The right way out of the buckwheat diet with a daily menu

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One of the simplest and most popular mono-diets is buckwheat, thanks to which a person losing weight does not experience a strong feeling of hunger, as with some others. However, getting out of the buckwheat diet requires the right approach, otherwise a drastically changed menu and diet can lead to a significant increase in food intake. As a result, overweight can return in a short time..

Basic rules for getting out of buckwheat diet

It is more difficult to competently exit a diet than to abide by it. Indeed, after serious restrictions, many can not resist the temptation to taste one or another junk food. Therefore, the question arises of how to get out of the diet and not get better? The most important thing in this matter is the gradual rejection of buckwheat. This rule is universal in relation to any type of diet. The transition should be smooth: do not immediately lean on a large number of fruits, vegetables, etc., so that the body can get used to.

The gradual rejection of buckwheat groats also applies to the amount of food consumed, so never eat more than your body wants! To do this, end the meal in a state of little hunger. You should not worry at the same time, because after 5-6 minutes you will feel completely satisfied. To switch to a normal diet, you may need from 7 to 10 days, during which try to eat food in small portions and fractionally. Other equally important principles are:

  • gentle stomach with intestines;
  • moderate calorie content;
  • drinking large amounts of water;
  • exercise stress;
  • exclusion of appetite stimulants;
  • constancy is the key to success.


Proper nutrition

To make the transition from eating porridge and other buckwheat dishes smooth, first adjust your diet. Compliance with proper nutrition, which will help to adjust the figure and improve health, first of all, includes the rejection of too spicy and salty. Therefore, try to bake food, stew, cook and often steam. Fried and salted must be limited. Include in your diet for the first time after the end of the buckwheat diet:

  • fish
  • chicken breasts;
  • turkey
  • kefir;
  • boiled eggs;
  • skim cheese;
  • salads from vegetables, for example, tomatoes;
  • fruits (exclude grapes, avocados, bananas);
  • low-fat soups in vegetable oil;
  • juice without sugar;
  • sweet tea (but not too much).

Small meals

As already described above, in order to exit the diet, which is based on buckwheat, it is necessary to observe fractional nutrition. This period takes about ten days, but it all depends on the personal desire of losing weight. Throughout this time, you need to eat exclusively small portions, but more often than usual, for example, five times a day.

Water balance

In order not to get better after completing the diet, it is necessary to properly observe the water balance. The fact is that the limited intake of salt, which is an integral part of any balanced diet, will reduce the need for water. So that weight loss does not cause damage to health, drink at least 1.5-2 liters of liquid daily, but be sure to exclude carbonated and sugary drinks.

Water in a glass

How to get out of a buckwheat diet

In order not to gain extra kilograms again, count calories, because a balanced diet, which you need to go out of the diet, should include a minimum of fats and simple carbohydrates. A useful menu must be built on complex carbohydrates, not forgetting about important trace elements and vitamins, which are very numerous in vegetables and fruits. In parallel, give up any alcoholic beverages, as they are an excellent stimulant of appetite, as well as spices.

The food itself should be more boiled and non-greasy. A good option is dishes that can be baked in the oven using foil. The intervals between meals should be the same. If you have opted for the option with kefir, then use the fermented milk product and cereal separately from each other. The time between meals should be at least an hour.

Adding to the exit from the diet such an important component as physical activity is a necessity. However, this does not have to be zealous in the gym until you lose consciousness. Start with light loads, gradually increasing them as your body becomes stronger. As soon as you stop feeling weak, you can move on to more active sports, for example, swimming, cycling, indoor soccer, tennis, etc. Do not forget that leaving a buckwheat diet requires constant!


Buckwheat Diet Menu

Nutrition to maintain results after 1-2 weeks of tight restrictions should be easy and at the same time beneficial. Do not succumb to the temptation, because the use of “tasty” harmful products will return you a few steps back. In the afternoon in the post-diet period, you need to consume more carbohydrates, and by the evening reduce their amount to a minimum. The way out of the buckwheat diet by day can be built on the basis of the following simple menu:

  • Light breakfast should include scrambled eggs, cottage cheese or porridge.
  • For lunch, it is better to eat fish or meat with a side dish, soup with vegetable salad.
  • In the evening, cook stew with a bird or casserole.
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