The benefits and harms of tar soap – composition, use in traditional medicine and cosmetology

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A common therapeutic and cosmetic product that benefits your hair and skin is tar soap. Tar, which is part of the product, is a natural component extracted from birch bark since ancient times. 10% of tar makes the cosmetic product an indispensable assistant that can improve skin color in several sessions, heal small wounds, relieve dandruff, and strengthen hair.

What is tar soap

Healing soap contains a significant amount of birch tar. Depending on the manufacturer, the percentage of additive content is from 8 to 10%. The active component of the composition is a substance traditionally used by traditional medicine, therefore, the tool has powerful antiseptic, disinfectant, regenerating, activation properties.

Tar has pronounced drying properties, so glycerin is added to moisturize the skin. The classic soap with the addition of tar has a pungent smell of burnt bark, brown. Inexpensive soap bars are unpretentious in appearance, does not stand out on the counter. They are much cheaper than other cosmetics. The specific smell of tar spreads easily in space, but does not linger on the body.

Liquid and ordinary tar soap


The main ingredient is tar. It is produced from birch bark – birch bark. For a long time, its huge quantities were used as a lubricant for cart wheels and harnesses of horses. Now its main application is medical and cosmetology. It is part of Vishnevsky ointment, known not only for its miraculous regenerative properties, but also for its disgusting smell. Detergent with the addition of tar is much more affordable and popular. It can be bought in markets, in supermarkets, hardware stores..

In addition to tar, the product includes other familiar components of domestic cosmetic factories. The base is sodium salts of animal and vegetable fats, water, thickeners and preservatives are also present. At home, the therapeutic product can be cooked independently, using laundry or baby soap as the base.


Doctor soap has a number of advantages:

  • dries the skin, exfoliates old keratinized particles;
  • is a good antiseptic;
  • relieves irritation and rashes.

The therapeutic product is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Its use creates an increase in blood flow to tissues and accelerates the recovery of the body. Tar helps to improve the skin condition during teenage acne and more serious diseases: scabies, eczema, allergies, fungus. Confirmed its benefits for skin lesions.

Benefit and harm

There are no dyes or perfumes in the medical soap; this is a completely natural product. It is wise to apply it with the following problems:

  • oily skin;
  • acne;
  • weak hair and dandruff;
  • psoriasis;
  • thrush;
  • pressure sores;
  • scratches, cracks, wounds.

Psoriasis on the chest in a man

An allergy to a natural supplement is possible. If your skin condition worsens after a procedure or a burning sensation is felt, tar detergents are not suitable for you. Another problem associated with the product is too much hope for the healing properties of tar soap. Sometimes instead of self-medication with the help of tar cosmetics, it is better to consult a doctor to deal with the disease in detail, and to use more effective modern means in the future.


Therapeutic soap with tar is useful to people suffering from various skin diseases. It will reduce irritation and rashes, will have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin. The tool is affordable and effective. It has a mild whitening effect and is suitable for people with increased pigmentation. Tar will make your hair look perfectly healthy if you are concerned about dandruff and your hair is too oily. For gynecological purposes, it is used to combat thrush. The use of the product will be especially effective if supplemented with a regular course of vitamins.

Is it possible to wash my hair with tar soap

How to use tar soap to improve hair condition? The tool will help if the scalp is oily. Washing your hair with soap instead of shampoo is recommended no more than once a week. In order not to dry your hair, you need to use conditioner after applying the detergent, sometimes make masks with the addition of nutritious oils. In this case, you will soon notice an improvement in the condition of the hair, due to normalization. Good nutrition of hair follicles will soon stop hair loss and create thick hair from your modest bundle.

Does tar soap for lice help

The use of tar soap in folk medicine is diverse. With its help, it is sometimes recommended to treat lice. The effectiveness of such procedures is doubtful, although the product has antiparasitic properties. To quickly eliminate nits and lice, it is advisable to use innovative drugs sold in the pharmacy. There you can buy cheap hellebore water – a time-tested remedy for parasites.

Woman washes hair

Is it possible to wash

Many experts recommend the use of tar soap for female intimate hygiene. 1-2 times a week, the use of the product reduces irritation in the bikini area, reduces the risk of thrush and cystitis, and serves as a prophylaxis against infections. For washing, the product is best suited not in the form of a bar, but a liquid version with a dispenser, which will provide a more gentle effect.

With thrush

Wonder soap will easily help get rid of thrush. The disease causes a malfunction in the pH balance in the acidic side. To alkalize the vaginal environment, a detergent with a pronounced alkaline composition is perfect. Tar soap in gynecology is used to restore the normal environment of the vaginal mucosa. To achieve the result, you need to wash twice a day using a soap solution.

Can I wash my face?

For owners of oily skin with rashes, blackheads and blackheads, irreplaceable tar will help to look much better. It dries up inflammation and prevents acne. Normal skin needs to be washed once a day, problematic and greasy skin needs water procedures twice a day, with dry skin it is better to use other means.

How to wash with tar soap

They teach to wash in early childhood when there are no skin problems. Therefore, many adult women continue to rub their face with a bar of soap, without thinking about the correct technique. Careful attitude to the skin allows you to maintain a fresh look without unnecessary wrinkles for a long time. When washing, it is necessary to apply soap foam on the face and gently massage the skin with circular movements – this will avoid microtrauma. Complete your wash by rinsing your face with cool water. After washing, always use moisturizers..

The girl is washing

Tar soap mask

Rub a small piece of soap with a drop of water between the fingers with a small amount of liquid, apply to the inflamed area at night, and you will get the simplest cosmetic mask. A more advanced option involves applying a plentiful soap foam to the face for 10 minutes – this procedure whitens the skin, reduces rashes.

A mask for a good complexion is prepared from 1 part of healing soap and 5 parts of cream with a small amount of cinnamon. The addition of cream reduces the dehydrating effect of the alkaline environment. Foam the crushed soap with a little water, then add milk and cinnamon. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and applied to the face, with the exception of the areas around the eyes. The mask is aged for half an hour, after which it must be washed off with a warm broth of chamomile. The best result is obtained by applying the mask once a week for two months.


Soap with tar is not a medicine. If you have chronic skin diseases, consult a specialist. Use caution with one or more conditions:

  • allergy;
  • sensitive, delicate or dry skin;
  • increased photosensitivity;
  • exacerbation of chronic skin diseases;
  • kidney disease.

How to cook a healing product at home

To prepare a home remedy with tar, you will need birch tar, which you can buy at the pharmacy and regular baby soap. You will need to take about two tablespoons of tar. Before you put dishes with soap in a water bath, you need to grate it. Constant heating should keep the water in the bath hot, but not bring it to a boil.

When the mass begins to melt, add a small amount of water with constant stirring. Tar should be added when the soap chips have completely melted. It is necessary to bring the mixture to a homogeneous consistency, and then remove it from the heat. Allow to cool slightly, and, without waiting for complete cooling, pour into molds. After hardening, the goal is achieved! Give loved ones the benefits of a healing product with love!

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