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What devices are not available in hairdressing! In order for the haircut to work out, the hairdresser must use thinning scissors – the thinning will complete the haircut form and ensure ease of styling. After such a treatment, daily shaping of the hairstyle will become much simpler and faster, additional volume and smoothness of line transitions will appear..

What is thinning shears

These are special professional hairdressing scissors, which, like ordinary ones, consist of two parts, while one or both of the canvases are made in the form of cloves. Scissors for thinning hair are single-sided and double-sided – according to the previously described criterion. The thinning side of the single-sided scissors is from above or from below, it is necessary to pay attention to this, the location of the blade affects the number of cut hairs.

Scissors vary in the number of cloves. A classic canvas can contain from 8 (flag scissors) to 30 teeth, there is a tool containing more than 40 teeth. In accordance with the width of the gaps, the hair will be milled. The more cloves, the less “torn” the cut will be. It is better for beginners to choose two-sided options with frequent teeth, then the strands will be natural, plus the risk of simply cutting off some of the tips or overdoing is reduced. Scissors differ in the length of the blade, which is selected according to the size of the hand of the master.

What are you for?

Thinning is needed for thinning hair. When working with the tool, part of the hair of the strand is shortened, part remains the original length, that is, the tip of the strand is thinned out, providing a smoother transition and softer lines in the hairstyle. So you can make a cascading haircut smooth, with completely invisible length transitions. Thinning is needed in a man’s haircut, it is indispensable for bringing to the ideal a classic haircut with a machine, especially with regard to the lateral and occipital zones.

It is better to have in stock two types of tools – with teeth above and below. The first ones are suitable for soft hair of the European type. It is better to expose the hair of a stiff Asian type to a more aggressive thinning with teeth below. When the teeth are located below, the number of cut (milled) hairs increases, if the hair is thicker, then the cut area should be larger. The presence of bilateral thinning tools allows you to make a barely noticeable thinning.

Man with scissors in hand

How to use thinning scissors

Thinning is the final stage of the haircut. First you need to complete the base with ordinary scissors, create a shape. Nuances:

  1. It is better to cut with thinning scissors “dry” – after laying with a hairdryer. This clearly shows which areas require “relief”, where the silhouette is heavier.
  2. Correctly milling hair with thinning scissors is simple – you need to lift the strand on your fingers or comb and cut the ends.
  3. Milling hair at the roots is undesirable. This is permissible in a creative haircut, with a certain idea of ​​the master.
  4. The tool is used with all cutting technologies..

Girl cuts her hair with thinning scissors

Best thinning scissors

Offers in the professional market of hairdressing tools – do not count. There are expensive exclusive models, there are cheap analogues available. Size, material, design vary. How to navigate this flow of offers and choose the best? Consider the most popular famous brands and their tool offerings..

Hair Clippers


Jaguar Digging was founded in Germany in 1932. The products of this brand are famous for impeccable quality. Here is one of the popular models:

  • Model Name: Jaguar Kamiyu T33 6.
  • Price: 28 300 r.
  • Features: This is a joint Japanese-German development. Scissors contain 33 bent teeth. Material – alloyed cobalt steel. Made in Japan. Web length – 15.5 cm.
  • Pros: highest quality, two removable clips.
  • Cons: high price.

Model Jaguar Kamiyu T33 6

In addition to classic milling, the company offers creative options:

  • Model Name: JAGUAR S & V4.
  • Price: 16 732 r.
  • Features: ergonomic shape and glossy polish. Blade length 14 cm. Asymmetric position of various tooth shapes gives an unusual effect when thinning hair.
  • Pros: glossy polished steel, rubberized inserts, removable clips.
  • Cons: unpredictable effect on different types of hair.

Creative model JAGUAR S & V4


Simple and affordable, but high-quality – this is how Dewal’s hairdressing tools characterize. They are great for beginners or home use. Here is an example of a popular model:

  • Model Name: DEWAL 241 / 5.5.
  • Price: 2523 r.
  • Features: classic alloy steel scissors with removable holder. 38 teeth, length – 5.5 inches.
  • Pros: robust construction, quality material.
  • Cons: right-handed only.

DEWAL 241 / 5.5

And a more ergonomic option from the manufacturer:

  • Model Name: DEWAL S4055.
  • Price: 2243 r.
  • Features: convection sharpening, black finish, without decorative elements, length – 5.5 inches, 40 teeth, removable emphasis.
  • Pros: high-quality stainless steel, high performance.
  • Cons: not suitable for lefties.

Practical model DEWAL S4055


This is a Japanese manufacturer of professional hairdressing tools. Products are of high quality material and reasonable price. Such a model is popular:

  • Model Name: KEDAKE 4955-0027.
  • Price: 5350 r.
  • Features: classic shape, removable holder and yellow steel screw, size 5.5. The model is made of special heavy-duty steel with symmetrical rings.
  • Pros: ergonomics and reliability.
  • Cons: lack of decorative elements.

High quality KEDAKE 4955-0027 thinning shears

There is a brighter and more elegant analogue from this manufacturer:

  • Model Name: KEDAKE 28455-10030-10.
  • Price: 7000 r.
  • Product specifications: U-shaped work blades, rounded shape of the cutting edge, 30 teeth, 20-25% cut dry hair, high smoothness.
  • Pros: the screw group is decorated with Swarovski crystals.
  • Cons: fixed emphasis.

Model KEDAKE 28455-10030-10


A democratic brand of tools, the production of which is affordable for many. Quality scissors can be bought very cheaply:

  • Model Name: ZINGER EV-606-TH / 6.5.
  • Price: 370 r.
  • Features: classic scissor shape, plastic handle, fixed cast stop, size 6.5, second micro-notched blade.
  • Pros: affordable price.
  • Cons: plastic – short-lived material.

ZINGER EV-606-TH / 6.5

See another available instance from the line:

  • Model Name: ZINGER EV-606 / 6.5.
  • Price: 320 r.
  • Product specifications: classic model with cast emphasis, straight teeth and screw mount. Size 6.5.
  • Pros: light weight, easy to hold in hand.
  • Cons: fixed emphasis.

ZINGER EV-606 / 6.5

Kapous professional

The optimal price-quality ratio is demonstrated by this manufacturer. One of the most popular samples was the following model:

  • Model Name: 5.5, SK76 KAPOUS PROFESSIONAL.
  • Price: 1650 r.
  • Characteristics: classic thinning single-sided model of scissors, fixed emphasis, size 5.5.
  • Pros: the anatomical shape of the handle contributes to long-term performance.
  • Cons: not suitable for lefties.


The manufacturer does not differ in creativity, because the models differ only partly:

  • Model Name: 6.0, SK10T KAPOUS PROFESSIONAL.
  • Price: 1650 r.
  • Product specifications: single-sided model, canvas with teeth from below, the emphasis is not removable, handle rings with rubberized inserts, size 6.0.
  • Pros: comfortable handle shape.
  • Cons: lack of decorative elements.

Single-sided model 6.0, SK10T KAPOUS PROFESSIONAL

How to choose thinning scissors

The choice of thinning is an individual matter. You can buy thinning scissors in the online store, mail delivery is possible, which is convenient for remote regions. In this case, a working copy can be purchased cheaply if there is a promotion, sale or discount. You can go to a specialized salon, purchase an exclusive expensive copy of the tool. This is a great option for residents of megacities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg – there are a lot of company shops here, the cost in such retail outlets is lower – the purchase will be profitable.

Each has its own selection criteria. General points to consider:

  • Size of thinning shears. The larger the arm, the longer the canvases should be.
  • The material from which the tool is made. It can be specialized steel. Better avoid plastic.
  • Number of canvases with teeth. Two serrated cuts cut fewer hairs when thinning than one-sided thinning.
  • Which side is the canvas with teeth. Canvas from below – for Asian hair type, canvas from above – for European.
  • The anatomical shape of the handle ensures long-term operation without unpleasant sensations.
  • It is imperative to check the sharpness of the instrument – cut off a lock of hair.
  • It is better to opt for German or Japanese scissors – these countries are considered the best manufacturers of hairdressing equipment.
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