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Almost all parents of newborn babies faced such a problem as diaper rash in the skin folds, groin, on the buttocks under the diaper. Doctors call this condition diaper dermatitis. Inflammation and erosion on delicate sensitive skin cause a lot of inconvenience to the baby, causing burning and pain, which can be eliminated with the help of special means and creams for diaper rash.

What is diaper rash

The delicate skin of the baby is very prone to all sorts of irritations, especially in those places that have the least contact with the air – armpits, crotch, intergluteal fold, behind the ears, under the knees. Diaper rash is an inflammation of the skin that occurs when a child is poorly taken care of due to sweating from overheating, constant contact with moisture and rubbing of the diaper or clothes, as a result of which the epidermis loses its protective layer and becomes a favorable environment for the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

A favorable factor for the appearance of diaper rash is overweight baby, especially if it is caused by endocrine and metabolic disorders. Skin lesions may appear due to:

  1. Skin contact with bowel movements. Irritation increases with urine and feces. Salts and ammonia contained in waste products, even more corrode the skin. When changing diapers, wipe the skin with baby antiseptic wipes.
  2. Misuse of diapers. Diapers should be changed every 4 hours. Before putting on a new one, it is necessary to let the baby stay naked in the air.
  3. Lack of hygiene procedures. The baby must wash and dry the perineum and ass after each bowel movement.
  4. Friction of clothes and diaper. You need to choose soft cotton clothes with seams on the outside, and use the right size diapers.
  5. Allergic reactions. Redness in places of tight contact of the skin with the diaper can be caused by substances that make up the diapers. This reaction occurs in babies prone to allergies, as well as if the vessels are close to the surface of the skin. Do not overdo it with cosmetics. Nothing is more beneficial than frequent baths and air baths.
  6. Overheating, sweating. Do not wear a hundred clothes on the baby, being afraid to freeze the child. As experienced mothers say, you should wear as much clothing on your baby as you wear on yourself, plus one more.
  7. Fungal infection. In this case, drug therapy will be required..

Diaper rash is classified by the stages of the inflammatory process:

  1. Mild stage characterized by slight redness.
  2. Moderate – with the formation of small erosions.
  3. Severe stage. Erosions are combined into a single wetting surface. At this stage, drying ointments will not help, serious treatment will be required.

Baby in diaper

How to treat diaper rash

Modern caring mothers begin to treat diaper rash at an early stage. They cope with this very successfully thanks to a wide range of medicinal creams, which you can buy at any pharmacy relatively cheaply or, without interrupting important matters, order in an online store with home delivery. You can find an effective remedy for any child with different components: oils, herbal extracts, vitamins. Manufacturers are trying to make their product suitable for all children, safe, hypoallergenic, without preservatives or fragrances..

On sale you can find such popular means:

  1. Sanosan.
  2. Weleda.
  3. Bepanten.
  4. Baneocin.
  5. Mustela.
  6. With zinc.
  7. Bubchen.
  8. Babyline.
  9. Draplen.
  10. Desitin.
  11. D-Panthenol.
  12. Himalaya.
  13. Panthenol teva.
  14. With talcum powder.
  15. Eared Nannies.

Apply diaper dermatitis cream under diapers with a thin layer on pre-washed and thoroughly dried skin. After bathing, pat your baby with a soft towel, do not wear immediately, let the skin “breathe”. Lubricate the dry surface of the skin with light movements: it must be absorbed for a while, and only then put on the diaper.

If you are using the cream for diapers for newborns for the first time, check the baby’s reaction by lubricating a small area and waiting a few hours. If an allergic reaction to plant extracts and other components that make up the drug appears, then it is not worth using. Consult a pediatrician to identify an allergen and find a less aggressive remedy.

Bubchen brand baby cream

Diaper rash cream for newborns

If the baby care is correct, then a diaper rash cream for newborns may not be needed at all, but you need to know about hygiene, prevention and treatment of diaper rash – it is warned, then armed. There are many drugs that can vary in composition, cost, consistency, action. It’s important to choose the one that suits the child..

Bubchen diaper cream

Bubchen is a brand that offers diaper rash ointment in children made in Germany. Bubchen diaper cream contains wheat grain oil, reseda extract, chamomile, vitamins A, E, C, fish oil, panthenol, heliotropin, shea butter and sunflower oil, zinc oxide, beeswax. A balanced composition helps soften the skin, provides healing for wounds. Bubchen products do not contain preservatives, dyes, paraffins, fragrances, essential and mineral oils:

  • Hypoallergenic, almost odorless, tested by dermatologists.
  • The consistency is oily, weakly absorbed, which contributes to the formation of a protective film, which does not interfere with the normal “breathing” of the epidermis and at the same time prevents contact with aggressive moisture.
  • Suitable for the prevention and treatment of manifestations of diseases in the lungs. Stronger manifestations are best treated with more effective means..

Nappy cream with zinc

Thrifty mothers prefer not to overpay for expensive foreign funds if there is a domestic cream for a diaper with zinc, for example, My Sun, Eared Nanny, simple zinc paste. Such creams with zinc are a powder that does not roll and does not crumble. The active substance is zinc oxide, which has an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and drying effect. The composition of zinc paste, for example, also includes petroleum jelly, sometimes paraffin. Benefits:

  • Preservatives, aggressive chemicals, perfumes are not included.
  • Contraindication is only individual intolerance.
  • Too frequent use provokes the appearance of dry scales on the skin from overdrying, so you can recommend mixing zinc paste with baby cream in equal parts.
  • The rules for using the paste are similar to other care products..

Diaper Cream Eared Nannies

Sanosan cream

Another effective drug of German origin is Sanosan diaper cream. This is an absolutely harmless product that does not contain dyes, chemicals, petroleum jelly and paraffin oil. It is mainly intended for baby’s delicate skin. According to reviews, it is thick, which makes application difficult. The composition of Sanosan:

  1. Panthenol – heals the epidermis, relieves redness and inflammation.
  2. Olive oil – provides softening, moisturizing and regeneration. Soothes, relieves inflammation, has an antiseptic effect.
  3. Zinc stearate – astringent, drying action.
  4. Talc.
  5. Propylparaben.
  6. Magnesium sulfate.
  7. Perfume.

Baneocin for newborns

Skin lesions, a non-healing umbilical wound, cuts, scratches, chickenpox, diathesis, boils, non-healing ear punctures, eczema – Baneocin can easily cope with all these problems. This drug is part of the antibiotic group. The composition includes bacitracin, neomycin, lanolin, paraffin. The release form of Baneocin is ointment and powder. Baneocin for diaper rash in newborns is a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial agent that can destroy such pathogens as:

  • actinomycetes;
  • listeria;
  • pathogens of gonorrhea;
  • streptococci;
  • Proteus
  • neysseries;
  • staphylococci;
  • E. coli;
  • Borrelia
  • Klebsiella;
  • pale treponema;
  • shigella.

Cream Baneocin packaged

D-Panthenol for newborns

This drug has proven itself in the treatment of skin lesions, dermatitis. The composition of D-Panthenol for newborns includes dexpanthenol, which is a derivative of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). This substance prevents irritation, promotes regeneration, relieves inflammation, soothes, strengthens collagen fibers, normalizes cellular metabolism..

D-Panthenol is available in the form of ointment and cream. Ointment for diaper dermatitis D-Pentenol has a greasy texture, is slowly absorbed, suitable for dry skin. The cream has a light, low-fat texture, which guarantees quick absorption. The tool is able to prevent further inflammation with wet wounds. It is recommended to do the treatment at least four times a day, the therapeutic effect will be noticeable already on the second day.

Desitin for newborns

The active ingredient of Desitin® for newborns is zinc oxide, which dries the skin. Other components (lanolin, cod liver oil, petroleum jelly) form a protective film that works for several hours. It is convenient to use Desitin before bedtime. Effectively fights against burns, eczema, herpes, prickly heat, purulent wounds, all kinds of minor damage to the epidermis.

The tool relieves inflammation, blocking the further development of lesions, however, for prevention this is not the best remedy. The consistency is thick with a slight smell of fish, Desitin ointment has a more dense structure and is used to treat severe stages. Use the drug carefully and moderately, since you can dry the skin. If there is intolerance to the components of the drug, use should be discontinued.

Cream for diaper rash in adults

Adults even more often than children are prone to skin inflammation, which appear due to overweight, endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus), neglect of personal hygiene, excessive sweating. Often develop in the groin (in men near the scrotum due to sweating, in women due to pathological secretions), under the chest, armpits, near the neck, on the stomach, in the skin folds of overweight people.

Itching, redness, inflammation, pain cause a lot of inconvenience, so the question arises of how to smear diaper rash in adults. It is recommended to wash the affected area more often with decoctions of calendula, chamomile, thyme, sage, St. John’s wort, dry thoroughly, lubricate with hydrogen peroxide or salicylic alcohol, and then apply diaper rash cream in adults.


Swiss quality cream speaks for itself, the effectiveness of the drug is guaranteed. The active ingredient of Bepanten from diaper rash is dexpanthenol, other components are lanolin, refined almond oil. Method of release: cream, ointment, spray. It goes well with salicylic alcohol, hydrogen peroxide. It is used in surgery, dermatology, pediatrics for the treatment of pressure sores, wound healing. Diaper rash ointment in adults Bepanten quickly heals, relieves swelling, redness, improves trophic skin.

Bepanten ointment in the package


Adults may well use children’s Sanosan for diaper rash in the initial stages. It creates a protective film that will not allow pathogens to enter. Active active ingredients: zinc oxide, panthenol, paraffin oil, talc. Select funds individually, after making a preliminary allergy test.

Panthenol-Teva Ointment

D-Panthenol and Panthenol-Teva ointment are the same means, cheap analogues of Bepanten with the active substance dexpanthenol in equal quantities. The composition effectively heals damaged skin in children and adults. According to reviews, Panthenol-Teva is effective in acne, although the instructions do not contain such a testimony. To obtain a lasting result, the ointment is applied to clean, dry skin in the morning and evening for a week.

How to choose a diaper rash cream

When choosing a cream or ointment for diaper rash, especially for newborns, you need to carefully look at the composition so that it is as natural as possible with herbal extracts, oils. Wet erosion is strictly forbidden to treat with oily ointments, this will inhibit the regeneration process. Relying only on reviews, buying drugs is not worth it. Someone speaks positively about this or that product, someone negatively. Perhaps it’s just that these people simply did not fit a particular product or were misused.

There are proven rules:

  1. Buy medicines only at pharmacies.
  2. Look at the expiration date. If the product can be stored for a long time, then there are preservatives.
  3. Natural composition.
  4. A pungent smell indicates the presence of fragrances, and the color – dyes.
  5. Look at age restrictions.

Cream in a jar and on a woman’s finger


In order to help you navigate the prices of each type of diaper rash remedy described above, the following table of diaper rash cream prices in Moscow and St. Petersburg is given:



Price in Moscow (rubles)

Price in St. Petersburg (rubles)


150 ml




30 ml




20 ml



Cream with zinc

25 ml




75 ml




50 ml




25 ml



Panthenol teva

35 ml



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