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One of the most important substances for maintaining female beauty is vitamin E – a fat-soluble chemical compound that has been known since 1922. It can be found in a large number of creams and face masks, in the form of capsules for internal use, but vitamin E benefits only with proper use.

Vitamin E benefits for the face

A very powerful natural antioxidant that removes toxins from cells, and the element without which muscle failure occurs – it’s all about vitamin E or tocopherol..

For female beauty, it is necessary because it is capable of:

  • eliminate dryness and excess fat;
  • remove peeling, irritation, rash, tightness;
  • protect from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, due to which the photoaging process slows down;
  • lighten age spots, freckles;
  • get rid of the effects of sunburn (including an allergic rash);
  • increase skin elasticity, slow down the formation of facial wrinkles (effective even on aging skin);
  • to stimulate the regeneration processes with abrasions, scratches, burns, acne marks;
  • start the production of collagen and elastin;
  • improve the condition of problem skin – make the appearance of inflammation, acne, rashes, black spots more rare;
  • lighten the skin of the face and even reduce the severity of dark circles under the eyes;
  • normalize the water-lipid balance, preventing the evaporation of moisture from the skin.

Outdoor application

You can use vitamin E on your face in its pure form or as a component of masks and massage mixtures – with vegetable oils. If desired, it is applied locally (to areas of inflammation, rash, peeling) or over a wide area. Before starting any procedure, test for allergies by lubricating a small area of ​​your wrist skin with pure pharmacy vitamin E. In the absence of negative reactions during the day, you can use the product on the face, but adhering to some recommendations:

  • Masks are distributed over a wet face and washed off after 20 minutes – this is the maximum exposure time.
  • The procedures are best done in the evening, before going to bed, so that after the makeup is not applied to the face.
  • It is undesirable to use oil with vitamin E more often 2 times a week, because otherwise you will achieve the opposite result: dryness, peeling, water-lipid balance will be disturbed.
  • Masks can be applied every other day for therapeutic purposes and with an interval of 3 days for prevention, but after 10-12 procedures, a month break is advisable.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, first steam up your face (take a hot shower or bend for 3-5 minutes over a pot of boiling water) and cleanse with a soft scrub.

Skin after Vitamin E

Pure Vitamin E on the face

Before using liquid tocopherol without additives, it is necessary to conduct a basic facial cleansing: remove makeup, use a gel for washing. After that, the skin is well wetted with clean water and you can apply oily liquid at your fingertips or a cotton pad, gently hammering or rubbing along the massage lines. When using pure tocopherol on the face, it is important to observe several rules:

  • An un-diluted alpha-tocopherol solution or the contents of vitamin E capsules are not recommended on the area around the eyes – this will lead to the formation of bags and swelling.
  • A highly concentrated solution (20% and above) is preferably used locally with a cotton swab – for acne marks, scars, rashes. The contents of the ampoules (5-10%) can be applied to larger areas.
  • Owners of dry, thin, sensitive skin can apply vitamin E in their pure form on the face 3 times a week, the rest is better to reduce the frequency of use up to 2 times a week.
  • Pure vitamin E can not be washed off the face if applied in the evening, but in the morning the residues are removed with warm water without additional funds. The exception is the owners of oily / combination skin – they are better off removing any fat-containing compounds.

Adding to Creams

Pharmacy vitamin E is not recommended to be introduced into store care products, since a component conflict is not excluded, but it can be mixed into a homemade cream. If you still decide to add the contents of the capsules or tocopherol solution to the store lotion, milk or cream, mix a couple of drops with a small portion for once. It is undesirable to store such a composition for longer than a day.

Face masks

The main effect of vitamin E is the regulation of water-lipid balance, so it is great for creating homemade masks for the face and eye area. Depending on the purpose of their use, you can prepare formulations with the following properties:

  • moisturizing – eliminate peeling, tightness, help get rid of dryness;
  • anti-aging – slow down the aging process, smooth out small wrinkles;
  • tonic – improve complexion, refresh the skin, shown when it fades;
  • nutritious – stimulate metabolic processes, make the skin supple;
  • anti-inflammatory – to combat acne, rashes.

Vitamin E face mask

With tonic effect

A mixture for which a small fresh cucumber (only 50–70 g is required) and 2 capsules of vitamin E, preferably the smallest concentration of 100 mg, will be useful for any skin type. The scheme of work with this composition:

  • Peel the cucumber and grind in a blender or grate on the fine side of the grater.
  • Mix the contents of 2 capsules of vitamin E.
  • Apply mask evenly on face.
  • After 20 minutes rinse with warm water. If the skin is very dry, you can use a moisturizer after the mask. Tonic composition is allowed to use 2-3 times a week.


You can deal with the first signs of age on the face with the help of a mixture of Aevit capsules and glycerin, which smooths the skin well and prevents moisture from evaporating. Important: this mask is used in courses of 7-8 sessions once a week, after which they take a break for a month. The principle of preparation and use:

  1. Squeeze the contents of 3 capsules of Aevita, mix with 15 ml of glycerin.
  2. In the evening, spread evenly over the face without rubbing.
  3. After an hour, remove what has not been absorbed with a paper towel, gently wet your skin – without rubbing.

For the skin around the eyes

The basis of the moisturizing and smoothing skin mask for the area around the eyes is cocoa butter and sea buckthorn, to which is added a 10% solution of vitamin E. The preparation is prepared and used as follows:

  1. Melt 1 tsp. cocoa butter in a water bath.
  2. Remove from burner, let cool slightly and mix with sea buckthorn (20 ml).
  3. Add 20 ml of vitamin E solution, mix well.
  4. Distribute evenly over the area around the eyes without affecting the upper eyelid.
  5. Wet cotton pads (moisten with warm water) after 15 minutes. The procedure is carried out in the evening, 2-3 hours before bedtime, with a frequency of 2 times a week.

Moisturizing mask

With severe dryness, peeling, a feeling of tightness of the skin, frequent allergic reactions to cold or hot air, a moisturizing mask will be beneficial, for which they take a solution of vitamin E in an ampoule (1 pc.), A tablespoon of olive oil and fat cottage cheese (2 tbsp. .). Algorithm of actions:

  1. Grind cottage cheese with a blender.
  2. Add oil and ampoule contents to it, mix thoroughly.
  3. Distribute over the cleansed face, the area around the eyes can also be applied, but very thinly.
  4. Remove with a paper towel after half an hour, wash with warm water. The mask is used up to 2 times a week for 1–2 months or until peeling is eliminated.

For oily skin

For women suffering from enlarged pores, frequent comedones and excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, cosmetologists recommend trying a home mask consisting of egg white, liquid honey (1/2 tsp) and a solution of vitamin E (10 drops). If you are allergic to honey, this component can be removed from the recipe. Principle of operation:

  1. Beat diligently raw protein.
  2. Add the remaining components to it (if honey is candied, melt in a water bath before this), mix.
  3. Massage the composition over cleansed skin without affecting the area around the eyes.
  4. Remove after 20 minutes with warm water. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times a week.

Vitamin intake

Vitamin E Capsules

With a significant deficiency of vitamin E (which will immediately affect the face), you can make up for the shortage by taking pharmacy forms: these are capsules and a solution in small bottles. The main features of each drug:

  • Capsules are the most convenient format, since the liquid vitamin in the gelatin shell is easy to swallow without feeling an unpleasant aftertaste. The capsule must be washed down with plenty of warm water. Vitamin is absorbed by 2040%, the concentration of the active substance in the capsule is 100-400 mg.
  • The solution of alpha-tocopherol (tocopherol acetate) is intended for external use, but for some medical reasons it is used internally: for the treatment of dermatological diseases, reproductive system problems.

Vitamin E in liquid form or in capsules is taken according to the instructions attached to the drug or prescribed by a specialist, strictly observing the dosage. A safer option is to introduce into your daily diet foods where tocopherol is found in large quantities:

  • chicken yolks (daily rate – 2 pcs.);
  • whole milk;
  • cottage cheese with a fat content of 9–18% and more;
  • pumpkin, sunflower seeds;
  • legumes – lentils, chickpeas, peas, beans;
  • nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, cedar);
  • sea ​​fish, shrimp;
  • viburnum, mountain ash, sea buckthorn;
  • unrefined vegetable oils (linseed, olive, corn, pumpkin) – for the beauty of the face you need to eat only 1 tablespoon per day;
  • spinach, lettuce, radishes, onions;
  • carrots, broccoli;
  • oatmeal, flax porridge.

Creams with Vitamin E for the face

If you do not want to prepare effective vitamin mixtures yourself, try ready-made products. The most effective are pharmacy creams, but you can also find a worthy product in the perfume and cosmetics store. Important: make sure that tocopherol and other useful components are not at the end of the composition. Beauticians and consumers recommend these creams:

  • LIBREDERM Cream-antioxidant with vitamin E is a Russian pharmacy product for skin care aimed at slowing down the aging process, moisturizing the skin and refreshing complexion. The composition contains lecithin, glycerin, beeswax, so the cream reliably retains moisture in the skin. According to reviews, the product is quickly absorbed and suitable for daily use. Price – 239 p. over 50 ml.
  • La Roche Posay Nutritic Intense Rich – a nourishing cream for deep skin restoration with shea butter and soybean, tocopherol, niacinamide. Designed to combat dryness and peeling, irritation, inflammation, but due to the presence of ethyl alcohol can have the opposite effect, as noted in consumer reviews. Combination and oily skin is not recommended, with a tendency to comedones, too. May leave a film on the face. The cost of 50 ml – 1800 r.
  • La Roche Posay Redermic C10 – a powerful tool that helps fight fine wrinkles, is based on vitamins C and E, hyaluronic acid. The cream improves the complexion, smoothes the relief, improves skin elasticity, but weakly moisturizes. Price – 2550 p. per 30 ml.

Librederm with Vitamin E


Practically everyone can use vitamin E for the skin locally – it is dangerous only with individual intolerance, allergic reactions, severe dermatological diseases. It is undesirable to take inside:

  • in the acute period of myocardial infarction;
  • with bleeding disorders;
  • with vascular diseases (discussed with a doctor).
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