The healing properties of blue clay – composition, use in recipes for treatment and home cosmetics

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Blue clay is a multifunctional and universal substance, which by its properties is considered effective and useful, its rich composition can be used for medicinal purposes in medical practice. A unique blue stain powder can even compete in the battle with cancer. She is in demand in cosmetology practice..


It is a treasury of a huge number of different micro and macro elements. A large number of people believe that its chemical composition is not inferior to many vegetables and fruits. It is mined in different natural places, therefore, a difference in chemical elements is possible, depending on the production area and storage conditions. Composition of blue clay:

  • Aluminosilicates (salts).
  • Alumina and Silica.
  • Mineral group kaolinite.
  • Montmorillonites and more.

Pieces of blue clay


The properties of a natural substance and its ability to treat many pathologies have been known since ancient times. Egyptian beauty Cleopatra used clay to improve face skin in the form of masks. Finding this substance is easy in stores. Its effectiveness is several orders of magnitude higher than the cost:

  1. Therapeutic characteristics prevent acne.
  2. Promotes discoloration of dark spots on the skin.
  3. Helps strengthen and firm skin.
  4. Improves blood circulation.
  5. It has an anti-aging effect.
  6. Helps to get rid of cellulite (anti-cellulite drug).
  7. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.
  8. Adsorption characteristics inherent.
  9. Normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  10. The whitening effect is characteristic.
  11. Promotes tissue regeneration.
  12. Provides oxygen to tissues.
  13. Anti-rheumatic characteristics.
  14. Cleansing the body of toxins.
  15. Hair growth stimulation.
  16. Improves the immune system.

The use of blue clay

Due to its many properties, it has a wide range of applications:

  • Chronic joint diseases.
  • Pathology of the spinal column.
  • Muscle diseases.
  • Pathology NS.
  • Injuries.
  • Diseases of the female genital organs of various forms.
  • Inflammation in the digestive tract.
  • Hematological diseases and oncology (benign, malignant neoplasms).
  • Pathology of ENT organs.
  • Eye diseases.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus).
  • Vascular disease (edema).
  • In the treatment of skin diseases (acne).

Putting blue clay on the back of a girl

Blue clay treatment

The main principle of its action is to improve metabolic processes in the body. It does not matter how to use clay, inside (on an empty stomach) or as lotions, baths, baths and compresses. Modern medical practice recognizes its healing properties, because it has been widely used in different directions.

A natural substance is used to correct the figure (when losing weight), for hair (normalization of properties), gives tenderness and elasticity to the skin. It is not difficult to purchase it in most pharmacy kiosks and even supermarkets. Blue clay treatment at home is easy, the effect of use is not inferior to expensive manipulations.

For face

It is recommended that before use, determine the type of facial skin – oily, combination, dry. For dry, moisturizing additives are envisaged, for oily – on the contrary. Analyzing the mineral composition (macro- and microelements) of a substance, cosmetic effects should be emphasized:

  • removes fatigue and lack of sleep (like an antidepressant);
  • helps smooth wrinkles (rejuvenation);
  • sebaceous glands normalize;
  • constricts enlarged skin pores;
  • frees skin from acne;
  • helps restore elasticity, softness, elasticity of the skin;
  • promotes skin whitening, the elimination of freckles, age spots;
  • improves complexion;
  • promotes scar tissue reduction, abrasion regeneration.

For teeth

Natural blue clay has found its active use in dental practice. In this case, dentists recommend using a clay sour cream-like solution. It should be applied to the surface of the gums, withstand for about 15-20 minutes. Rubbing this pulp into the surface of the gums is allowed. The procedure helps reduce bleeding gums.

For joints

Orthopedic practice, rheumatology allows a number of recipes on how to use blue clay:

  1. Clay cake. The thickness of such a cake should be about 1-1.5 cm. The cake is applied to the problem place, covered with a plastic piece on top and insulated with a woolen thing. Soak for 120 minutes. Then wash off the joint surface with warm water. The treatment course lasts 7-10 days. Clay to use every time a new.
  2. Bath. On 5-6 l of water heated to 300С, take two tablespoons of powder, mix thoroughly and add to the bath, each procedure should continue for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse with warm water too. After this procedure, take a horizontal position and try to relax, so it’s right to take before going to bed.
  3. Compress. Grind to a powdery state, dilute in a small volume of warm water to a pasty form. Maintain the mixture for several hours, then warm up to 40–45 ° C and put on a gauze napkin to the problematic articulation, fixing and warming with a woolen cloth. Stand until completely dry for about 30-40 minutes.

Making a compress of blue clay

With varicose veins

The treatment of varicose veins involves the use of a complex drug. In this case, it is necessary to prepare a bath with heated water. Pre-brew in 3 l of boiling water 4-5 tablespoons of birch leaves, chamomile, nettle. Only one of these herbs is allowed. Cool to a comfortable heat, dissolve 3 tablespoons of clay. Add more heated water and keep your feet in it for about 20-30 minutes. Perform these baths every 48 hours until the condition improves..

For skin diseases

Blue clay is used for skin pathologies in the form of boils, eczema or neurodermatitis, clay lotions are recommended. To do this, carefully dilute the clay with warm water to a mushy state (without lumps). In a warm form, apply to a cotton cloth or a multilayer piece of gauze and attach to the damaged area on the skin, covering with a napkin on top. After 60 minutes, it is recommended to remove the lotion and rinse the skin surface with clean boiled water.

With corns and heel spur

With the formation of corns on the foot, corns and heel spurs, the use of a bath of aristocratic powder is practiced. To do this, in 3 liters of hot water, but so as not to burn, dissolve one tablespoon of crushed clay, soak the feet for 15 -20 minutes. The alternate use of compresses and baths, wrapping is recommended. The therapeutic course has ten daily treatments.

Blue clay contraindications

Despite the long list of benefits of blue clay, there are still contraindications for use:

  • The presence of inflammatory processes in the acute phase.
  • Cardiopathology.
  • Renal failure (including kidney pathology at the acute stage).
  • Hypertension, symptomatic hypertension.
  • Thyroid disease.

The formation of hyperemia on the skin, severe itching, polymorphic rash in the post-procedural period is facilitated by the use of additional ingredients (essential oil, some herbs, etc.), to which an allergic reaction is possible individually. The list of contraindications is not so big, because each patient can use a healing gift, however, everything should be within reasonable limits, after consulting a specialist.

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