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Going on any diet is not an easy task, because you need to abandon most of your favorite and delicious dishes. With great difficulty, most losing weight suffers the lack of sweets. In this matter, dried apricots for weight loss is a real salvation, because healthy dried fruit from apricots does not contain as many calories as cakes or sweets. This is not the only reason why this product can be included in the diet..

What is dried apricots

When the fruits of apricots spend in the scorching sun for about 8 days, they are dried and acquire a unique taste – it turns out a sweetness that everyone loves, which is called dried apricots. Before drying, fruits are taken out of the fruit. Darker foods are considered more natural. It appears when apricots are naturally dried without any additives..

For the manufacture of dried apricots choose large fresh fruits. In order to get 1 kilogram of dried fruit, you will need up to 4 kilograms of apricots. Turkey, Armenia, Uzbekistan, China specializes in this best of all. It is interesting that Uzbek dried fruits differ from others in the natural way of production. Only there they are dried in the sun, and not processed industrially.

Dried apricots

Beneficial features

Dried apricots are a healthy product. During drying, it stores almost all vitamins and minerals. It contains more than other substances potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus, vitamin B12 are also present. Several dried fruits will saturate the body with a daily norm of potassium and iron, which cannot be said about fresh apricots. Dried apricots will help weakened hair, nails and skin. The substances contained in it help with:

  • constipation, as they have a laxative effect;
  • obesity;
  • problems with the stomach and intestines;
  • hypertension
  • anemia
  • swelling;
  • immunodeficiency.

Calorie content

The main question that interests a person on a diet is the energy value of the product. Dried apricots in this regard have not quite suitable indicators, because 100 grams contains 232 kcal. This is too much for a dieter. If we compare with the calorie content of other sweets, such as cakes or pastries, then dried fruit is preferred. For this reason, it is chosen during diets, when you insufferably want sweets. Rich in carbohydrates, it saturates the body, while fructose and glucose help the brain.

Can I eat dried apricots while losing weight

The main problem of any diet is that sweets should be minimized or abandoned altogether, so whether it is possible to eat dried apricots on a diet is a natural question. Without glucose, a person is more prone to depression and irritability, and therefore pulls to break. Lack of sweets is the most common cause of breakdowns during fasting diets.

Dried apricots for weight loss helps just in such cases. It will not violate your diet, but will help digestion if you allow yourself to eat a few pieces of dried fruit per day. In addition, it will increase the glucose content in the blood, and with it the mood. When you are unbearably hungry, dried fruit will help again: 2-3 pieces, washed down with a glass of water, will become your dessert. In a few minutes they will relieve you of hunger and energize, because they contain carbohydrates.

Dried apricots for weight loss

How much can I eat dried apricots per day

There are different recommendations on how much dried apricots should be consumed in a diet. It depends on what mode you are currently following. If you want to eat dried fruits as a sweet, then let them be no more than 30 grams per day. If you adhere to a diet, the main component of which is dried apricots, then the amount increases to 200-300 grams, which you need to consume in equal portions throughout the day.

Dried apricots at night

The more high-calorie the product, the earlier in time it is necessary to eat, so that the calories do not settle in the body at night. So with dried apricots. It is best to use it in the morning or at most until two in the afternoon. In this case, all the carbohydrates will have time to be consumed until the evening and will not give the opportunity to recover. Do not forget that we eat dried fruit as a substitute for other sweets, so you need to exclude sugar from the diet, no matter what time you eat dried apricots.

Unloading day on dried apricots

A fasting day will not hinder any body, which will enable the digestive tract to relax. It is useful to choose dried apricots for him to activate bowel cleansing and the removal of excess fluid. The rules for unloading are simple. On the evening before unloading day, steam about 400 grams of dried fruit in 400 grams of water. In the morning, you need to drink water from them, and divide the fruits into portions and eat during the day. In addition to dried apricots for weight loss, use as much liquid as possible, green tea to wash your intestines well and not get fat.

Dried apricots in a plate

Diet with dried apricots

Losing weight on dried apricots is a simple task, but a diet with this delicacy will force you to gather your will in a fist. The duration of this method of losing weight is 5 days, during which the body must be cleansed. The result will be a loss of 5 kilograms of excess weight. The whole period will have to eat only dried apricots for weight loss. The menu is very simple: take 300 grams of dried fruit, rinse, let stand in water, then fill with apricot juice (0.5 l) and grind in a blender. Puree is divided into equal parts and eaten in 4 doses.

There is another diet option, more sparing. In addition to dried fruits, he permits the use of other foods. It is important to calculate calories. For women, their number should not exceed 1500 kcal per day, for men no more than 1900. You can choose dishes according to your own opinion, the main thing is that they are low-fat. When compiling the menu, follow these recommendations:

  • Breakfast. 70 grams of dried apricots, tea or coffee if desired, but sugar should not be added.
  • Dinner. 50 grams of dried fruit, diet soup and not more than 100 grams of low-fat boiled meat. Meat can be alternated with fish.
  • Dinner. Porridge with dried fruit (50 grams). On other days, you can replace porridge with cottage cheese.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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