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A close acquaintance with the contents of the base first-aid kit will turn out to be extremely useful if you open up non-standard methods of operating familiar means. A vivid example is Vaseline, which in everyday life gives only about 30 percent of the useful effect that it can show. A low-cost substance, however, it’s ready to compete with premium funds.

Useful properties of Vaseline

Take note of the small checklist that Vaseline could make for itself if you thought about systematizing your tasks:

  • Weathering Prevention. The product perfectly protects exposed skin in cold weather, giving odds to the highly advertised winter creams.
  • The elimination of dryness. Vaseline is able to revive the ends of curls that have lost vitality, preserve the moisture of the lips, and prevent the drying of shoe leather.
  • Mitigation of problem areas. There are several zones on the body that seek to protect themselves with a thick layer of skin – these are the heels and the back of the elbows. A thin layer of Vaseline will solve the problem in a few nights..
  • Stimulate eyelash growth. An old recipe for natural cosmetic tuning involves the use of petroleum jelly in order to improve your hair around the eyes. How? About this further.

Application of Vaseline for eyelashes and eyebrows


A miracle cure works imperceptibly, giving an impressive result. Using petroleum jelly helps get thicker, more viable eyelashes. An alternative application is to replace your favorite brasmatik, since this tool helps to create a spectacular look. Curled after applying petroleum jelly, eyelashes perfectly keep their shape, seem longer.

So that the eyebrows do not fluff, hold the created line, shine coquettishly, a few grams of this product will suffice. Vaseline prolongs the life of makeup, so the beauties until the evening are spared the worries for their appearance. Regular use of the substance as masks stimulates the growth of hairs, which after 5-7 days make the eyebrows contemplated thicker.

How to apply Vaseline

There are secrets that increase the effectiveness of using such an atypical cosmetic tool. It is important to apply the petroleum jelly correctly, but it should be washed off in a certain way. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare before use to avoid further confusion. It’s great that all secrets are easily fulfilled, since they do not require anything supernatural.

For the growth and strengthening of eyelashes


To get the result from the use of liquid paraffin, you have to solve a small problem – apply the product correctly. It is permissible to use improvised and specially purchased devices for this. Efficiency depends on the correct application and duration of action, so you should not bother much about a working subject. Use the following remedies:

  • cotton buds;
  • old washed brush from brasmatik;
  • eyelash brush;
  • fingertips.

Follow the procedure in 3 steps:

  1. Dip a cotton swab into the petroleum jelly, cover the upper part of the eyelashes with the product. If applying with your finger, do not press hard so as not to deform the hairs. Remove excess oil, comb eyelashes, get rid of clumps that have formed.
  2. Apply on lower eyelashes. An awkward movement can cause the product to get into your eyes – rinse them immediately. Make sure that the cilia do not stick to the eyelid, they must be in a free state.
  3. Leave the petroleum jelly to conjure for the night, then the result will sooner please. The product is notable for its difficult removal, since the ability to dissolve in cold water is saved, so apply it in moderation.

To shape the eyebrows


There are two ways to process eyebrows:

  1. A brush, which simultaneously massages, creates a shape, prevents the adhesion of hairs. Apply in progressive movements, indicating the direction and location of each brow.
  2. A finger, after which you need to walk along the comb eyebrows. Do not take a lot of Vaseline, as you get an unnatural shine, inappropriate in this place. Better add it in the corners of the eyes so that the look becomes enviable radiance.

Vaseline oil mask recipes

The use of vaseline oil for eyelashes in their pure form is not a prerequisite. Combinations with other effective substances help to get much more impressive eyelashes, eyebrows. We offer a pair of simple masks, the availability of which makes them ideal for non-professional domestic use. The ingredients are easy to assemble in ordinary stores, pharmacies.

  • Cognac mask for eyelashes


You will need in equal proportions (1: 1: 1: 1):

  • petroleum jelly;
  • Burr oil;
  • cognac;
  • Castor oil.

Apply the mixture in a thick layer on the eyelashes for 3 hours. There is no need to wash off the mask, just pat the excess with a paper towel. The course is designed for daily monthly use. Prepare immediately a certain amount of the mixture, just to apply it at a convenient time. Keep the mask in a closed glass tray, avoiding heating..

  • Masks to accelerate growth


Prepare the necessary ingredients in equal proportions (1: 1: 1):

  • castor oil;
  • petroleum jelly;
  • peruvian balm.

For application, use a cotton swab or fingertips. Make movements as if you were painting the eyelashes with brasmatics, enveloping them with a mask from the roots to the tips. Hold for 5 minutes and then blot your eyes with a paper towel. After the mask application of mascara is allowed – it lays down more reliably, the result is more effective, and the look is expressive. Indulge in such a remedy twice a day, and by the end of the week notice the growth of cilia.

Watch a video that reveals Vaseline’s unique ability to create a stunning make-up eye. Even mascara lays down more correctly if oil is applied to the cilia in front of it. Everyday make-up gets the durability of a professional make-up stylist. The author of the video clearly demonstrates the sequence of actions, accompanying the process with useful tips, clarifying points, personal secrets. The disclosed technique helps reduce the use of traditional cosmetics, since in some products the need disappears immediately.

Feedback and Results

Photo of eyelashes and eyebrows before and after application

Visually assess the effectiveness of Vaseline help photographs that capture the eyebrows, eyelashes before and after the procedure. See how the beauties who made the experiment share their experiences. Real changes demonstrating the performance of liquid paraffin are the best recommendation for the independent use of such an affordable cosmetic product as a permanent care.




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