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Previously, a cream with such a piquant name was almost the main cosmetic product in women during the Soviet era. It was made from spermacet obtained by cooling whale fat (spermaceti oil), extracted from the head of sperm whales. Now hunting for the blue giants is prohibited. Modern industry can’t make spermaceti cream using natural whale fat, synthetic analogues like cetyl palmitate or kitalan have appeared.

What is spermaceti cream

The name got its means from the words “sperm” and “whale” (translated from Greek). For a long time, cosmetologists thought they were using sperm whale sperm. Later, the error opened, but the name remained. In the USSR, cosmetic products were of high quality. Cosmetics with whale oil were highly praised by women. Due to its unique properties, this cream was called almost a miracle cure..

Spermaceti is a wax-like substance extracted from a bag in a whale’s head. This sperm whale fat contains glycerins and alcohols. In contact with air, the spermaceti becomes thick and yellowish. It was used to make candles and creams with anti-inflammatory effects that promote healing. The advantage of the cream is the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, filling it with nutrients and moisturizing.

Packed spermaceti cream

The constant hunting of whales on an industrial scale has led to the fact that sperm whales in the oceans began to end. The population decline, which put this species at risk of extinction, led to a ban on their killing. Do not use natural whale oil for making creams. The effectiveness of spermaceti has forced the industry to seek a replacement. In modern cosmetic products, the active substances Kitalan, cetyl palmitate are used, the composition of spermaceti cream includes natural oils (jojoba, cocoa), beeswax, natural lanolin.


Spermaceti creams were considered an effective tool for skin care in the Soviet era, and then knew a lot about the manufacture of a quality product. The composition now includes simple but time-tested ingredients, the main of which is spermaceti. Additional components are cosmetic oils that moisturize and soften the skin, and medicinal herbs:

  • Cetyl palmitate, known as spermaceti-ersatz, is a synthetic component.
  • Natural olive oil – a natural moisturizer, has nutritional properties.
  • Lanolin, which occurs on the hair of sheep, has a softening effect.
  • Beeswax – promotes skin rejuvenation.
  • Bronitrol – helps in the fight against pathogens.
  • Vaseline – moisturizes, fights wrinkles.

Beneficial features

Spermaceti demonstrates anti-inflammatory effect, creams have regenerative properties. The product will be the best choice for dry skin. Corresponding to its erroneous name, spermaceti has some sperm effects. Women know this secret. Sperm has a cleansing effect on the skin. Spermaceti has the same property. It nourishes the skin, helps relieve irritation. The main ingredient in modern spermaceti preparations are substitutes for natural whale fat.

Spermaceti ointment will help get rid of sunburn, eliminate itching from insect bites. The tool will be useful in the winter, preventing chapping and frostbite. Spermaceti has the ability to moisturize, soften the skin, normalize the sebaceous glands. The product has a greasy consistency and is also used for application to the lips, neck and décolleté. Beauticians are tirelessly working on improving spermaceti products, now they do not include chemical additives that can cause an allergic reaction.

Woman holds palms in her face

Indications for use

Cosmetic products containing artificial spermaceti are recommended for everyday skin care. Such drugs help restore skin structures, prevent wrinkles, and relieve dryness. Cosmetics with spermaceti soothe the skin, eliminate mild irritations and redness, promote regeneration, and are suitable for maintaining healthy skin..

Recommendations for the use of spermaceti cream

Spermaceti can be used for any type of skin. Well suited for older people, because it moisturizes and restores the elasticity of the skin. To do this, before going to bed, a spermaceti preparation must be applied to the entire face. In winter and autumn, the cream will help sensitive skin avoid chapping and frostbite, forming a protective film on the skin. For this purpose, it is lightly applied half an hour before going outside. So that after there are no greasy stains on clothes, you should remove the remnants of the product with a napkin.

Cream Instructions

First, it is recommended to clean the skin. It is necessary to apply the product without strong grinding, easily and carefully, waiting until it is absorbed. During the first application, you should be attentive to a possible individual reaction to the components. Apply a small amount. If itching or rash occurs, immediately wash the affected area; if the reaction persists, consult a doctor.

Overview of spermaceti creams



Release form


Domestic spermaceti cream

“Neva cosmetics”

Sold in 40 ml tubes.

Contains lanolin. It contains beeswax that enhances the moisturizing effect. The product is similar in properties to lanolin creams, makes the skin more firm and supple..

Nourishing face cream

Modum / Classic

Sold in 75 ml tubes.

Among the ingredients: cetyl palmitate, which eliminates the feeling of tightened skin and peeling. Quickly absorbed, can be used for normal skin.

Face and neck cream

“The effect”

Volume 44 ml.

It has a moisturizing effect, helps regeneration, has an effective nutritional property.

Cream with wheat sprouts for wrinkles and acne

Green Pharmacy

Volume 250 ml.

Moisturizes and nourishes deeply. Contains fruit acids. It has a high content of oils, including coconut. Includes extracts of witch hazel, arnica.

Neva cosmetics

The Nevskaya Cosmetics brand was one of the first to produce cosmetics in Russia. The year of birth of the brand can be arbitrarily considered 1939, then a factory opened, which produced soap and candles. Feedback on the goods manufactured on it was positive. In 1992, the official name “Neva Cosmetics” appeared. Now the brand produces about 50 types of cosmetic products, among which there is such a popular spermaceous skin product. It has a pleasant smell, is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and its price is lower than that of expensive overseas creams.

Nevskaya Cosmetics company logo


Spermaceti has some contraindications. Those who are prone to allergic reactions or have intolerance to any of the ingredients of the product should use it with all precautions. To identify individual intolerance, you need to apply a little substance to the bend of the elbow. If after a few hours redness does not occur at this location, the product can be considered safe. Given that an allergic reaction to spermaceti is rare, the remedy can be considered children’s.

Side effects

In the presence of individual intolerance, spermaceti cream can cause skin irritation, expressed in the form of a rash and redness. In order to avoid such phenomena, carefully read the composition of the product for the presence of something that can cause you allergies, and customer reviews on the Web. If nothing is found, but concerns remain, then the cream can be checked for personal tolerance as described above.


Cosmetics with spermaceti delight many women not only in quality. Product prices are no less attractive. You can afford a jar of cream even with the most modest budget funds. It is possible to order the cream on manufacturers’ websites on the Internet, where there are catalogs of cosmetics with the cost of the product and customer reviews are posted. Many people prefer to buy in an online store, pharmacy or cosmetics stores..


Price, in rubles

Spermaceti cream, Neva cosmetics


Face Cream, Classic


Face and neck cream, Effect


Cream for wrinkles and acne with wheat germ, Green pharmacy


Cream for dry and normal skin, OvisOlio


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