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Any woman wants to keep her youth and beauty as long as possible. The first sign that reveals age is facial wrinkles, most girls appear after 25 years. Among the great abundance of cosmetics, those who want to quickly return freshness and elasticity to their skin should pay attention to concentrated intensive-action preparations, the first place among which is serum for the face. What is it, what happens, where to buy and how to use – read about it below.

What is face serum

Another name for this cosmetic product is serum, which means “concentrate” in English. It refers not to basic, but to additional face care products because the concentration of active substances in the serum is several times higher than the concentration of active ingredients in any good expensive cream. For this reason, concentrates cannot be used constantly, – such drugs are recommended to be used in courses no more than 2-3 times a year..

Pipette serum on woman’s face

Which is better – cream or serum

No cosmetologist can correctly answer this question, because in fact, cream and serum for the skin of the face are completely different care products. Although their use is reduced to one goal – to prevent aging of the skin, but the main difference is in the time of exposure to the product and in the waiting time for the visible result. If a good cream smoothes wrinkles a little only after a couple of weeks, then a few drops of serum give the same effect after a day. It’s all about the concentration of anti-aging components and the ability of serum to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin.

What is face serum for?

Different types of serum help to quickly solve various aesthetic problems on the skin of the face. Young girls who do not yet have visible defects on the skin, such “heavy” means to anything. Intensive concentrated preparations should only be used if the skin problems, such as dryness, pigmentation, uneven complexion, age-related changes cannot be corrected with conventional care products. The choice of concentrate type will also depend on the type of skin imperfections..

Positive and negative properties

To fully understand what serum is for the face and how beneficial it is for the skin, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this cosmetic product. Concentrated preparations by type of serum benefit in relation to other leaving cosmetic products because:

  • help to quickly improve the condition and appearance of the skin;
  • penetrating into the deep layers of the epidermis, beneficially affect blood circulation, stimulate the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • have a whitening, antiseptic, anti-aging effect;
  • restore the elasticity of the skin, making it elastic and smoothing small wrinkles;
  • normalize moisture balance, prevent the appearance of dryness and peeling;
  • possess protective properties, protect the face from the negative effects of external factors.

Woman face

Any cosmetic product has disadvantages. By cons of serum include:

  • high cost – due to the concentrated composition, such a product simply cannot be cheap;
  • temporary, unstable result;
  • the possibility of allergic reactions, rashes, redness in the case of an improperly selected drug;
  • can not be used on dark skin, because all serums have a whitening effect;
  • it is categorically not recommended to use serum for the face with spider veins and papillomas – concentrated preparations only stimulate their growth.

How to use

If you have skin problems that require immediate correction, look for different types of serum. Remember that such funds are very concentrated, so take into account tips on how to apply face serum correctly:

  1. Before starting the procedure, it is good to cleanse your face from makeup, sebum and dirt. This can be done with a special foam, milk or tonic without alcohol..
  2. For the best effect of the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that make up serum, it’s worthwhile to additionally peel using a light scrubber.
  3. To enhance the effect of the use of the emulsion, to allow the product to penetrate as deep as possible, it is better not to wait for the skin to dry completely, but to apply the drug on a damp face.
  4. Using a pipette, put a few drops of serum on a cleaned face, and then lightly distribute it with the fingertips, moving from bottom to top – from the forehead along the cheeks to the chin and neck area.
  5. The movements during the application of the drug should be smooth and soft – thoroughly rub, you do not need to massage the skin, so as not to stretch it once again.
  6. After completely absorbing the product with the epidermis, begin to carefully apply the cream, which ideally should be used on the same brand as the serum.
  7. For a quick visible result, it is worth applying the concentrate under the cream to a well-cleaned face in the morning and evening every day for a week or two.

Best face serums

The market for cosmetics today is full of all kinds of face care products. This also applies to serums, because there are a large number of products on sale in different price categories that will quickly help solve certain skin problems – moisturize, whiten, tighten your face, remove acne and small wrinkles. Serum is selected not by type of skin, but by age, and in accordance with the problems that need to be solved. As a rule, such products should be started to be used after 30 years, so the best facial serums after 30 are described below..


If the main defect in your face is dryness, choose a moisturizing serum. After the start of the use of such a remedy, dehydrated skin immediately becomes well-groomed, elastic, tightened. Moisturizing concentrates have a light texture, due to which they are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis. As a rule, they contain hyaluronic acid, natural oils and plant extracts, due to which the natural moisture balance is restored. Most popular moisturizing serums:

  • Clarins Bi-Serum Intensif Anti-Soif.
  • Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum.
  • Almea H.A. Serum.
  • La Plairie Sellular Hydrating Serum.
  • Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum.

Clarins Moisturizing Serum & Face Gel


Women aged 30-35 years begin an active struggle with the natural process of skin aging. The best means in this case will be anti-aging serums for the face. They have beneficial effects on stem cells, quickly restoring the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Immediately after the start of the application of anti-aging serum, wrinkles begin to disappear, the skin tightens, and the face acquires a clear outline. Among the anti-aging concentrated preparations, it is worth paying attention to:

  • Vichy Liftactive Surreme Serum 10;
  • Shiseido Bio-Performance Intensive Lifting Serum;
  • Matis Rejuvenating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid;
  • Filorga Meso + anti-aging;
  • Caudalie Vineactiv Anti-Wrinkle Activator.


Brightening serums will be useful for girls who suffer from hyperpigmentation and uneven skin color. They help solve problems with tone – bleach, remove age spots, acne marks, redness. As a rule, the composition of such cosmetics includes emollients and soothing ingredients – they contribute to the long-lasting lightening effect and help skin cells to protect themselves from the production of a large amount of pigment. In the catalogs of manufacturers of face care cosmetics you can find such bleaching serums:

  • Givenchy Blanc Divin;
  • Natura Siberica White;
  • La Prairie White Caviar;
  • Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector Optimizer;
  • Yves Saint Laurent Blanc Pur Couture.

For problem skin

If the skin of your face is prone to acne, redness, enlarged pores, it is worth choosing a concentrated preparation solely according to the type of your problem. Skin care products for problem skin have natural ingredients that have antiseptic effects, so they instantly soothe the face, relieve irritation and give comfort. As a rule, such serums are prepared on plant extracts: chamomile, aloe, hawthorn, ginseng, etc. Good serums for problem skin:

  • Darphin Intral – for redness;
  • Natura Siberica for oily and combination skin;
  • Guerlain Abeille Royale against age spots and to narrow pores;
  • Sephora – an activating serum against enlarged pores and skin imperfections;
  • Sisley Serum Intensif with tropical resins.

Anti-aging serum for combination skin Natura Siberica per pack

Korean serum

Recently, Korean cosmetics are very popular all over the world. Their funds are not very expensive in comparison with the products of world brands, but the quality remains at its best. On the network you can find a lot of positive feedback about Korean-made sera, and all of them are really justified. Many women who have tried serums from Korea on their faces, claim that they instantly transform the skin, make it toned, radiant, velvety. Good concentrates are produced by such cosmetic companies:

  • It’s skin;
  • The saem;
  • Mizon;
  • Farm Stay;
  • Ciracle;
  • The Skin House;
  • Lioele.

Home Face Serum Recipes

An effective branded facial serum is not a cheap pleasure. If you do not agree to give a tidy sum for the next miniature bottle with a miracle cure, prepare the concentrate from natural ingredients yourself. This process will not take much time, and the funds spent on components for home serum will not greatly affect the family budget. The main thing is to determine the type of product that would ideally suit your face. Below are the recipes for different types of sera:

  • Vitamin for oily and problematic skin: take a small bottle of dark glass with a pipette. Pour in it 5 ampoules of ascorbic acid, 2 ml each, 10 ml of pharmacy glycerin and 10 ml of boiled chilled water. Shake well until all components are fully mixed..
  • Essential Oils Rejuvenating: Mix 30 ml of apricot kernel oil with 15 ml of rosehip oil and the same amount of carrot oil. Add 15 drops of rose oil and frankincense oil, and then 8 drops of orange tree flowers. Mix until smooth.

Milk serum

Milk serum is very useful for normal and combination skin. Milk and sour milk contain a large amount of nutrients: proteins, vitamins, amino acids, which beneficially affect skin cells. Milk whey nourishes and moisturizes the skin very well, makes it healthy, well-groomed, supple, perfectly smoothes wrinkles. To prepare a milk care product, you just need to ferment it in a convenient way, then separate the cottage cheese, and use the resulting milk concentrate for cosmetic procedures.

How to choose the right serum

Before you go to the store to buy a miracle serum that will help you quickly solve problems with the skin of your face, you should carefully study the market of concentrated cosmetic preparations. Remember that every woman, like her skin, is unique, and it is not a fact that a remedy praised by a friend will suit your face. To choose the most effective serum for yourself, pay attention to several important points:

  • Serum for face care is selected solely by the type of problem that currently bothers you the most.
  • It is important when choosing a concentrated product to take into account your age. Anti-aging serums help fight wrinkles, but young women should not use strong lifts in order not to get the opposite result.
  • All serums are very concentrated and may not be suitable for different people, so it’s appropriate to conduct a simple allergy test before buying to make sure that the product will not harm you and that the money will not be wasted.
  • Girls over 25 years old should not immediately look at anti-aging products. You should start with moisturizing, clarifying, restoring serums, and rejuvenating should be used only after 30.
  • It is strongly not recommended to mix the use of different concentrates at the same time in care. Take only one concentrated product that can solve your skin problems as much as possible. Another version of serum can only be tested after a few months..

Woman put a finger to her forehead


Serums in catalogs of budget manufacturers cost from 500 rubles, and world-famous companies evaluate their products from 10,000. Serums from different companies are presented on shelves in cosmetics stores, but specialized online stores offer a wider range of concentrated face preparations. In addition, they can often order good goods with a substantial discount. Delivery, as a rule, is carried out by mail, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg – by courier. For approximate Moscow serum prices, see the table:

The product’s name


Volume ml

Cost in rubles

Natura Siberica for oily and combination skin

To narrow pores



Clarins Bi-Serum Intensif Anti-Soif




Shiseido bio-performance




It’s Skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Serum




La prairie white caviar




Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum




Mizon barrier oil serum




Givenchy Blanc Divin




Almea H.A. Serum




Vichy Liftactive Surreme Serum 10




The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Ampoule

For problem skin



Natura Siberica White




Farm Stay All in One Honey Ampoule




Filorga meso+




Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector Optimizer

Tone Alignment



Lioele blackhead clear

Against black dots



Guerlain abeille royale

From age spots and to narrow pores



MRB Biochange Tissue Activator Serum




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