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Cosmetic skin care manipulations with problems are best performed in beauty salons. But you can buy facial cosmetics and carry out the procedures yourself. At home, peels, masks, emulsions, creams successfully help. The products of well-known premium-class brands are expensive, but the result is obvious. Professional – the best facial cosmetics, review and ranking of popular brands.

What is professional cosmetics?

Cosmetic products are divided into two groups. Affordable mass funds are used almost daily. Professional cosmetics are used by cosmetologists in clinics and beauty salons. Strict selection criteria and quality standards for professional cosmetics have been established..


The nature of sunny Spain, preserved in cosmetics, helps to maintain attractiveness. Professional Spanish cosmetics attract with reasonable cost, natural ingredients (olive oil, honey, aloe, flowers, fruits, black caviar, colloidal 24-carat gold, orchid extract, pearls, diamond dust).

Products manufactured by Natura Bisse are one of the best. The effects of cosmetics are noticeable after the first application:

  • Gel cream with a hydrating effect 440020;
  • price: 2 460 r .;
  • characteristics: gel cream moisturizes, mattifies, prevents acne;
  • pluses: the cosmetic product has a pleasant texture;
  • cons: not suitable for winter and dry air.

Enjoy the benefits of the LUXE Moisturising Eye Mask AINHOA:

  • LUXE Moisturising Eye Mask AINHOA;
  • price: 2 750 r .;
  • characteristics: as a part – black caviar extract, bisabolol, moisturizing complex. Looks after dehydrated, tired skin, smoothes fine wrinkles;
  • pluses: excellent result at home;
  • Cons: Deep wrinkles are still not affected.

The Sesderma brand wrinkle filling system (regenerating and hyaluronic fillers) takes care of different skin types:

  • Fillderma NANO;
  • price: 9100 r.;
  • characteristics: moisturizing, regeneration, smoothing irregularities. The composition of cosmetics includes hyaluronic acid, lecithin, vitamins of groups A and E, saccharomycetes of black tea, jojoba, collagen, centella asiatica. Action: wrinkle filling, rejuvenation;
  • pluses: the system is suitable for the face, neck, décolleté. Instant Cosmetic Effect.
  • cons: individual intolerance.

Fillderma NANO Wrinkle Filler


German means successfully solve aesthetic problems of appearance. Janssen brand products enjoy great prestige, quality and the ability to achieve results. Cosmetics contains phytoestrogens from the roots of the iris flower. Cosmetics such as concentrates, ampoules, capsules, alginate masks, retinol creams, collagen biomatrixes are famous.

  • Long Lasting with SPF 12-24 Hour Foundation.
  • price: 1 800 r.;
  • Features: Five beautiful shades. Persistent cream masks imperfections, protects against ultraviolet radiation and severe frosts;
  • pluses: a combination of decorative and care products in one bottle;
  • cons: in bad weather, the foundation needs correction.

German care Dr. Baumann SkinIdent successfully copes with rosacea, acne, puffiness:

  • Creamident with ceramides for dry type Skinident;
  • price: 7 690 r.;
  • Characteristics: 30 ml, ceramide increases the barrier function of the skin, vitamins of groups E and C prevent early aging. Lecithin, allantoin, hyaluronic acid improves cell regeneration;
  • pluses: cream without preservatives;
  • cons: you can not always buy in the online store.

Professional cream with PCM-complex from Janssen looks after, gives shine, protects from photoaging:

  • Janssen Dr. Roland Sacher Day Care + PCM-Complex – ultra-light day cream with PCM-complex;
  • the price of 3 525 p.;
  • Characteristics: 50 ml, delicate texture. The PCM complex includes pearl water, caviar, magnolia, mango, kombucha, vitamin E, gold and silver pigments. Apply after washing, in the morning, on a clean face;
  • pluses: the product has a delicate smell, pearly color;
  • cons: high cost of cream.

Long Lasting with SPF 12-24 Hour Tone


Specialists in beauty salons like to work with the means that Israeli professional cosmetics represents. It contains healing salts, minerals, corals of the Dead Sea, hyaluronic healing acid, collagen, elastin, with regular use, problem skin will be cleansed. The list of manufacturers is long, brands such as Christina, Anna Lotan, On Maccabim, Kart, Dr.Kadir, Sr cosmetics are especially in demand..

Christina cosmetics has extensive experience in the treatment of sensitive, irritated skin:

  • Bio Phyto Alluring Serum Charm Serum;
  • price 2 688;
  • characteristics: 30 ml; increases elasticity, activates the restoration of skin cells, makes the capillary walls strong. The cosmetic serum contains sodium hyaluronate, bearberry leaf extract and Lankaran acacia bark, ascorbic acid, fructose, glycine, and B vitamins. It must be applied to the face, neck and décolleté.
  • pluses: itching and peeling disappear;
  • cons: individual serum response.

Plant extracts and products of the unique Dead Sea in Anna Lotan professional cosmetics cope with painful sensitivity, greasy and dryness, acne, rosacea, seborrhea:

  • Marine Scrub Golden Peeling;
  • price: 1690;
  • Characteristics: 30 ml bottle, perfect cleaning. Improves color, brightens comedones, tightens skin pores. It has the property of healing wounds, bactericidal action. Age restrictions: 30+, 40+;
  • pluses: you can add water to the peeling agent, it becomes even more tender;
  • cons: sometimes the pulling effect is too strong.

Gigi therapeutic mud mask with ichthyol “Solar Energy” has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties:

  • Ichthyol Mud Mask “Solar Energy” Gigi Solar Energy Mud Mask For Oily And Large Pore Skin;
  • price: 3864;
  • characteristics: the mask contains mineral water and Dead Sea mud, rich in ichthyol and iodine; thyme and eucalyptus oils, kaolin, zinc, magnesium, bromides, chlorides, sulfates. The color is beige. The mask is applied for 20-30 minutes, washed off with warm water;
  • Pros: can be used locally;
  • cons: not recommended for manifestations of rosacea.

Ichthyol Mud Mask “Solar Energy” Gigi Solar Energy Mud Mask


Asian brands, such as Korean cosmetics, are becoming increasingly popular and are successfully competing with European ones. South Korean cosmetic companies offer a wide selection of luxury and premium therapeutic products developed on the basis of natural complexes without chemical additives.

Tony Moly’s famous Egg Pore series includes cosmetic products that tighten skin pores, fill in bumps, even out relief, reduce wrinkles, and prepare skin for makeup:

  • Matting Egg Primer Tony Moly Egg Pore Yolk Primer;
  • price: 1,260;
  • Characteristics: volume – 25 ml. After drying, egg extracts contribute to the narrowing of pores, the regulation of the sebaceous glands. A small amount of the agent, evenly distributed, must be carefully driven into the skin;
  • Pros: the primer brightens dark spots, masks wrinkles. It can be used pointwise;
  • cons: the primer does not cope with very large pores.

Professional creams and other products based on snail mucus, in which protein, elastin and collagen are especially valued, dermis cells regenerate:

  • Cleansing foam with snail mucus;
  • price: 945;
  • Characteristics: removes dead cells, sebum and makeup residues, does not dry out, nourishes, softens. Beat the foam before use, apply, massage and rinse with water;
  • Pros: suitable for different types of problem skin;
  • cons: high delivery price.

Matting egg primer Tony Moly


Natural components – leaves, flowers, roots, squeezes from medicinal plants, essential oils – this is what Italian professional cosmetics produces from. The professional cosmetology of Italians is based on the basis of lemon, orange, olive, grapefruit, grape. A wide range of cosmetics and packaging design will not leave indifferent women.

  • Collistar Sun Global Anti Age Protection Tanning Face Cream SPF 30;
  • price: 2,400;
  • Characteristics: Sunscreen. Comfortable pump. The cream counteracts age spots and burns. Prevents the formation of wrinkles, provides a quick and high-quality tan;
  • Pros: protects against weathering;
  • cons: in the heat it becomes uncomfortable.

Combines the useful and healing properties of a professional cream with gray brown algae from the manufacturer Frais Monde:

  • Cream with brown seaweed for problem and acne-prone skin from Frais Monde;
  • price: 2000;
  • Characteristics: contains extracts of lemon and burdock; sulphurous thermal water, relieves irritation, regulates the functions of the sebaceous glands, relieves inflammation;
  • pluses: the skin becomes moisturized, less oily;
  • cons: may not like the smell.

The restoring light cream Crema Nera Extrema are called perfect, and there are reasons for this:

  • CREMA NERA EXTREMA – eye cream, 15 ml;
  • price: 11 713;
  • Features: Moisturizing texture means suitable for delicate skin. Composition – Obsidian mineral complex, other natural ingredients. Protects DNA cells and fights harmful free radicals. Stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles, increases the elasticity of aging skin around the eyes;
  • pluses: bottle with a mirror, convenient for makeup correction;
  • cons: not always available, but can be ordered.



Differs in relatively low cost and affordability of Russian cosmetics for the face. Consumers highly appreciate the hypoallergenic products of the Bark brand – it cleanses, moisturizes, tightens. Alpika products are made from components of mountain herbs, fruit acids, algae extracts and vitamins. The Teana line of cosmetics is rich in products for effective cleaning: these are alginate masks, serum for rejuvenation, ampoules for regenerative care.

Multi-acid peeling with healing succinic acid is an effective means of face transformation. Cleanses from dry cells, expressed as “black dots”, helps reduce pores:

  • Multacid peeling with succinic acid 5%, 30 ml;
  • price: 805;
  • Characteristics: the composition contains useful acids – succinic, glycolic, malic, tartaric, citric, grape, and lactic. Heals microtrauma, inhibits the appearance of wrinkles, scarring. Application: apply with a brush, then wipe with a tonic, apply a recovery mask for 15 minutes.
  • Pros: suitable for all types;
  • cons: may not like tingling and redness.

Professional face creams are produced by Velinia. It is worth trying one of these tools:

  • name: massage cream;
  • price 626 r.;
  • Characteristics: enriches cells with elements that moisturize, rejuvenate, contains antioxidant and nutritional ingredients. As a part – grape seed oil; cacao butter; plant component (plantain, chamomile, dog rose); glycerin extracts of ginseng and Rhodiola rosea;
  • pluses: it has a revitalizing and antiseptic effect, is inexpensive;
  • cons: does not give a very quick effect.

Bark Cream lifting oval successfully works to reduce the amount of fat deposits on the neck and chin, strengthens the sluggish contour:

  • Cream lifting oval Modeling face and chin care, 50 ml;
  • price: 534;
  • Characteristics: lipolytic cream for mature skin. It contains natural proteins, amino acids, dipeptide, prevents sagging, helps to produce collagen and elastin, softens wrinkles, provides a lifting effect;
  • pluses: calms, softens;
  • cons: no immediate effect.

Massage means Veliniya


It perfectly copes with problem skin, gives youth and beauty French professional cosmetics. Combines healing and cosmetic effects. Cosmetics are based on natural ingredients. The products of the best brands include essential oils and herbal remedies, and dyes and preservatives in emulsions, serums and masks are not used.

The Perfection Visage line offers masks with instant results. Exfoliant cream for all types of skin, including especially sensitive skin, has proven itself perfectly:

  • La Biosthetique Skin Care Perfection Visage Masque Peeling;
  • price: 1 806;
  • characteristics: 200 ml, peeling is soft, but effective, cleanses with the help of the smallest particles of silica gel, saturates with oxygen. It is applied to clean skin, then a light massage is done with your fingertips;
  • Pros: removed with sponge and warm water;
  • cons: not always available.

PAYOT Concentre Perles Professional Leveling Serum is called the pearl of the UNI SKIN range!

  • Uni Skin Concentre Perles – leveling and improving serum for radiance of the skin;
  • price 7600;
  • Characteristics: convenient bottle with a pump dispenser (30 ml), light texture. Saxifrage extract with antioxidant properties, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes, evens out color, removes traces of acne;
  • pluses: suitable for the skin of the neck and chest, brightens age spots;
  • cons: high price.

The light matting fluid of the DECLEOR brand cleanses, reduces pores, and returns youthful radiance:

  • Matting fluid that saturates the skin with oxygen;
  • price: 1395;
  • Characteristics: the cosmetic product has a light texture, contains ylang-ylang essential oil, water lily and bamboo extracts, wheat microteins, lentil and yeast extracts, marine glycogen;
  • pluses: for the combined and fatty type, which is prone to frequent rashes;
  • cons: the remains of the product is difficult to remove from the bottle.

DECLEOR matting fluid


One of the most elite is considered professional Japanese cosmetics. Popular brands are Kanebo, Kracie, Suhada, Yokota Lab, La Sincere. Natural composition (collagen, hyaluronic acid, sea algae, chamomile, aloe, ginger, coral, pearls, shark liver, silk), hypoallergenicity, lack of an intrusive smell, wide assortment. Such cosmetics are not cheap, but guarantee an excellent result. The task of Japanese cosmetologists is not to mask the appearance of defects, but to eliminate them.

SUHADA ROSE GEL skin cleanser quickly restores freshness, radiance and skin tone with a dull tone and the first signs of aging.

  • name: Suhada RoseGel Peeling gel for deep cleansing (Skin Clear);
  • price 2,780;
  • Characteristics: contains whey, lipase, protease, aloe vera, rosehip oil. Eliminates keratinized layers, has an immediate smoothing effect;
  • pluses: helps fight acne and acne, eliminates roughness;
  • cons: only on order.

The restoring and rejuvenating medical-cosmetic line La-Sincere copes with skin problems at the cellular level:

  • name: ATP GEL LOTION, 50ml – ATP Nourishing Lotion with Collagen;
  • price: 1 917;
  • Characteristics: 50 ml, gel lotion, has the properties of active serum. The main components – bioceramides, glycerin, soluble collagen, licorice flavonoids, extracts of chamomile, aloe flower, philodendron, vitamin E. guarantees antioxidant and antimicrobial protection, eliminates irritations.
  • Pros: can be used for dry seborrhea;
  • cons: you need to be wary of fakes.

Kanebo peeling powder contains soft, relaxing, healing substances:

  • name: Peeling powder Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Silk Peeling Powder;
  • price: 4470;
  • Characteristics: Powder with enzymes. It forms a delicate foam that can remove dead cells and black spots, return a feeling of smoothness, softness, cleanliness, effective for different skin types. Apply 1-3 times a week;
  • pluses: the tool is spent sparingly;
  • cons – high price.

Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Silk Peeling Powder


American cosmetics companies offer customers high-quality natural products. American professional facial cosmetics has many advantages, so it is in demand, although its prices are high. Salon procedures do magic with neglected skin, but the products can be successfully used at home..

Beauty Style mask with biocellulose to combat the first signs of wilting:

  • name: Beauty Style tonic mask with biocellulose for aging skin;
  • price: 2,300;
  • characteristics: the mask is created from particles of natural biocellulose, it gives tone, strengthens, makes the color fresh, stimulates cell regeneration. The composition contains hydrolyzed membranes of the egg shell, and in them – collagen, enzymes and other components;
  • Pros: suitable for the prevention and prevention of early aging;
  • cons: must be ordered in advance.

Beautifully outlined sensual lips for a woman will help to “create” Lime Crime Velvetines liquid lipstick:

  • name: Lime Crime Velvetines;
  • price 990 r.;
  • Characteristics: bright, saturated shades, very lasting lipstick. After application it surprises with a glossy effect, but becomes dull as it dries. The texture is light, delicate, the lipstick lies evenly, lasts a long time;
  • pluses: it does not smear, does not slip, does not dry the painted lips;
  • cons: apply lipstick only to moisturized lips treated with a scrub.

The set for health and radiance of the skin is offered by Clarisonic:

  • Name: a set against age spots;
  • Characteristics: complete night peeling gel with peeling effect, 100 ml; gel for washing, 100 ml; shining activator serum, 30 ml; brush head. There is a detailed instruction on the use of all three cosmetics;
  • price: 9,190;
  • pluses: brightens spots, gives a fresh look;
  • For VIP card holders – a noticeable discount;
  • cons: high price.

Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick

How to choose

It is not so easy to make the right choice of professional cosmetics. What are the main criteria:

  1. If the tool is expensive, this is not an indicator of professionalism. The drug can be trusted if specialist cosmetologists work with it.
  2. Such agents are hypoallergenic, have no pronounced odor..
  3. Includes original patented components.
  4. Means are demanding to the temperature regime.
  5. Packaging looks simple, but very worthy.
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