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Beautiful well-groomed hands always attract attention and are even able to hide some other flaws in appearance. The main thing is to have the perfect manicure, and in our time it is no longer just a fad, but the daily need of many women. To get beautiful, strong, long nails is real – this will help the master, who uses a special gel for nail extension in his work, so this article will focus on the types of such products and the most popular inexpensive materials from different companies.

What is nail gel

The history of the creation of special polymer tools for nail extension is rooted in the dental practice of the twentieth century. The fact is that at first acrylic, and then UV gel for strengthening natural and modeling artificial nails were created by a dentist based on materials for dental fillings. These two main substances used for artificial manicure are very similar in chemical composition, which is why gel building technology is almost the same as acrylic technology.

Recently, most manicure masters working in professional salons or at home, prefer to use exclusively UV gels for building, because they have significant advantages compared to acrylic:

  • the composition of gel bases is as close as possible to the composition of natural nails;
  • after drying in a special lamp, the gel nails acquire an ideal shape, high strength, smooth surface and natural shine;
  • gel bases, as a rule, contain natural resins that help strengthen brittle nails;
  • It is a breathable material and does not contain harmful acids, so it does not cause much harm even with prolonged wearing of artificial manicure;
  • most modern gel bases are self-leveling, without a pungent odor and do not require removal of the sticky layer, so working with them is easier, faster and more pleasant;
  • modern technology of gel building minimizes the harm of special products for the nail plate and cuticle, and drying in a lamp helps to avoid the growth of fungus or other pathogens that often live on the nails;
  • the range of products for gel building is very wide: in addition to the usual transparent ones, manufacturers offer camouflage gels in natural beige and pink shades, stained and colored.

Pink gel base for nail extension in a jar

Single phase

Such a gel base belongs to the “three in one” category, because the product combines the three layers necessary for the proper technology of building. All compositions are mixed in one jar: basic, modeling and protective. This material is ideal for beginners nail service masters. However, a single-phase gel for building has a liquid consistency, so not all beginners will be able to immediately make friends with him.


The system for building, consisting of two phases, involves the use of a pair of means of different consistency and purpose, applied separately. The base layer has a low viscosity because it acts as a primer. For the architecture of the nail, the second phase of the system is intended – the sculptural layer. It has a higher viscosity, has a dense, dense consistency, so it slightly simplifies the procedure for modeling the nail than when using the single-phase version.

Three phase

This system differs from the previous one by the presence of the third layer. In addition to the base and the modeling composition, the kit includes a protective agent that allows you to create a topcoat to minimize the influence of adverse environmental factors on artificial nails and extend their wearing time. The three-phase gel system is considered the best for modeling, so it is used by most professional masters.

Gels rating for nail extensions

The modern market for nail extension products is filled with products of different brands, which are distinguished by cost and quality. It should be noted that not always cheap materials show themselves poorly in work, and even among expensive means there are copies of not the best quality. Before choosing materials for work, you should consult with experienced craftsmen, read reviews on products from different companies..

If you need materials for building, there are only a few options where to buy gel polish. Firstly, you can buy it in a specialized store or professional salon, but this method is suitable only for residents of large cities. It is easier for masters from the province to order gel polish in one of the online stores in Moscow or St. Petersburg engaged in the sale of materials for nail art. Such sites often arrange profitable promotions and discounts, promise free delivery by mail.

Formula Profi

One of the most famous manufacturers of gel materials for nail art is the Russian company Formula Profi. It works only on a three-phase system:

  • Model Name: Gel Base Formula Profi;
  • price: 590 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 10 ml, odorless, liquid, neutral pH level, with the help of a UV lamp freezes in 90 seconds, in an LED lamp – in 30-60 seconds depending on the drying power;
  • pluses: provides good adhesion of the gel base to the nail plate, has no smell;
  • cons: no.

In the catalog of this manufacturer there are three types of the second, main phase for nail extension using nail tips. They differ in shade, but all are equally in demand among masters:

  • model name: Crystal Gel Formula Profi Transparent;
  • price: 970 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 15 grams, thick and viscous, low temperature, polymerization time in a UV lamp 3-4 minutes,;
  • pluses: convenient to work with, you can create a variety of manicure designs;
  • cons: expensive.

In the Formula Pro system, a special top is used to fix the constructing gel:

  • Model Name: Top Gel Formula Pro without sticky layer;
  • price: 720 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 10 ml, odorless, liquid, freezes in a lamp in 2 minutes;
  • pluses: gives a beautiful shine, resistant to household chemicals, hides the imperfections of the coating, does not require removal of the sticky layer;
  • cons: high cost.

Gel base Formula Profi

Gel for nail extension All season

Among the products of a well-known American brand for gel nail modeling, it is worth highlighting one unusual tool:

  • model name: Hologram Shimmer Gel modeling UV gel from All Season;
  • price: 1210 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 28 grams, transparent with small silver spangles, can be used as the second or third phase, dries 120 seconds;
  • pluses: original, beautiful, multifunctional;
  • cons: dear.

French manicure suits different clothes and always remains in trend, so many girls prefer to wear it everyday:

  • model name: Tinting Pink UV Gel for French jacket All Season Pinker Pink;
  • price: 1148 rubles;
  • Characteristics: second phase, 28 grams, translucent, caramel, medium viscosity, polymerization time 3 minutes;
  • Pros: easy to apply, quickly leveled, does not form bubbles;
  • cons: no.

Jar of gel for nail extension All season


The famous American company IBD offers a whole line of all kinds of materials for gel modeling of nails. For example, a harmless primer that does not contain acids:

  • model name: Acid-free gel primer IBD Bonder Gel;
  • price: 800 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 14 ml, odorless, liquid, self-leveling, freezes in a lamp in 1 minute;
  • pluses: does not affect the structure of the nail plate, provides good adhesion, does not turn yellow with time;
  • cons: suitable for professional use only.

As a basis for different types of manicure, you can take the transparent constructing UV gel of this company:

  • Model Name: IBD UV Builder Gel Clear;
  • price: 650 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 14 grams, odorless, self-leveling, medium viscosity, polymerization time in a UV lamp 30 seconds;
  • pluses: multifunctional, it is relatively cheap;
  • cons: can only be dried under ultraviolet.

The price of a gel for nail extension is determined not only by its composition and company name, but also by the volume offered in a particular embodiment. Larger packages are cheaper, but only suitable for masters who are constantly involved in gel modeling of nail plates:

  • model name: IBD UV French X-treme Builder Gel White;
  • price: 1650 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 56 grams, odorless, thick, white, drying time in a UV lamp 4 minutes;
  • pluses: economical packaging, lies flat, does not spread;
  • cons: dries for a long time, for professional use only.

IBD UV Builder Gel Clear


Another well-known Russian company producing materials for gel nail art, launches good products on the market at affordable prices. They have ready-made sets that are in demand among beginners:

  • model name: Basic set for nail extension gel “Standard” from ruNail;
  • price: 2499 rubles;
  • characteristics: the kit includes: a UV lamp, a three-phase extension system, an acid-free primer, a straight brush, a tool for degreasing and removing the sticky layer, a nail polish remover, a nail file, a grinder, orange sticks, lint-free wipes, foil tape, cuticle oil;
  • pluses: cheaper than if you buy everything separately;
  • cons: for professional use only.

The product catalog presents different coating systems – single-phase and three-phase, as well as color and camouflage:

  • model name: UV gel camouflage pink ruNail;
  • price: 360 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 15 grams, medium viscosity, self-leveling, polymerization time 3 minutes;
  • pluses: merges with natural color, masks small defects;
  • cons: dries only in a UV lamp, not very durable.

As for color means, the manufacturer offers a large palette of various shades, and their prices are very affordable:

  • model name: UV gel color translucent orange;
  • price: 205 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 7.5 grams, high viscosity, orange, dries in 60-180 seconds, depending on the amount of application;
  • pluses: a beautiful juicy shade, colors can be mixed, inexpensive;
  • cons: small volume.

UV Gel Camouflage Pink ruNail

Gel single-phase Jessnail

JessNail, a world-famous cosmetics company, offers only single-phase gel coating systems for nails. The simplest option for them is this:

  • model name: Single-phase gel profBar-Clear from JessNail;
  • price: 202 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 15 grams, liquid consistency, dries in about two minutes;
  • pluses: cheap, one remedy replaces several bottles, suitable for beginners;
  • cons: unreliable, may cause irritation.

To the question, how much does JessNail nail extension gel cost, it is possible to answer succinctly – very cheaply in comparison with other manufacturers. For example, a natural single-phase system in the catalog costs even less than 100 rubles:

  • model name: Gel single-phase natural JessNail;
  • price: 90 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 15 grams, self-leveling, natural, pleasant shade, dries in 3 minutes;
  • pluses: very cheap, well conceals defects in the nail plate;
  • cons: dries for a long time, there is a slight chemical smell.

In the catalog of this manufacturer there are several options for colored gel bases for French and other designs:

  • Model Name: JessNail Single-Phase Soft Pink Candy Rose Gel;
  • price: 251 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 15 ml, self-leveling, viscosity above average, ideal for French manicure;
  • pluses: inexpensive, nice natural color, hides minor defects;
  • cons: no.

Gel single-phase natural JessNail


Another American brand called Global is launching gel bases for high-quality nail extensions. They have both single-phase and three-phase systems for building:

  • model name: Single-phase UV gel Global Fashuon Clear transparent;
  • price: 799 rubles;
  • characteristics: 30 grams, colorless, liquid consistency;
  • pluses: does not cause allergies, easy to use, easy to file;
  • cons: relatively high cost.

For professional masters, stained-glass UV products of various shades are useful. Global sells them both individually and in a kit:

  • model name: Global Stained Glass Gel Set, 12 pieces;
  • price: 1499 rubles;
  • characteristics: 12 small jars with means of different colors;
  • pluses: beautiful, unusual, you can create different designs;
  • cons: expensive.

The line of gels for nail extensions Global

How to choose a gel for nail extensions

If you want to make even, smooth, beautiful nails, be sure to use only high-quality materials in your work. In order for the purchase to be successful and you do not have to listen to customer complaints about your work, you should consider some important points before buying:

  1. Initially, decide which system will be convenient for you to work with – one, two or three phase. If only practicing in building, take a complex single-phase UV gel. If you already work professionally, try good three-phase systems..
  2. Pay attention to which lamp and at what power the product of your choice freezes. Choose materials that dry quickly in a UV lamp – working with them is simpler and easier, as a rule, they are odorless.
  3. Check the viscosity of the composition you are about to buy. It will be difficult to work with very thick materials, and liquid materials can drain all the time along the surface of the nail plate, complicating the modeling process.
  4. When purchasing gel nail art products, choose certified products from trusted manufacturers. When ordering UV gel on the Internet, ask the seller if he guarantees the quality of the goods he sells, specify in advance the possibility of a return or exchange in case of unsatisfactory quality of the funds received.
  5. If you buy phases for building separately, and not in a ready-made set, take materials from one manufacturer, because they are designed for joint use and will be better combined than funds from different companies.
  6. Please note that one jar is enough for a long time, so before buying, pay attention to the date of its production and the maximum shelf life. Do not take a product that is only suitable for a couple of months, because most of it just has to be thrown away. This is especially true for those who like to buy cosmetics at sales, where often stale products are sold..

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