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Slippery nasty annelids are very beneficial for the human body. Thanks to hirudotherapy, many different health problems can be solved, including obesity. Nevertheless, before starting treatment of the pathology at home, it is important to know about leeches for weight loss – where to put (use suitable points on the body for this), how many individuals can be used at a time, and how often you can do the staging. Those who have tried such an unconventional method to combat excess weight note a quick and lasting effect..

What are leeches

Hirudo medicinalis, they are also medical leeches – this is a type of annelid worm having a size of 10-15 cm and a brownish-green color. On the back and front of the body, they have suction cups, thanks to which they are attached to the human body. When leeches damage the epidermis, the creature’s saliva, which contains histamine and hirudin, falls under the patient’s skin. The former stimulates local vasodilation, and the latter serves as an anticoagulant that prevents blood coagulation. These substances, together with the anesthetic, ensure the painlessness of the procedure during the suction of worms..

Leech treatment is called hirudotherapy. Like acupuncture, the method produces an effective result. Leeches are used not only to treat various diseases, but also in cosmetology. In addition to weight loss and overall improvement in well-being, patients who undergo a course of hirudotherapy can get rid of cellulite, improve the condition of the skin of the face and body, curing acne. Some worms help in the treatment of varicose veins.

Medical leeches

Indications for the leeches

The benefits of hirudotherapy are obvious and proven by numerous reviews of people who have experienced it. The main indications for setting leeches are:

  • heart disease, blood vessels;
  • pathology of the respiratory system;
  • inflammation of the genitals, diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • inflammation of the biliary tract and liver;
  • high blood pressure;
  • cosmetic defects;
  • neurological pathology;
  • eye diseases;
  • scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • joint diseases
  • pathologies of the endocrine system, kidneys, liver, etc..

Thanks to hirudotherapy, an accelerated metabolism is launched, the human body is saturated with oxygen, freed from excess fluid. As a result of 14-day treatment, a significant reduction in body weight can be achieved (up to a loss of 5-7 kg), without resorting to sports or exhausting diets. Nevertheless, despite this effect, doctors forbid patients to resort to hirudotherapy for weight loss more than once a year (with the exception of individual indications).

Leech Point

To achieve cleansing and rejuvenation of the body, it is important to follow the correct technique for installing worms. Suitable points for hirudotherapy can be seen in the diagram below. Nevertheless, each hirudotherapist, when choosing places, focuses on the individual characteristics of each client. Almost any area is suitable for placing worms, with the exception of areas of large vessels and places where the skin is very thin, for example, the area around the eyes. The main points of setting leeches for obesity are located in the chakras:

  • coccyx;
  • sacrum;
  • navel;
  • the area on the abdomen near the pancreas;
  • solar plexus;
  • area of ​​the heart;
  • dimple at the base of the neck;
  • forehead center;
  • crown zone.

Leeches on the back of a girl

Leeches for weight loss

Ringworms are suitable for the treatment of various diseases, in addition, hirudotherapy for weight loss is widely used. Thanks to it, metabolism is accelerated, decay products and excess fluid are removed from the body. Leeches are treated not by bites, but by saliva secreted by them, which enters the human blood through the wound and contains one and a half hundred useful enzymes. When they enter the circulatory system, these substances have a beneficial effect on the circulatory and immune systems, normalize blood pressure and hormonal levels..

For weight loss, worm saliva components such as hyaluronidase and lipase are especially important. The latter actively destroys fat, and the first helps fight cellulite. Hirudotherapy, according to doctors, is an effective and healthy way to combat excess weight. Thanks to it, a person accelerates metabolic processes and brain activity, strengthens the immune system. Nevertheless, the procedure can be harmful to health if you do not take into account the features of its implementation, therefore it is important to know about leeches for weight loss – where to put, how often to do it,.

Hirudotherapy contraindications:

  • severe anemia;
  • blood clotting;
  • low blood pressure;
  • menstruation;
  • pregnancy;
  • hemorrhagic type diathesis;
  • oncological diseases.

Where can I put leeches

When setting worms for weight loss, the location of their placement does not play a fundamental role. However, there are areas that are more suitable for this. You can put leeches in such areas on the body:

  • coccyx;
  • liver;
  • the area above the perineum;
  • pancreas;
  • sacrum;
  • navel;
  • colon;
  • area behind the ears.

Leeches on the girl’s stomach

Where you can not put leeches

There are points where it is forbidden to place worms, or you should do this very carefully and under the supervision of a doctor. You can not put leeches on:

  • areas of the body with minimal fatty tissue (eyelids, scrotum);
  • mucous membranes (rectum, gums, throat, cervix);
  • areas of accumulation of a large number of blood vessels.

How to put leeches

To effectively and harmlessly lose weight through hirudotherapy, you must follow the rules for setting leeches. The main ones are:

  • it is forbidden to take a bath / shower on the day of the procedure, use body cosmetics (worms do not like odors and may not suck);
  • for several days, alcohol consumption should be excluded, smoking cessation;
  • physical work is prohibited before the procedure;
  • it is better to increase the number of individuals gradually, tracking the reaction of their own body to them;
  • the course should last no more than 12 sessions;
  • it is advisable to place the worms on preheated skin, for which purpose use heating pads, massages and rubbing the body.

How many leeches can be put at a time

The number of individuals is determined by the specialist conducting the procedure. At the same time, at first it is recommended to put no more than 4-6 worms, gradually increasing their number. How many leeches can you put at a time? Each individual absorbs a blood volume of about 5-15 ml in one procedure, after which another as much is secreted from open wounds. For weight loss, worms are distributed over several areas of the body (usually on the stomach in the stomach and pancreas, sacrum, tailbone).

Leech on the hand

Is it possible to put leeches every day

If the doctor determines that the patient has no contraindications, a hirudotherapy course is prescribed (the duration for each patient is individual). Age, state of health, degree of obesity affect the duration of treatment. It is forbidden to put leeches every day, the interval between procedures should be at least 2-3 days, and between courses at least 3-4 months. With an initial degree of obesity, treatment is carried out no more than once a year, while the course lasts from a couple of weeks to 1.5 months.

Scheme of leeches

It has been proven that leeches for weight loss help – where to put the worms? Hirudotherapy involves the use of different points on the body, depending on the disease, while the technique is effective against diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory systems. Each diagnosis requires its own set of places where the worms are placed. The scheme for setting leeches for obesity looks like this: during 10-15 sessions they are put in 2-3 pieces on the sacrum and tailbone. In the case where obesity has hormonal causes, additional worms are attached to the area behind the auricles.

Leeches on the sacrum

From 1 to 5 leeches are planted in this area at a time, however, it is better to start treatment with one individual (this will help to check the body’s reaction to the worm saliva without harm to health). Some patients report a pain during the procedure, others are allergic. The last factor is a good reason to abandon hirudotherapy for weight loss. Putting leeches on the sacrum involves placing individuals on the sacrococcygeal joint area, the projection area of ​​the sacrum and the end of the coccyx.

Putting leeches on the sacrum

Leeches on the head

Such localization of worms will not only contribute to weight loss, but also relieve vascular atherosclerosis and frequent migraines. Where do they put leeches on their heads? On each of the following zones, you must place 1 individual:

  • behind the ears (about 2 cm from the shells there is a tubercle that is not covered with hair);
  • on the jawbone below the ear by 3 cm;
  • on the ear tragus.

Leeches on the stomach

During one procedure, 5-10 individuals are used, which are placed on the stomach in the areas around the stomach, liver and pancreas. This method of treating obesity eliminates blood stasis, due to which new blood that carries nutrients enters the listed organs. Putting leeches on the stomach helps to restart the work of organs: for example, the liver begins to produce more saturated bile, which contributes to faster digestion of food.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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