The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for weight loss – how to correctly calculate according to the formulas

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In pursuit of a slim body, women and men are ready for a lot. What they won’t come up with: different classes, exercises, diets and fasting days to maintain physical fitness. The rational ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for weight loss is an invariably popular and effective way to control weight, based on the use of a calorie calculator plus calculating BJU. And you know all the features: what is it, what is the plus, how to calculate everything correctly? Let’s figure it out in order!

What is BJU

The abbreviation, which is widely used to refer to 3 words: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, is BJU. For competent weight loss and well-being in general, it is extremely important to observe the energy balance of the body – what we get with food, and then spend throughout the day when walking, mental activity, sports. Excess or deficiency of one or another useful substance / mineral can play a cruel joke on health. It is important to ensure that the energy input / consumption is at the right level..

The main sources of BJU are food. For example, from meat, fish, milk and eggs, the body will be saturated with a large amount of protein. Carbohydrates are rich in vegetables, flour products and even chocolate. Including oil and fatty meat in the menu, we get fats. However, it is better to choose unsaturated organic compounds – their optimal amount in seeds, oily fish, nuts. It is important that the nutrition is balanced, thoughtful mode, all these elements were present in the norm.

The optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

The BZhU norm is determined for each individually, while “starting from” weight, age, gender, activity. However, nutritionists are of the opinion that the optimal proportion is 1: 1: 4. This ensures a balanced diet and the intake of the required amount of kcal. For athletes and muscle growth, the distribution formula is different – 1: 0.8: 4, and for large mass gain, the need for carbohydrates will increase by 2 times.

Vegetables, fruits, meat and fish

Norm BZHU for weight loss

Do you want to become slimmer? Then the calculation of BZHU for weight loss as a percentage will have a different look. You can start the fat burning process by increasing the percentage of proteins (white meat, eggs, seafood, cottage cheese, milk and kefir) and reducing carbohydrates (sweets, pastries, pasta, potatoes). Do not go to extremes, arrange yourself a minimum test – keep the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for weight loss “adequate”. The main thing is to know the best combination. Plus, do not disdain training: muscle tone is good. Do not forget about healthy sleep.

The ratio of fat loss to women

We take the daily human diet for a conditional 100%. You will begin to lose weight if you follow a diet that consists of 30-35% protein, 10-25% fat, 45-50% of the right carbohydrates. If you are going to undergo drying, then you need to observe a decrease in carbohydrates and fats to a minimum. The ideal percentage of fat loss for weight loss is 30: 20: 50%. Girls do not need to give up fats, their mass should be within normal limits, because they play an important function for the body (affect the health of the reproductive system, the synthesis of hormones, are needed for hair and nails).

How to calculate BJU for weight loss

First, it is important to determine the calorie content that the body needs for a day, and then you can calculate the BJU for weight loss. So, a few steps:

  1. Calculation of the level of metabolism: 655 + (9.6 * current weight in kilograms) + (1.8 * your height) – (4.7 * full years).
  2. We will adjust for your activity: very low (constantly sitting) – 1.20, small (a couple of times a week exercise) – 1.38, medium (up to 5 times every week, classes with a small load) – 1.55, high (spend intensive and difficult training) – 1.73.
  3. Subtract 500 calories from the result, we get the daily rate, for example, 1500.
  4. You can expand the limit: + -200 calories (1300-1700). Below is already harm to the body, slow metabolism, hormonal failure. Above – forget that you will lose weight, on the contrary, weight gain will go, because the proceeds will not be spent.

Fruits, vegetables, a glass of juice and a calculator

How much protein is needed per day for weight loss

Based on the information and knowledge about the level of substances, we can conclude that the norm of proteins for weight loss is 1300 (calories) * 0.30 (normal protein level) / 4 (kcal per 1 g), i.e. 97.5 g This is the lower limit. The upper one will be 1700 * 0.35 / 4 = 149 g. Your allowable intake is 97-149 g. Remember, to fall below the limit means to subject the body to increased stress. Instead of fat burning, get stagnant metabolism.

How much fat do you need per day when losing weight

In the same way, we also calculate the amount of fat during weight loss. Minimum formula: 1300 (calories) * 0.15 (normal fat level) / 9 (kcal per 1 g), i.e. 22 g. Upper bound: 1700 * 0.20 / 9 = 38 g. If you increase the grams , then you can’t achieve the effect of losing weight. Stick to the recommended indicators (in our case, from 22 to 38 g) and be sure to see the result.

How many carbohydrates you need per day when losing weight

The third group of our ratio is considered exactly the same. The minimum norm of carbohydrates per day during weight loss will be 146 g: 1300 (calories) * 0.45 (normal level) / 4 (kcal per 1 g). At the same time, the upper threshold for active weight loss is 191 g: 1700 * 0.50 / 4. Keep in mind that you need to abandon fast calories – chocolate, cookies, chips, crackers, bananas, potatoes are also prohibited. They are in a fight with excess hateful weight, we are not helpers! You need slow “comrades”.

What carbohydrates can you eat with weight loss

Consumption of “complex” foods that contain fiber is recommended. They will saturate the cells with useful components. Replace soda and sweets with broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, pasta made exclusively from hard varieties, brown rice, buckwheat, beans, lentils. Carbohydrates for weight loss should be those where the starch content is minimal. Corn, bean grains, grain processing products – leave for better times.

Brown rice

The formula for calculating the BJU

The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for weight loss can be different – we figured it out. Calculate BJU for weight loss is simple, it does not take much time. The nutrition program is compiled individually, because the calorie counter, percent of organic compounds may vary. A rational combination of diet, exercise and relaxation will help you lose weight. Determine the best option on your own or online using a calculator!

Calculation of BJU on the online calculator

You can not bother with calculations, but use the BJU calculator online. All you need is to write down the data of your weight, height, gender, goal (lose weight / gain weight), lifestyle. The rest of the system will automatically calculate. Decryption is not needed. The calculator will help answer such questions:

  1. How many calories do I need BJU per day?
  2. How much kcal should be consumed in order to gain / lose / stay in the same form?
  3. Do you have enough BJU? Your rate of BJU per day – boundary limits.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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