The benefits of a treadmill for weight loss – how to do it and training programs for men or women

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Among the many ways to make a figure slimmer, running is not the last place. Modern living conditions lead many to training in the gym or at home with the help of a special simulator. The use of such exercises for weight loss is undeniable, therefore, the question of how to lose weight on a treadmill is one of the most relevant when drawing up an individual training program. To achieve the desired result, you need to consider many factors and use different types of running.

Is it possible to lose weight on a treadmill

A good cardio load cannot but affect the state of the body. It is a source of energy and health. It does not matter where you do it: on the street or in the room, it is important how you do it. If training on the treadmill has caused you to sweat well and have shortness of breath, then a certain amount of calories has been lost. The main thing is to train regularly and do it competently, that is, monitor the maximum heart rate (MCH) so as not to overwork, but also not to be lazy, giving yourself a good load.

Group of people on treadmills

There are two opinions on weight loss using the track. Some people believe that just running on it is enough. Others are sure that the real loss of kilograms begins when the correct food is added to cardio workouts, which affects the main metabolism and a certain mode of exercise. It is important that you do not consume anything other than carbohydrates before your workout. When they are processed, energy will begin to come from the diverting body fat..

What gives a treadmill for a figure

No matter what simulators and equipment we use, everyone really wants to see a noticeable result on their figure. The treadmill strengthens the muscles of the whole body, because during the run all parts are actively working. The main emphasis is on the legs, most of the hips and calves. If you do not hold on to the handrails, but energetically help yourself with your hands, it means that the shoulder girdle and hands work just as actively. Thanks to this, you make your heart and lungs work hard..

How to exercise on a treadmill

A treadmill is a lightweight version of running. It’s easier to train on it than on the street, because it helps a person due to their own movement and the presence of handrails that you can hold onto. How to lose weight on a treadmill in such conditions? You need to train yourself to run without handrails and choose different degrees of inclination. This will make your workouts look like a real street jog. It is important to achieve the greatest possible duration of classes, do not forget to warm up, wear comfortable shoes, drink small amounts of liquid.

How much do you need to run

The duration and frequency of training on the treadmill depends on what result you want to achieve. If the task is to only slightly lose weight, tighten muscles and tone yourself, then short 15-minute workouts, preferably 5 times a week, are enough. You do not need to force yourself strongly: keep a moderate rhythm, gradually bringing the time to half an hour.

Girl on a treadmill in the gym

How to lose weight on a treadmill by several kilograms? In this case, the duration of the training should be 40 minutes or more. Only during this time the body begins to burn fats. You can start with short runs with a constant increase in load and time. You can do this three times a week, on other days the muscles need to be given rest, because such a run should make you sweat well.

What muscles work

The treadmill makes all the muscles of the body more toned. They do not pump up, but are “dried”, that is, the excess fat around them goes away. The toned muscle mass becomes more noticeable. Most loads get:

  • The calf muscles, which are located from the knee and below. Exercising on them will make your legs slimmer, increase your calves too small or pull your large.
  • Quadriceps are the muscles that form the hips. They are located in the upper front of the leg. They are driven by a lift.
  • The hip biceps are the back surface that inflates during fast running..
  • The gluteal muscles are involved in any kind of running and the buttocks become elastic.
  • Shoulder girdle. It involves active hand swings..
  • Heart muscle. Enhanced breathing makes the heart work several times more intensively. Pulse-dependent modes control the heartbeat and work out the endurance of the heart.
  • Intercostal muscles, muscles of the press work due to intensive breathing.

How many calories are burned

Exercise programs can show a variety of data, but those that reflect calories burned are not entirely true. So, in the first minutes of training, not fat deposits are consumed, but water. Further indicators depend on the intensity of training. Walking burns up to 300 calories – this pace of training is suitable for beginners. If we consider light running, it helps to waste up to 500 calories per hour. With this intensity, a person begins to lose weight. How to lose weight on a treadmill? Run at full speed to achieve a loss of 800 kcal / hour.

Girl is engaged on a treadmill

Treadmill exercises

With the simulator for running, you can do a lot of different useful exercises. Thanks to him, they become many times more effective. Try to do:

  • lunges directly on a moving cloth forward and to the sides;
  • an attached step that can be done at different speeds;
  • dynamic bar, that is walking with hands;
  • walking
  • running with different inclines.


You can start exercising on the simulator with a regular walk. A treadmill for weight loss is suitable if your physical fitness is very weak. It is chosen by people in old age or after illness. Walking on a treadmill for weight loss is not as effective as running, but gradually it prepares the body for more serious loads, and with regular exercises it slowly but leads to weight loss. By performing this exercise, you minimize the risk of overload. Optimum speed for sports walking up to 7 km / h, duration – about an hour.

There is a variation of walking called jogging – this is a movement close to running, which is performed at a speed of 7 to 10 km / h. During jogging, a person can observe short “flight” states when both legs are simultaneously in the air. Classes at this pace are more effective than just walking, have a better effect on weight loss, and train the cardiovascular system. This exercise is perfect for those who want to get rid of cellulite and tighten their body..


Running on a treadmill for weight loss starts at a speed of 10 km / h. It is recommended to follow the steps with the toe. You need to really evaluate your physical fitness and not drive yourself from the very first trainings. The recommended heart rate while running is from 120 to 130 beats per minute. The heart rate monitor will help to calculate it. As soon as the exercises at the chosen pace cease to bore you, it means it’s time to increase the load, otherwise there will be no effect for losing weight. You need to move smoothly, keep your arms bent at the elbows, shoulders and chest – straightened. Try to breathe through your nose, deeply.

Incline walking

Tilting the treadmill is a way to complicate your workout and increase your workload. It forces the body to spread 100-200% more. During these classes, there is an intensive process of burning calories and losing weight. To achieve the maximum effect of walking with a slope, during one training session, alternate all the levels that are on your simulator from smaller to larger and vice versa. When you get used to all the load that the simulator can give, use weighting materials (backpack, sleeves, belt).

Weight Loss Treadmill Workout Program

The training program needs to be made individually, based on the capabilities of your body and on the tasks. On a mechanical simulator, you will have to do the calculations manually, the built-in computer will facilitate this task. In any case, you need to determine several indicators for exercising on a treadmill for weight loss: duration, speed, angle of the track. An increase in load and duration should occur every 2 weeks by 5%, but you can increase one or the other, and not both at the same time..

Girl chooses treadmill workout program

Whatever weight you want to lose and whatever program you choose, the result can be different: instead of 5, you can lose 1 kilogram, or you can 8. It depends on the initial weight (fuller people lose weight faster), on the number and duration of training, from food. Wanting to lose weight, you can’t only rely on training, because a diet and a minimum of alcohol are the same necessary conditions. Here are two types of weight loss training programs:

  • Long workouts. Do 40 to 60 minutes. Keep a moderate pace. If, for starters, you choose walking, you can do it both daily and twice a day to lose weight..
  • Interval training. They will look like jogging for 1 minute and walking for recovery for 3 minutes. Over time, the task increases. Classes are held in the form of load and rest 1: 1, then 2: 1.

Warm up

You should always start a lesson with a warm-up. This rule applies to any type of training, because it warms up the muscles and helps to avoid injuries and sudden overloads. The warm-up for running on the track should last 5 minutes. Bring to a speed of 5 – 6.5 kilometers without a slope. After running for 2 minutes, increase the speed by 0.3 km per hour and do it every next 30 seconds until you reach 5.5 km. Grab grab bars for periods and walk for a few seconds on toes, then on your heels. It kneads the shin.

Interval Run

How to lose weight quickly on a treadmill? This will help interval training, that is, the alternation of different running speeds. There are two types of activities: with time limits or lasting as long as there are forces. The second option does not have clear gaps and is called fartlek (speed game). It involves running to failure, then restorative walking. You can repeat it until the onset of hollow fatigue. Clear intervals may look like this: a sprint minute, 2 walks; 4 sprints, 7 walks. It is proved: calories continue to burn even after the interval run.

Treadmills for beginners

Untrained people should adequately assess their capabilities. How to lose weight on a treadmill if you have never before been engaged? Start with a simple walk about 15 minutes a day. Breathing can become slightly rapid, but without the appearance of shortness of breath and other uncomfortable sensations. The first 2-4 weeks you should develop the stamina of the body. The first three months there should not be any intense loads and especially interval loads.

Girl with a trainer in the gym

Weight Loss Treadmill Performance

The movement brings great benefits to our body, and the intense movement can literally revive the body and breathe new life into it. So classes on the treadmill for weight loss lead to numerous positive results. Among them are:

  • increased stamina;
  • strengthening all the muscles of the body, so that the figure is tightened;
  • burning fat and the disappearance of cellulite;
  • improved metabolism and increased metabolism;
  • acceleration of blood flow, which provides better enrichment of cells with oxygen;
  • skin rejuvenation.
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