose. Then, along the cheekbones, go to the tragus of the ear, linger for 3 seconds and pass along the neck to the collarbone.
  6. The chin. From the middle of the chin, press to the corners of the lips, hold for 3 seconds. With the next movement, go to the edges of the nostrils, and then to the outer corners of the eyes. At the end, go to the tragus of the ear and down the neck to the collarbone.
  7. Cheeks. Support the lower jaw with your left hand. Place your right hand vertically with the edge of the palm to the right of the nose, press and hold for 3 seconds. Then swipe to the edge of the face, as if erasing sweat from it. Do the same for the other side, changing hands. Complete as in previous paragraphs.
  8. Cheekbones. Press your fingers to both cheekbones, lift them up to the corners of the eyes. Complete as before.
  9. General massage. Lower your face in the palm of your hand, make movements as if you are washing yourself, moving the skin from the center. Then pinch the skin with two fingers and gradually move to the ears. In the end, as before, along the neck to the collarbone.
  10. Relaxing massage. From the wings of the nose, point by pressing to the ears. Then from the chin to the ears and from the center of the forehead to the ears. The end is traditional.
  11. Vibrating massage. Open your mouth and shake your head with your eyes closed. Then repeat the movement from point 10.
  12. Smoothing massage. Moving your palms from the chin to the hairline, wash slowly and with a noticeable effort. Do it like squeezing out excess fluid.
  13. The final stage. In zigzag movements in the transverse direction, massage the forehead with the fingers of one hand. Use your other hand to support your chin. Then smooth the forehead from the middle to the temples, lock in the pressure and go from the ears to the collarbones..

Self-massage face


Due to the fact that lymphomassage affects the deep layers of tissues, it can have disastrous consequences. There are some contraindications for lymphatic drainage massage:

  • age up to 16 years;
  • recent rhinoplasty;
  • damage to the face, herpes, ulcers, eczema, boils;
  • any diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • infections, colds, including a runny nose;
  • overwork, prolonged depression;
  • a thin face;
  • skin diseases, including dermatosis;
  • ENT diseases;
  • low pressure.

Price for lymphatic drainage facial massage

The cost of the procedure is affected by its type and equipment used. The choice may depend on the wishes of the client or on his individual characteristics. On average, the price of lymphatic drainage for a face in Moscow varies from 1,500 r. up to 3000 r.


Average price (p.)

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Medical Center K + 31 Petrovsky Gates


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