Types of hair extensions – pros and cons, consequences, proper care and cosmetics

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According to reviews, hair extensions have minuses and pluses, various consequences. Girls and women resort to building up when their own hair is not satisfied with length, volume or quality. The procedure requires thorough execution, qualifications of the master and cannot be carried out independently. Get acquainted with the stages of hair extension, hair care.

What is hair extensions

Under the extension refers to a cosmetic procedure that helps to increase the volume or length of hair. It consists in attaching strands (artificial or natural) to your own. The length of hair extensions depends only on the desire of the client. The purpose of the procedure is called aesthetic considerations. She has minuses, pluses, consequences and features of carrying out.

Hair extensions for a girl

Types of Hair Extensions

In cosmetology, there are only three types of extensions. Among them, there is a division into building methods:

  1. Cold building – fixing strands with glue or beads, without thermal effects. It is divided into tape (tape is glued to the roots), Spanish extension (light fasteners for fixation), using metal beads (fasten their strands with extensions), Brazilian (braid wrapping).
  2. Hot building – the strands are attached using a special resin, heated for stickiness. It is subdivided into the Italian technology of building (fastening by heated resin), the English technology (using a glue gun).
  3. Ultrasonic – the glue is heated not by high temperature, but by ultrasound, this applies to hardware procedures.

Advantages and disadvantages

During the procedure, it is worth considering the pros and cons of hair extensions that accompany it:

  1. Advantages: giving a spectacular volume, lengths up to 70 cm, a quick, inexpensive process, the ability to radically change the hairstyle.
  2. Disadvantages: overgrown areas are visible, special careful care and periodic correction are required, the strands are tangled, their strands experience additional load, fall out.


The effects of hair extensions depend on the professionalism of the master and the materials used. Their negative side is the following factors:

  • burns, irritation of the scalp;
  • feeling of heaviness, headaches;
  • loss of accrued strands along with their own;
  • follicular injury;
  • hair becomes rare, weak, brittle, thin, split.

Price for hair extensions

You can only grow strands from masters who have confirmed their qualifications. In the beauty salons of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the approximate prices are:

Mounting method


Price, rubles

Hot capsule extension

200 strands of 40 cm


Correction of extended curls

150 strands



From 180 strands


Cold tape

80 tapes of 40 cm


Correction as you grow

80 tapes



80 tapes


Capsule extension technology

Hair Care

It is useful for girls who have passed the extension procedure to know how to care for hair extensions:

  • brush your hair three times a day;
  • get professional care products;
  • wash your hair in the shower, dry gently, naturally, but not with a hot hairdryer;
  • when swimming in the pool, wear a hat;
  • Do not visit the solarium, baths, saunas;
  • it is possible to use irons and curling irons for laying extended strands, but at a safe distance from the capsules;
  • Perm is prohibited;
  • do not go in direct sunlight without a hat.

How to wash

For daily washing of the grown strands, select a special shampoo with a neutral level of acidity (pH). Apply shampoo, diluting the dose for soaping with water, so that the product is better and evenly distributed. During washing, do not rub, do not twist locks, do not make sudden movements with your hands. You can not wash your hair, throwing it down, under the tap or in a basin. Water should drain from top to bottom, so use only a shower.

When applying the balm, affect only the middle part and the tips, but not the roots. Avoid getting sprays and conditioners on the mounting points. Do not take a bath with loose long hair, it is better to braid them in a braid. Do not wrap your head in a towel immediately after washing – blot the length and allow to dry naturally. Do not go to bed with wet loose strands.

How to comb

Before washing, the grown strands need to be prepared. Comb them with a massage comb made of natural materials with rare cloves. This will help to avoid static electricity and entanglement. After washing, dry the length slightly and comb, holding at the roots to avoid high pressure in the places of attachment of tapes or capsules. It is allowed to slightly dry the length of the hair dryer with warm air and carefully comb through. Combing wet hair is undesirable, even with a special comb.

Girl combing hair in front of a mirror

How to dry

If you wash your hair at night, then in no case go to bed with wet or wet strands. They will become entangled, form tangles that cannot be combed. After washing, gently pat the grown strands with a dry towel, without twisting it over your head. If possible, dry your hair naturally, without a hairdryer. In practice, this rarely happens, so you can use a hairdryer in the cold air supply mode. Do not direct the flows to the capsules, start drying from the tips, gradually moving up. After drying, check with your hands for knots..

Hair color

It is advisable to think about coloring the grown strands before building, so less trouble. In this case, the master separately dyes the client’s hair in the desired shade and separately overhead. If the girl wants to change color after the procedure, contact a specialist. Self-staining can give unpredictable results. The grown strands are painted faster than natural curls, a weak solution is used for them, and the paint is not applied to the capsules.

Hair Extensions

After the extension, the girls will have to change cosmetics and choose the means of care for hair extensions. You will need a special neutral shampoo, smoothing and nourishing balm, indelible spray for length (helps to avoid tangling), oil for tips and masks to strengthen and nourish the roots (do not allow native hair to fall out).


To wash your hair well, you will need to buy a mild shampoo for hair extensions. It should be neutral, contain gentle soapy substrates, without aggressive components and silicones. Popular brands:

  • Keune Design – suitable for colored strands, eliminates pollution, saturates with vitamins and minerals, protects against thermal effects, gives silkiness, elasticity;
  • Constant Delight – gives shine and elasticity, delicately cleans due to the natural composition;
  • Barex – a special shampoo for tape building, eliminates tangles, gives a natural shine, eliminates excessive fat content;
  • Yves Rosher – detergent strengthens the roots, prevents the formation of split ends, is not able to damage the capsules;
  • Estel – gently cleanses the skin, contains natural protein, extract of Chinese camellia and fruit acids, protects from exposure to sunlight.

Shampoo Kane Design

Masks for hair extensions at home

In hair care, it is good to use folk masks made independently at home:

  1. Mix five tablespoons of natural yogurt, an egg, a teaspoon of flaxseed oil and a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder (not necessary if you are blonde). Apply the mask to the length of dry hair, avoiding the roots, leave for half an hour, rinse with shampoo.
  2. Add a couple of tablespoons of honey, olive oil to the egg yolk, whisk. Distribute along the length, leave for half an hour.
  3. Heat a glass of kefir in a water bath to a comfortable temperature, moisten the strands, wash in half an hour.
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