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Few diets deserve recognition from nutritionists. A weight loss program should be reasonable, without prejudice to health, and tomatoes brought several centuries ago by Europeans from Mexico help to strictly follow this rule. Tomato diet for weight loss is an effective technique with which you can lose weight, feel lightness, take care of health. A low-calorie vegetable will help normalize metabolism, and it is better to use tomatoes for weight loss in summer and autumn.

Basic rules for dieting on tomatoes

The list of useful properties of tomatoes looks impressive, but in order to use it for the benefit of health and for the purpose of losing weight, you need to know the recipes, follow the recommendations, do not forget about physical activity and be sure to consult a doctor. If there are no contraindications, then among the diet options it will turn out to find a quick or long-lasting technique, when for three weeks the main product of the menu will be tomatoes.

Tomatoes and tape measure

Options for a tomato diet and their menu

One important nuance unites all varieties of the tomato diet – tomatoes should be consumed daily, but in what form and quantity this is a feature of each of them. You need to choose only fresh fruits, ideally grown on your own personal plot, cook them without spices, be sure to supplement the daily menu with the use of clean water, at least one liter in volume.

  1. Express version of a tomato diet. The method of losing weight, designed for three days, provides that the daily diet will be built on the use of tomatoes. For four meals you need to eat 1.5 kg of ripe tomatoes. To satisfy the hunger, it is allowed to eat vegetables at any time, without being attached to a certain regime.
  2. Two-week tomato diet. A long-term version of the method of losing weight based on the use of tomatoes allows the presence of other low-calorie foods in the diet. In addition to fresh fruits, the diet allows the use of tomato juice, which goes well with low-fat cottage cheese, boiled fish, rice, steam patties and croutons.

Tomato paste and slimming tomatoes

Express diet for 2-3 days

When you need to quickly lose a couple of extra pounds, this weight loss technique will be the best choice with a guaranteed effect. Only three days will have to slightly limit the diet to low-calorie dishes and increase the number of eaten tomatoes. Even gourmets will like to lose weight deliciously, because every dish of the daily menu is healthy food for the body. Three-day tomato express diet menu:

First day

  • Breakfast: 100 g of cottage cheese (low-fat), 50 g of berries and fruits.
  • Lunch: 200 g of spaghetti with tomatoes and herbs.
  • Dinner: 200 g gazpacho.

Second day

  • Breakfast: 50 g of cheese, 1 tomato, 1 slice of dried rye bread, a cup of coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch: 150 g of grilled chicken breast, 100 g of salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper).
  • Dinner: 200 g of spaghetti with tomatoes, mushrooms.

The third day

  • Breakfast: 100 g of cottage cheese (low-fat), 50 g of berries and fruits.
  • Lunch: spaghetti with tomatoes, basil.
  • Dinner: sandwich (tomato, slice of cheese, lettuce).

Cucumbers and tomatoes

Tomato Cucumber for 7 days

Another useful weight loss technique, which is based on the use of two types of fresh vegetables at once. The diet on cucumbers and tomatoes stipulates that cottage cheese, preferably low-fat, will be an indispensable item in the daily diet, and to remove toxins and normalize metabolism. Can I lose weight on tomatoes? According to the methodology of the tomato-cucumber diet, the result is guaranteed. A daily diet of five meals provides the following types and quantities of foods:

  • tomatoes – 0.5 kg;
  • cucumbers – 0.5 kg;
  • cottage cheese – 100 g;
  • low-fat sour cream, olive oil for salad dressing;
  • clean water without gas – 2 l.

Tomato juice

Slimming Tomato Juice in 14 Days

Losing weight with a noticeable effect, without fear of exhaustion, will turn out independently for those who build their diet on the use of tomato juice. To prepare a healthy drink, you need to take fresh fruits, then this diet will become a unique way, how, combining different products, you can get rid of unnecessary pounds, eat without a constant hunger and feel a surge of strength.

A mandatory point of this diet prescribes to consume a glass of freshly prepared tomato juice daily before each meal. The list of foods that allows a two-week diet included the following:

  • Vegetables (fresh, baked, boiled, grilled).
  • Meat (low-fat varieties), fish, poultry.
  • Cottage cheese, cheese (low-fat varieties).
  • Fruits (fresh, baked).
  • Water, unsweetened tea, compote.

Diet when leaving a diet

The tomato diet for weight loss has its positive aspects. The low calorie content makes tomatoes almost the best product if you want to lose weight quickly and with a guaranteed result. A diet on tomatoes helps to remove fluid from the human body, on which the quick effect is based, therefore, after the end of the diet, it is recommended to limit the use of salt. It is allowed to gradually increase the amount of protein food, cereals, stewed vegetables, light soups can be an obligatory dish of the daily menu at the end of the diet.

Reviews on the results of weight loss

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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