The benefits and harms of keratin for hair – a review of cosmetics for the treatment, restoration or straightening with prices

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Today, many women straighten strands using professional tools. One of them is keratin for hair – fibrillar protein (liquid or solid), which can be purchased at a pharmacy or specialty store. Keratin is part of many hair care products or sold separately in ampoules. With it, you can not only straighten the strands, but also carry out restorative procedures.

What is keratin?

This is a natural protein found in hair, nails, keratinized areas of the epidermis. Under the influence of high temperatures (hair dryer, ironing, curling) and chemical influence, keratin strength decreases. The substance is able to restore and protect our hairs, make them smooth, beautiful, so it is very important to fill in its deficiency with the help of special means..

Girl with her hair


Keratin contains amino acids that can be converted into different compounds. This ability gives the substance the ability to accept various conditions: liquid or solid, dense or soft. In addition to amino acids, it contains cystine, cysteine, glycine, alanine, and sulfur-containing amino acid is responsible for strength. To replenish amino acids, the body needs sulfur, nitrogen, silicon and other trace elements found in animal protein.

What makes keratin with hair

Keratin hair care is necessary to restore their structure from the inside. Molecules of the substance penetrate deep into the hairline, filling the intercellular space and microcracks, returning it elasticity, strength and shine. In addition, keratin moisturizes hair, retaining moisture inside, prevents the ends from being cut, provides elasticity, and participates in the production of collagen. The result of keratinization can be seen in the photo “before” and “after”. The result is enough for up to 3 months, since the product has the ability to wash.

Is keratin harmful to hair

In addition to the many positive properties of keratin, straightening with its help has some negative sides:

  1. When impregnating the hairs, the substance makes them heavier, as a result, they may fall out.
  2. Due to straightening, the hair is quickly saturated with fat, they have to be washed more often.
  3. Shine and elasticity to the hairs are not caused by keratin itself, but by formaldehyde contained in cosmetics. This substance has a harmful effect on the body..

Keratin Hair Straightening

The main function of the keratinization process is to fill cracks in the hairs with the substance and to seal the scales under the influence of a temperature of 230 degrees. As a result, the composition of keratin for hair is held inside the strands, providing a kind of frame and keeping them in a straight state. The procedure can be carried out in the cabin and at home, while observing the technology and safety rules. It consists of the following actions:

  1. The hair is combed with a comb with frequent cloves, washed with a special shampoo, raising the scales on the hairs.
  2. Apply a drug containing keratin.
  3. Dry hair without styling.
  4. Straighten with an iron under a temperature of 230 degrees, dividing the hair on separate strands.

Girl with long straight hair.

In the cabin

Keratin products used in the salon are of better quality, contain a minimum of aldehydes and have a minimum of negative effect on the hair integument. One of the advantages of the procedure is the ability to combine keratinization with staining. The cost of a service in Moscow is as follows:

Salon Name

Service price

Beauty Studio Ellen

3700 rubles

Salon Okey

3800 rubles

Beauty salon “Lucky”

4000 rubles

Beauty salon “Montpellier”

5000 rubles

Beauty Salon Sofiel

2500 rubles

A number of advantages does not make keratinization completely safe, the procedure has several disadvantages:

  1. Formaldehyde evaporation, which occurs when exposed to high temperature strands. Inhaling these vapors is unhealthy..
  2. Hair after keratin coating is heavier and may begin to fall out.
  3. As a result of the same weighting, the volume of hair is lost.
  4. There is a rapid contamination of the scalp.

At home

The process of conducting home keratinization is no different from the salon, except for the financial moment. In the salon, the service is not cheap, and the purchase of funds for the procedure at home will cost even more. However, the volume of the purchased product is not enough for you to keratinization. As a result, compared with salon, home straightening will cost less. Incorrect procedure can severely damage hair. Some girls make keratin straightening using gelatin mask recipes.

Means for keratin hair straightening

A set of products from Cadiveu Professional saturates the hair with keratin molecules, smoothing them, reducing electrification, making them shiny and elastic:

  • manufacturer: Cadiveu Professional;
  • price: 7133 rubles;
  • characteristics: for weakened, thin hair;
  • pluses: good quality;
  • cons: not detected.

COCOCHOCO is Cadiveu’s main competitor. Presents a set of professional products for Brazilian keratin straightening:

  • manufacturer: COCOCHOCO;
  • price: 24,000 rubles;
  • characteristics:
  • pluses: lasting effect – 5-6 months;
  • cons: expensive.

A set of tools for straightening hair with keratin from Cadiveu Professional

How to choose keratin for hair

If you decide on a keratin therapy procedure at home, consider the following recommendations for choosing keratin for hair:

  1. Formaldehyde content. For curly curls, a high percentage of the substance is needed, for non-curly curls – a low.
  2. Read what temperature is needed so that the result is of high quality. Your iron should heat up to the indicated number of degrees.
  3. Choose products from manufacturers that have received many positive reviews..

Keratin hair cosmetics

Hydrolyzed keratin is the main natural component of our hair, when it breaks down, the hairs become brittle, split, lifeless. To restore their structure helps keratin cosmetics, making up for the lack of this substance. Such products are sold in different forms (shampoos, masks, oils, sprays), and you can buy them in any online store, ordering delivery of the purchase by mail. If you get to promotions, sales or discounts, then it is quite realistic to purchase goods at a bargain price.

Keratin Balm

Chantal Sessio Professional Two Phase Keratin Balm restores damaged hair structure, gives it shine and strength:

  • manufacturer: Poland, Chantal Sessio Professional;
  • price: 211 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume – 200 ml, useful for damaged, dry, brittle hair;
  • pluses: vitamins are a part;
  • cons: not detected.

Keratin-containing balm from Chantal Sessio Professional

Keratin Balm Magic Keratin is perfect for hair that has lost its strength as a result of perming and frequent styling:

  • manufacturer: Russia, Chantal Sessio Professional;
  • price: 375 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume – 250 ml;
  • pluses: heals, nourishes, protects;
  • cons: not detected.

Keratin oil for hair

KERATIN IMPACT BIOTOP eliminates the electrification of hairs, restores structure, makes it obedient, soft, silky:

  • Manufacturer: KERATIN IMPACT BIOTOP;
  • price: 1950 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume – 30 ml;
  • pluses: excellent quality;
  • cons: not detected.

Dream lotion ARTEGO keratin in hair ampoules restores the hydrolipidic balance of the strands, makes them obedient, shiny no matter how damaged they are:

  • manufacturer: Dream lotion ARTEGO;
  • price: 1800 rubles;
  • characteristics: 16 ampoules of 8 ml;
  • pluses: contains phytocomponents;
  • cons: not detected.

Keratin Hair Oil Dream lotion ARTEGO

Keratin Hair Spray

LadorBeforeKeratinPpt– keratin spray to prevent dry hair. The product protects the scalp from external influences, restores, acting from the inside:

  • manufacturer: Lador Before Keratin PPT;
  • price: 770 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume – 150 ml;
  • Pros: no need to rinse;
  • cons: not detected.

Dr.Sante spray deeply nourishes, restores strands, seals the cut ends, nourishes them with useful vitamins and facilitates combing:

  • manufacturer: Dr.Sante;
  • price: 100 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume – 150 ml;
  • pluses: cheap;
  • cons: not detected.

Keratin spray for hair Lador Before Keratin PPT

Keratin Hair Shampoo

Estel keratin shampoo perfectly cleanses the scalp, restores the quality of hairs. It is recommended to use with a mask, Estel keratin water, and also use a rinse conditioner:

  • manufacturer: Estel Keratin shampoo;
  • price: 449 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume – 200 ml;
  • pluses: good quality, reasonable price;
  • cons: not detected.

Keratin Somang keratin shampoo strengthens hair follicles, eliminates dandruff, perfectly cleanses the scalp from grease and impurities. The product moisturizes the hairs from the inside, preventing brittleness. Recommended for use with rinse aid:

  • manufacturer: South Korea, Keratin Somang;
  • price: 980 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume – 620 ml;
  • pluses: contains silk proteins;
  • cons: not detected.

Estel Keratin Shampoo with Silk Protein and Keratin

Keratin hair masks

Bielenda presents a keratin mask for colored hair. The product is rich in proteins and D-panthenol, which regenerates hairs from the inside after dyeing and other procedures:

  • manufacturer: Bielenda;
  • price: 363 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume – 200 ml;
  • pluses: low pH;
  • cons: not detected.

The keratin mask Estel Keratin strengthens, heals the hair, filling it with natural protein – keratin. As a result, they become stronger, shiny and lush:

  • manufacturer: mask Estel Keratin;
  • price: 500 rubles;
  • characteristics: Russia, volume – 250 ml
  • pros:
  • minuses:

Keratin hair mask Estel Keratin

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