Turboslim express weight loss in 3 days – instructions for use and contraindications, price and reviews

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Turboslim express weight loss – a comprehensive effective drug, which contains natural ingredients, equipped with detailed instructions for use and having good reviews from doctors. It helps in a short time to lose up to three extra pounds. The complex includes a special sachet and three types of tablets for use at different times of the day.

Turboslim for weight loss

To lose weight without unnecessary harm to health and in record time is possible with the help of Turboslim for weight loss. The composition of the biological additive includes natural components that activate the body’s metabolic processes. Thanks to them, you do not feel hunger, while stagnant fluids are removed from the body, swelling decreases, and fat deposits are burned. In a week you will lose about three kilograms.

Not only the figure will improve, but also well-being. The work of internal organs is activated, the digestive system of the body is stimulated. Toxins, toxins will begin to be excreted, bowel cleansing will occur. The drug normalizes metabolism, improves digestion processes, and improves overall tone. Your mood will rise, there will be lightness in your body and thoughts.

Doctors reviews

Doctors’ opinions about the Turboslim express weight loss system vary. People with serious metabolic disorders (which is often the reason for the appearance of excess weight) and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended to discuss the possibility of taking the drug with your doctor and not make decisions on their own use.

The drug has not been clinically tested. It contains large doses of guarana extract, which contributes to excessive overexcitation of the nervous system and can negatively affect the state of the body. If you want to lose weight, in addition to taking Turboslim, you better reduce the consumption of fatty and carbohydrate-containing foods.

Tea Turboslim express weight loss

Composition Turboslim

The supplement according to the instructions should be taken three times a day, plus drink a special sachet – a drink. Composition Turboslim for each admission:

  • Morning reception – guarana extract, red seaweed, red grape leaves, calcium, vitamin C.
  • Daily intake – extracts of hay and fennel, prickly pear flowers, corn stigmas, garcinia, chromium.
  • Evening reception – l-carnitine, an extract of wisteria and lemon balm, fucus, senna.
  • Sachet – drink – oligofructose, green tea extract, artichoke, lemon juice.

Garcinia extract contributes to the oxidation of fats. Morning intake activates the metabolism, daytime – the work of the stomach and other digestive organs, energy, cell metabolism, evening – the oxidation of fats. Multivitamins, which are part of the mixture in a sachet, are aimed at supporting the work of the kidneys and liver.

Instructions Turboslim express weight loss

The express program for quick weight loss contains Turboslim express weight loss instructions, in which you will find information on the composition of the drug, a detailed description of its use, dosage, contraindications. Please note that this supplement is not a medicine, the manufacturer recommends consulting a doctor before use.

How to drink Turboslim

Reception Turboslim should occur at every meal – during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take two capsules per reception, in the morning – white, for lunch – pink, for dinner – blue. Sachet is dissolved in a liter of water at a temperature of 20-25, drunk during the day. The full course is designed for three days. The package contains 18 capsules and three sachets. It is recommended to limit the intake of carbohydrates and fatty foods for the duration of the course to achieve the best effect.

Turboslim Express Diet Pills


The need to urgently lose a few extra pounds is not the only indication for using the Turboslim express weight loss system. Taking the drug contributes to:

  • Metabolism normalization.
  • Intensified bowel, liver and kidney.
  • The removal of toxins, toxins.
  • Body cleansing.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Improving fluid circulation in the body.


Look for possible side effects of taking it. The manufacturer indicates in contraindications Turboslim express weight loss: pregnancy, breastfeeding and intolerance to individual components of the drug. As part of more than 15 different herbal extracts, be sure to consult your doctor about a possible allergic reaction.

Pregnant girl

Price for Turboslim express weight loss

You can buy a complex for weight loss in any pharmacy or order online. The price of Turboslim express weight loss in pharmacies varies from 346 to 812 rubles. You can also buy in the online store by familiarizing yourself with the price on the site in advance. Prices for Turboslim in Moscow pharmacies:


Release form

Price, rubles


Capsules + Sachet Set



Capsules + Sachet Set



Capsules + Sachet Set



Capsules + Sachet Set



Capsules + Sachet Set



Capsules + Sachet Set



Capsules + Sachet Set



Capsules + Sachet Set



In pharmacies you will find a lot of drugs to combat overweight. Among them are Turboslim analogues, Evalar slimming drugs and other dietary supplements available over the counter. There are strong drugs prescribed for diabetes, obesity, dyslipoproteinemia, and other complex metabolic disorders. You can get a detailed consultation from a pharmacist. You can choose an individual weight loss drug that suits you only in conjunction with a doctor.

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