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Those who dream of losing weight should try the elliptical Ski simulator for training, which provides a simultaneous load on all muscle groups. It remains to decide whether to buy a device for home use or go to the gym. It is worth learning the features of these devices, getting acquainted with the rating of models.

What is the name of the Ski simulator?

The main goal of a device simulating skiing is to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Sports equipment refers to cardio simulators, has a different name – ellipsoid, orbitrek, cross-trainer. A simulator skiing with regular training helps:

  • strengthening the respiratory system;
  • burning excess fat;
  • increase stamina;
  • weight loss;
  • improving muscle tone;
  • creating a fit body.


This name has a sports equipment due to the movement of the pedals on an elliptical trajectory. A big plus – classes do not exert pressure on the joints of the legs, all movements occur smoothly. Although the simultaneous coordinated work of the legs and arms imitates skiing, the projectile combines the types of training:

  • as on a treadmill, exercise bike;
  • there are stepper elements – movements reproduce the climb up the stairs.

An ellipsoid has various principles of action. The orbitreks are different in design. According to the load system, the following types are distinguished:

  • mechanical – works from the physical strength of a person, which is not regulated;
  • magnetic – the stimulator of the load is a magnet, a change in effort is possible;
  • electromagnetic – movement is controlled by electric current, there are control programs, training forms.



The devices simulating the movement on the slopes include a ski simulator, which is a computer model of the slope. Thanks to the use of such a device, one can prepare for the season and master new riding techniques. The projectile helps:

  • learn to maintain body position;
  • master the rhythm of skiing;
  • to train the vestibular apparatus for quick adaptation to changing conditions of the route;
  • master the rotation of the legs;
  • master acceleration;
  • train the muscle groups involved in skiing;
  • to work out the technique of weight distribution.


Performing exercises helps not only weight loss. With regular training, you can achieve better health, tidy up the figure. Benefit:

  • posture improves – back muscles strengthen;
  • normal work of the heart;
  • stress is relieved;
  • immunity is strengthened;
  • increased vascular tone;
  • lung volume increases;
  • metabolism is accelerated;
  • swelling is eliminated;
  • toxins are excreted;
  • resistance to colds increases;
  • fat burning is carried out;
  • cellulite symptoms are removed.

It is useful to know that exercise does not exert pressure on the joints of the legs. They are allowed to conduct people in old age, but after agreement with the doctor. In order not to harm the body, it is necessary to consider contraindications. Training is undesirable if:

  • pregnancy
  • short time after surgery;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of blood vessels, heart;
  • hypertension
  • vision problems.

Girl on the simulator

What muscles work

When planning to buy a sports equipment, it is useful to find out which muscles work on the Ski simulator. During cardio workout, smooth movements are performed, a uniform load on the whole body occurs. The muscles involved are:

  • calf – when you press the pedals while rotating forward;
  • abdomen – in the case of the desire to maintain an upright position;
  • buttocks – when rotating backwards, simulating a hill exit when changing the platform angle.

Using this simulator, you can not pump muscle mass. With frequent exercises, you can effectively lose weight, burn subcutaneous fat. What muscles work? Movements that simulate skiing affect the whole body. The technique involves muscles:

  • backs;
  • quadriceps hips;
  • biceps
  • hamstrings;
  • triceps of the upper limbs;
  • upper thoracic;
  • medium chest bundles;
  • bottom, middle of the trapezoid;
  • shoulder girdle;
  • triceps;
  • rear deltas.


In order for the result to be effective, it is advisable to conduct the first lessons on a simulator with ski simulations with an instructor, during home exercises, first watch a video with the correct setting of the body, movements. It is important to comply with the conditions:

  • do not go hungry – you need a light snack;
  • conduct a warm-up – stretch, warm up the main muscle groups;
  • increase the load gradually;
  • breathe evenly;
  • monitor heart rate.

When conducting classes in the orbit, it is important to do everything right. To include muscles in your work, you must:

  • put your feet on the pedals of the simulator – the foot is tightly pressed, the knee joints are slightly bent;
  • keep the body straight;
  • do not lower your head;
  • with an effort to breathe in, exhale while relaxing;
  • keep your hands on stationary or moving handrails;
  • class time 40 minutes three times a week;
  • to lose weight, train for an hour 5 days.


Training program on an elliptical weight loss simulator

To achieve maximum results, you need to practice regularly. Use a ski simulator for weight loss according to the classical training program. It provides a five-minute warm-up at the beginning and the same time-delay in the end. The program includes daily training:

  • the first – moderate exercise, pulse – 50% of the maximum;
  • the second – 5 minutes with medium effort, three – at a speed of 1 step per second – repeat this block during the lesson.

Further, training for losing weight skiing in the simulator every day goes like this:

  • the third – alternating 15 minutes of increase and decrease in resistance;
  • fourth – the lesson takes place in a calm rhythm;
  • fifth – increase the load within three minutes, then two – work at a pulse of 80% of the maximum, perform 4 approaches, it is important to monitor your well-being.

How to choose for home

The desire to purchase an orbitrek home can be realized in sports departments. There will be no difficulties if you look at the catalogs, his photo, order in the online store. How to choose an elliptical trainer for home? It is important to consider the following points:

  • maximum permissible weight;
  • the ability to adjust the stride length;
  • load adjustment system;
  • size – the simulator should fit into the allocated area;
  • flywheel weight – the more massive the more walking is more realistic;
  • the presence of firmware.

A set of additional functions and cost depends on the manufacturer. This point should be considered when choosing an ellipsoid. When planning to buy a simulator with ski imitation, you should pay attention to details. It is advisable to consider:

  • the size of the handrails for the convenience of training;
  • the width of the pedals, the distance between them so that the foot is comfortable;
  • the presence of built-in functions – speed sensors, heart rate meters;
  • the possibility of reverse movement.


Firms that produce a simulator for arms and legs at the same time, rely on a wide range of users. Accessibility for homework and a desire to conduct training at a serious level are taken into account. Two groups can be symbolically distinguished. The first includes world brands that produce expensive gym equipment with skiing – ergometers with a set of control equipment, the ability to customize programs. Among them are companies:

  • Kettler
  • ClearFit
  • Life Fitness;
  • Oxigen;
  • Hasttings.

The second group produces products at more affordable prices. These are compact exercise machines with ski function and a small set of additional appointments. It is acquired by small sports sections, fans of working out at home. Excellent reviews have popular inexpensive ski simulators:

  • Body Sculpture BE-5920 HX;
  • Torneo Vento;
  • HouseFit HB-8200EL;
  • ATEMI AE 405;
  • Torneo vesta7.

Body Sculpture BE-5920 HX


If we talk about the device simulator, it is important to note – for limited space there are folding models, for example, Horizon Andes 7i Viewfit. More often use one-piece installations. By design, simulators with ski function differ in the position of the flywheel:

  • front-wheel drive – installation in front of the pedals, increased stability, convenient to use for tall people – HouseFit HB-8258EL DFC 8.2;
  • rear-wheel drive – the location behind the person, have a lower cost – Carbon E200;
  • with central installation – stability, compactness – NordicTrack A.C.T. Commercial.

Load system

When choosing a simulator with ski function, it is important to consider what kind of system of loads on the body it has. Adjustment can be made in several ways. Applicable types:

  • magnetic – resistance occurs due to the work of magnets – Life Gear 93680;
  • mechanical – the person himself sets the system in motion, the load cannot be changed – Body Sculpture BE-5920 HX;
  • electromagnetic – is regulated by switching electromagnets, you can accurately calculate the force – BH Fitness Brazil Dual Kit WG2375U;
  • aeromagnetic – an analogue of the previous one, has additional cooling – CARE Fitness FUTURA.

Maximum user weight

To ensure ski stability during training, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommended weight of the simulator user when choosing. It is desirable that the figure was 50 kg more than the heaviest in the family. For the gym, choose the simulators with the maximum permissible values. Models with a weight in kg are offered:

  • Proxima Panda – 115;
  • Bronze Gym E801 LC – 160;
  • Spirit Fitness XE395 Proxima Latina II – 135;
  • Ammity Aero AE 515 – 180;
  • Proxima Maximus iPRO – 150;
  • Spirit Fitness CE 800 – 200.

Proxima panda

The size

The dimensions of a ski simulator are important when space is limited. The size is influenced by a person’s height and the step length associated with it. For a comfortable workout of a tall man, an elongated frame is required. The size of the pitch in mm distinguish simulators:

  • Svensson Body Labs Frontline RTA – 480;
  • Proxima Senator – 580
  • Ammity Dream DE50 – 584
  • Cybex 525 AT – 610
  • Octane Fitness Pro4700 – 660
  • NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i – 970.

Built-in workout programs

It is convenient if the projectile has built-in programs. To get the effect you need to configure and enable them. The actions of the simulator programs are distinguished:

  • development, strengthening of the heart and blood vessels – heart rate-dependent, heart rate – BH Fitness Brazil Plus Program G2375;
  • study of the muscle corset – interval, constant load – Proxima Enima II iPRO;
  • weight loss, fat burning – Spirit Fitness XE395 (2017);
  • Custom – Self-Service – Spirit by Hasttings XE580.


Among the popular simulators with ski function, home models with low cost. In the ranking of ellipsoids, aggregates:

  • Svensson Body Labs ComfortLine ESA. Sweden, 21 programs. Plus – simple setup, minus – person’s height up to 180 cm, price – 29,000 rubles;
  • Oxygen Calibra. Germany, built-in fitness control. Plus – compactness, minus – small stride length, price – 33,000 rubles;
  • Body Sculpture BE-7200GHKG-HB. United Kingdom, 12 programs, customization for growth. Plus – ease of management, minus – not suitable for intensive studies, price – 34,000 rubles.

Excellent reviews of ski simulators with a large selection of programs, which helps to diversify workouts. In the model rating:

  • Ammity Ocean OE 40. Manufacturer Taiwan, 76 programs, built-in heart rate monitor. Plus – 24 load levels, minus – high cost for the house, the price is 110 thousand rubles;
  • AeroFit E500. Taiwan, 16 programs, adjustable step up to 66 cm, reinforced frame. Plus – the weight of the trainee is up to 150 kg, minus – large dimensions, price – 175 thousand rubles.
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