Types and techniques of medical massage – indications for the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases

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The popularity of therapeutic massage sessions is due to the fact that, with small restrictions, this procedure is indicated for health problems and for the treatment of many diseases. In addition, therapeutic massage with proper use does not cause side effects. It is part of a set of wellness procedures aimed at restoring people who have suffered serious injuries..

What is a therapeutic massage

A description of the technique of performing therapeutic massage was discovered in papyrus of Ancient Egypt. This procedure was later adopted by the Greeks, who began to use it to treat various diseases. Today this is one of the main areas of manual therapy, which has a wide range of applications. Therapeutic massage – a procedure used to accelerate the restoration of organs, parts of the body with injuries and diseases. It is used in medical institutions and sports schools..

Massage treatment helps to reduce the patient’s rehabilitation period for injuries of varying degrees. Under the influence of the procedure, pain decreases faster, bone marrow formation accelerates, swelling dissolves, the elasticity of muscle fibers improves, the metabolic process normalizes, a person has energy and vitality. Medical massage affects receptors located on the surface of the body. The procedure actively affects the vessels, muscles, internal organs.

A man doing back massage


Massaging as a rehabilitation and therapeutic agent must be prescribed by a specialist after a thorough examination of the patient. This procedure can be used in cosmetology for the elimination of lymphatic edema and for the fight against cellulite. It is carried out with an increase in skin tone, fluid retention, with excess weight. In addition, the procedure is prescribed for such problems:

  • gastrointestinal pathologies (flatulence, constipation);
  • rheumatic diseases of the motor system (arthritis, radiculitis);
  • diseases of the nervous system (overwork, headache, insomnia, stress);
  • respiratory diseases (chronic and acute bronchitis);
  • muscle cramps and increased physical exertion;
  • pathological processes that occur in the musculoskeletal system;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (myocardial infarction, chronic heart failure);
  • functional disorders after fractures (muscle changes, joint stiffness).

Massaging can be used to:

  • reduce physical and psychological fatigue;
  • stimulation of the musculoskeletal system;
  • general well-being;
  • anesthesia, sedation, relaxation of the tissues of the musculoskeletal system;
  • expansion of blood vessels of the skin;
  • improve blood circulation, activate metabolism in the body.


Professional therapeutic back massage is a common type of classical procedure. The regular conduct of such therapy helps to increase the body’s defense and the appearance of positive emotions. Specialists recommend to their patients at least 2 times a year to undergo a course of manual therapy. Thanks to this, immunity will be strengthened, and the patient will be healthy and alert throughout the year..

The features of the wellness procedure include clear planning of the number of receptions used and the time of the session. If with one ailment it takes an hour to knead, then with another ailment, it is necessary to focus on grinding. These subtleties can only be determined by a doctor. The first sessions must be introductory, gentle – the procedure is carried out slightly above the injured place. Then after 3 sessions it will already be possible to go to the main part.

Girl doing back massage

Children’s therapeutic massage

Massaging has a comprehensive effect on the child’s body. It stimulates the development and relaxation of soft tissues, helps to quickly detect tense areas where the baby feels discomfort. A therapeutic session of manual therapy for children is considered a constructive and effective tool that fully meets the baby’s need for physical contact. Regular procedures create excellent conditions for the full development of the child..

Massage is useful for babies whose age is more than three months and older. Parents can do the procedure on their own or invite a specialist home. All manipulations should be applied one hour after eating, they can not be performed before bedtime. At the same time, doctors do not recommend using the cream. A children’s session is performed while monitoring the reaction of the baby, he should not cry. The main techniques during the manipulation are rubbing, stroking, kneading, vibration.


Massage therapy can be divided into general and local. In general, the specialist massages the entire body (except the head) with exposure to the affected areas of the body. Before the procedure, the doctor must conduct a diagnostic and visual examination, get acquainted with the patient’s history. Only then can he give an opinion on the effectiveness of the chosen therapy. It is better to carry out manipulations in the morning, after breakfast, but not every day. Session time must be increased gradually – from 20 to 60 minutes.

Local therapeutic massage is a procedure in which only one part of the body is massaged. All movements should be performed along the lymphatic current – towards the lymph nodes. The effectiveness of the local procedure will be higher if combined with therapeutic drugs, ointments. It is good when physical therapy and physiotherapy are included in the treatment process. As a rule, a session, depending on the disease, lasts from 15 to 40 minutes, and is carried out every day. There is also a non-medical massage, which includes preventive, relaxing.

Massage Therapy Technique

The course of therapeutic massage, as a rule, consists of 10 or 20 procedures. The procedure is prescribed daily, after it a rest of 30 minutes is recommended. The breaks between the main receptions can last several months. Massage consists of an introductory, main, final stage. Often, to achieve maximum effect, a specialist can use them all in combination:

  1. Introductory period (1-3 procedures). Assumes gentle techniques (rubbing, stroking) that prepare a person.
  2. Main section (3-16). It includes a differentiable massage, which is carried out according to the clinical features of the disease and the patient’s condition..
  3. In the final section, for 3 minutes, the specialist reduces the intensity of the receptions, ending the therapy by stroking the massaged area. If necessary, at this stage the patient can be taught self-massage using a massager.

Woman doing spinal massage


The treatment procedure for facial massage is carried out for medical reasons: skin diseases, seborrhea, acne. All these diseases have a common etiology, they are caused by poor functioning of the sebaceous glands, which often provokes rashes on the head and face. Indications for massage can be scars and scars, comedones, skin pigmentation. This type of manual therapy does not have a lifting effect. Although the sebaceous glands normalize thanks to this procedure, the skin is cleansed and inflammation is reduced..

Facial massage presupposes the presence of classical techniques: kneading, stroking, rubbing, although a little attention is paid to them. The main ones are tweaks. They are held by the pads of the thumb and forefinger. The plucking technique improves metabolic processes and blood circulation, takes an active part in the restoration of skin cells. The movements do not allow tenderness and smoothness, everything is done intensively. At the same time, stretching of the skin and excessive shifting should not be allowed. The procedure is painful.

With osteochondrosis

A complex of disorders in the joints or osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is diagnosed in people of different ages. The main reason for the appearance of the disease is the deformation of the intervertebral discs. Massage for osteochondrosis can help with the first symptoms of the disease. It involves the use of techniques such as squeezing, stroking, rubbing, shaking, kneading, active movements with resistance, bumps and shaking. A back massage course should consist of at least 10 procedures.

When observing an exacerbation of an ailment, the effect on the affected area can vary. Less active movements are used at the beginning of the course. Further, the degree of their strength increases. In this case, the massage therapist focuses on the patient’s condition. During the treatment procedure, the specialist acts on special areas. These are points that have a reflex connection with blood vessels, nerves, muscles. Such manipulations relax them, restore the natural position of the spine.


The technique, duration and number of sessions for each patient is selected individually. You can not use therapeutic massage with a serious condition of the patient, inflammatory processes, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Massage of muscles, hips, abdomen, lower back should not be done during pregnancy, menstruation, hernia. In addition, contraindications for the procedure are:

  • feverish conditions;
  • blood diseases;
  • bleeding;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • skin diseases;
  • purulent processes;
  • peripheral vascular atherosclerosis;
  • damage to the skin,
  • thrombosis;
  • kidney disease
  • angiitis.

The girl has lower back pain


Therapeutic massage can not be carried out independently, only after visiting a specialist. This service is offered by different clinics. The price will depend on the part of the body on which it will be produced. The average cost of massage services in Moscow is presented in the table:


Time in minutes

Price in rubles

cervical spine
























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