Usma plant oil application – useful properties for hair growth, chic eyelashes and eyebrows

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For problems with eyelashes, eyebrows and hair to disappear once and for all, you need to use only one product with excellent reviews, and this is usma oil. Entering the age of modern technology, people are less likely to use natural cosmetics, replacing it with overrated creams and procedures. But do not give in to the pressure of society – below is all the information about the benefits, advantages and characteristics of the oil of this plant.

What is usma

Usma (taramira oil) is a two-year-old plant, a photo of which can be found on the Internet. The most prosperous area for growth is a forest-steppe zone with dry sandy soil. Everything is used, but the most valuable part is green. They are processed, receiving oil of leaves of usma cold pressed, which will be discussed. This is an incredible ragweed for hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, which is better than any medical procedure with a cosmetologist or hairdresser.

Blooming usma

Useful properties of usma oil

Read the composition of any cosmetic product that promotes active hair growth – it is highly likely to detect the presence of usma extract there. This is because the main active components of the herb are alkaloids, flavonoids, and a rich vitamin complex. To preserve this unique composition, the cold pressed method is used: this way most of the advantages are preserved.

The main advantage over other hair products is guaranteed activation of hair growth using a natural product. Doctors prescribe a complex with eight people to treat baldness, it also gives the hair a healthy shine that looks great with any hair color. Using funds for about 3 months, you will get thicker, more expressive and healthy eyelashes, eyebrows, hair. Oil does not leave greasy marks on the skin, on the contrary, it has a good effect on its general condition.

Leaf oil

Often the oil from the seeds and leaves of usma is confused. This is a big mistake, because when buying seed oil, the buyer risks not getting the desired effect. Leaves are responsible for stimulating hair growth and enriching hair follicles. The most famous supplier on the market is from Syria. This is a plant product of the first extraction of leaves. As a result of processing, the juice of usma and cake is separated from the oil, put into different industries: juice – for cream, cake – for scrubs.

Seed oil

It is possible to get plant oil of usma cold pressed only from seeds. They contain an equally rich range of trace elements, which confirms the unique properties even in the first times of use. It has no coloring effect, the leaves are responsible for this. Usma seed oil is extracted during the first cold pressing process, which preserves most of the substances useful for the structure of hairs and properties. Rubbed oil into eyebrows, eyelashes, used as a component of hair masks.

Application of oil of usma on eyelashes

Usma oil application

Oil is very popular in the East. They began to use it as a prophylaxis of baldness or as a component to achieve the famous Arabian look a long time ago. If everything is simple for eyelashes and eyebrows – the oil can simply be rubbed, then the hair on the head requires a different treatment: it is added to shampoos and masks are made. Topical remedy for men and women.

The main advantage of the product is that the components of the plant are hypoallergenic and not harmful to health, and the plant is used to treat many diseases, such as oncology. And all the miracles are this:

  • Alkaloids. Chemical compounds with a high nitrogen content. They are responsible for the activation of hair follicles.
  • Flavonoids. Affect organic fermentation. Responsible for a number of antibacterial properties. This is a natural protection against eye and eyebrow infection..
  • Linoleic acid. Provides growth, neutralizes brittle hair.
  • Oleic acid. Delivers active ingredients to the bulb.
  • Stearic acid. Creates a protective layer at the roots, prevents infection.
  • Vitamins, carbohydrates, glucose. Maintain the balance of substances necessary for hair growth.

For hair

As a salvation from baldness, the plant managed to become famous, because it helps even for the most advanced cases. Oil is not used directly on the hair – for this it is added to masks, shampoos. You can still combine the product with essential oils. It is recommended to use regularly every day for a month – it is very effective. Further, doctors recommend using it as a prophylaxis three times a week..

Consider both forms.

  • Shampoo. Everything is extremely simple here. A small amount of oil should be added to your natural shampoo, applied to the head. Do not add immediately to the bottle, as most of the useful components are lost. Better place a jar next to the shampoo, adding a measured dose each time.
  • Hair Mask. There are a lot of mask recipes, but this one is perfect for a start. Choose a base in the organic cosmetics store that matches your hair type. Add eight drops per 20 ml of base. Apply an oil mask with massaging movements on the scalp. Soak for two hours in a shower cap, covering with a towel on top. Then rinse with warm water.

For eyebrows

It is best to apply usma oil daily before bedtime, then it is well absorbed and will have the most effective effect on the eyebrow hairs while the body is resting. In the morning, oily sheen can be removed with a cotton swab moistened with micellar water. For convenience, you can use the eyebrow brush to fill a particular area. For example, if the hair is thinner at the edge, it is worth treating this area of ​​the skin. If you use usma as a regular prophylactic, you can combine it with castor oil, burdock oil.

Girl puts oil on eyebrows

For eyelashes

There are two simple ways to apply oil to your eyelashes: spread your fingers with oil drops and gently rub them along the eyelash growth line or use a cleaned mascara brush to do this. The brush is more effective because it allows the penetration of valuable oils close to the eyelash bulb. The procedure is recommended for regular use, and the first fruits are noticeable after 3-4 use. As a result of the course, the eyelashes will become much thicker, the color will become more saturated, the hairs will stop falling out.

Usma oil price

It costs usma oil in a pharmacy in different cities in almost the same way, because in Russia it is practically not produced due to unsuitable natural conditions, which means you can buy only imported. The cost of products of direct suppliers of oriental cosmetics will also be much lower. Examples of prices for cold pressed oil in 30 ml bottles:

Online Store Name

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