Weight loss on a rice diet – menu options for a week and 3 days, the benefits of rice to cleanse the body

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According to doctors, a long-term weight loss is good to start with cleansing the body, which should not last longer than a week, and a rice diet for weight loss and getting rid of toxins is ready to help. Among cereals, buckwheat is more popular for body shaping, but rice gives the most powerful cleaning. What varieties of it should be used in nutrition and which of the weight loss systems on it is the most effective?

The benefits of rice for weight loss

The composition of this representative of cereal crops, like that of other cereals, is primarily famous for complex (or slow) carbohydrates, which account for almost 80%. They help the body quickly and for a long time get enough, so losing weight on rice is not the most hungry technique, although it can not be compared with protein products. An additional plus of this type of carbohydrate in the absence of provoking jumps in sugar, because the glycemic index of rice ranges from 55 to 65 units (determined by variety), which is appreciated not only for weight loss, but also in the diet of diabetics.

The positive aspects of the inclusion of rice in the diet of a dieter are:

  • The property of this cereal to remove water, which ensures quick care of excess weight, although this has no relation to fat burning.
  • Gluten free (strong allergen).
  • A mild effect on the digestive tract, coupled with the ability to calm and envelop the mucous membrane, leads to a minimum of side effects from losing weight using rice dishes.

How to lose weight on rice

Even without making a complex schedule of a rigid diet, you can lose weight if you choose the right variety of this cereal, because not all of them have the same effect, pick up competent combinations and recipes. In addition, it will be necessary to keep in mind that rice is not eaten during weight loss in the evening, and the addition of fatty foods (oil, cream sauce, etc.) to it increases the “weight” of food, while reducing its value in relation to weight loss and leveling all the useful qualities of rice.

Long grain rice in a bag

What kind of rice can I eat on a diet

If you are planning to lose weight, and the selected system is not designed for daily discharge of a couple of kilograms, but longer, it is better to refuse white rice. Due to active grinding, it loses most of the vitamins and almost does not bring benefits to the body. Such croup is also digested faster, so you will feel the return of hunger earlier. The only plus of the white variety is not the highest calorie content: brown (brown) is the leader in this parameter – ideal rice for weight loss, because:

  • rough shell better expels toxins;
  • the brown glycemic index is lower;
  • antioxidant properties higher than other types of rice.

In addition to the brown variety, it makes sense for a diet or long-term soft weight loss to look:

  • Black – may occur under the name “wild.” Cereal annual growing in swamps and attracting low calorie content (101 kcal per 100 g). Fiber is contained more than in other species, bowel cleansing with it is more active. Minus – cooked for 40 minutes.
  • Red – also not polished, therefore, it retains useful substances, gives the body fiber, has a low GI.

How to eat rice on a diet

By the number of calories, this product, excluding the wild variety, as well as other cereals, is “heavy”, therefore, experts immediately advise people who are aiming for weight loss to not combine meat and rice cereals in one plate. You can add fish and seafood. Supplement this cereal with vegetables (excluding potatoes), apples, even mix it with dried fruits and nuts if you cook porridge for breakfast. You can season with soy sauce, olive oil and even natural yogurt (for desserts). The advantage of rice is neutrality, so dishes with it can have any taste.

Rice with apples in a plate

Rice diet

The number of weight loss ideas with this product offered by open sources is off the charts. It is proposed to combine rice cereal with vegetable juices (tomato is especially popular), apples, kefir or eat alone. You can also find the alternation of a protein diet with a daily diet on rice porridge. The versatility of this cereal made it possible to create several dozen weight loss techniques based on it, the choice of which is carried out with an eye to the state of health and the desired effect.


Each rice diet for weight loss exposes its own conditions and has individual characteristics, but they converge in several points:

  • Drink clean still water (mineral water can be), otherwise any food system for 7 days or more will harm the body.
  • Be sure to use dried apricots if you have to “sit” on rice for longer than 3 days, so as not to provoke leaching of potassium.
  • Forget about alcohol.
  • Eat small meals.
  • You can season the dishes with garlic, dill, turmeric.

How to cook rice for diet

There are 2 schemes that doctors advise to be guided by everyone who is developing a rice diet or trying to lose weight with this product on proper nutrition. The most useful, but yielding not the most delicious result looks like this:

  1. Rinse groats, achieving purity of flowing water.
  2. Pour into a cup, pour boiled cold (!) Water.
  3. After 10 hours (prepared mainly at night), the product can be eaten.

Less useful, but allowed even on strict diets, is the classic cooking of boiled or steam cereals, which is also advisable to soak first to get rid of starch. Here, doctors focus only on the fact that the product is prepared without salt, otherwise an attempt to get rid of extracellular fluid will be futile.

Boiled rice in a plate

7 days diet for weight loss

A week of such nutrition and you lose 5 kg – such promises are given by the creators of this system of weight loss. It is complicated because the diet is hungry, but gives a good impetus to the cleansing of the body: the menu has a large number of vegetables. According to the principles of this rice diet for weight loss, you need to eat 200 grams of cooked cereal every morning, to which you can optionally add:

  • a spoonful of 10% sour cream;
  • lemon juice;
  • an Apple;
  • a pear;
  • a spoonful of raisins.

For lunch and dinner, you take the main product, only for each meal – 150 g. Supplement again you need to choose from the list:

  • boiled cabbage;
  • stewed zucchini;
  • grated raw carrots;
  • fresh cucumber;
  • a tomato;
  • large bunch of greenery.

Rice diet 5 volumes

The key rule of this weight loss system is not to eat boiled, but raw rice, which must be prepared before bedtime. So the cleansing of the body will be most pronounced. You will eat rice cereal in the morning, and then you can cook soups (light broth, you can have chicken breast), vegetable salads, steamed fish to keep weight loss active. Duration of the nutrition program – 2 weeks.

The principle of preparation of the main dish:

  1. Put 5 glass containers (jars up to half a liter), pour into each of 2 tbsp. l washed rice groats.
  2. First pour a glass of cold water, cover with a lid.
  3. The next day, rinse the cereal from it, pour again and do the same for the 2nd tank.
  4. On the day when rice grains are soaked in the 5th tank, you need to eat them from the 1st.

Japanese rice diet

According to this scheme, a person can lose 10 kg if he goes overweight in almost 2 weeks. However, the system is difficult, because in the morning you will have to eat raw rice, previously soaked for several days. For individuals weighing less than 65 kg, it is recommended to prepare 2 tablespoons for themselves, and for more weight – 3 tablespoons. The washed rice groats are poured with a glass of water (cold!) And for 4 days every morning they are washed and soaked again.

The nutrition program of the Japanese diet on rice is designed for 13 days:

  • In the morning, eat the entire portion of the soaked cereal without drinking tea / coffee and adding no third-party products.
  • After 3 hours, have a bite to eat with fruit (excluding banana).
  • For dinner and lunch, cook healthy recipes.

Peeled and banana

Apple Rice Diet

This option for losing weight looks relatively balanced, although the nutrition is poor. This rice diet for weight loss can be observed only 3 days, for which there is a chance to lose 3 kg. Repeat it is allowed in a month. It looks like this:

  1. Cook porridge in the morning (4 cups of water are used per 250 g of dry product). For breakfast, take 1/3 of the finished dish and drink freshly squeezed juice from green apples (200 ml).
  2. Snack on baked apple, which can be sprinkled with cinnamon..
  3. For lunch, take half of the remaining porridge, drink it again with the same amount of juice.
  4. After 2 hours, eat a fresh apple.
  5. Dinner is like lunch.

Stiff rice diet

For a day you can shake the body and digestive system, and lose 1-1.5 kg as a bonus if you spend a classic rice fasting day. This is the toughest weight loss plan, because the diet is limited to a single product. For this reason, any physical and mental activity becomes inaccessible to you, but the cleansing of the body is immediately noticeable. The scheme is simple:

  1. Fasting drink a spoonful of flaxseed oil.
  2. After an hour, eat 100 g of boiled rice (the variety is not important).
  3. Eat the same portion throughout the day at intervals of 3 hours. The last time you can eat at 20:00 h.

Kefir rice diet

The system of weight loss, focused on 9 days, helps to lose well in the volume of the abdomen, because there is an active effect on digestion, however, it is not always well perceived by the body because of its rigidity. The diet is poor, the main products are white rice groats and low-fat kefir. The power scheme is as follows:

  1. Days 1 to 3 should be consumed 100 g of boiled rice cereal per meal (there will be 5). Cooking is carried out with plenty of water to get almost porridge with a mucous consistency. All drinks are prohibited..
  2. Days 4 to 6 eat kefir – a liter is allocated per day. With severe dizziness, a spoonful of honey is allowed in the morning.
  3. The last 3 days, the diet becomes “richer”: the same 1 liter of kefir with porridge (a glass of dry product) for every day.

Kefir in glasses and a bottle

Advantages and disadvantages

There are a lot of positive qualities in this method of losing weight: in addition to the general improvement of the intestines and changes in the quality of the body, a person receives:

  • quick weight loss due to fluid loss;
  • beneficial effects on the joints;
  • loss of slag;
  • ease of transition to a healthy diet.

However, prolonged (longer than a week) weight loss on rice diets is fraught with:

  • leaching of potassium and vitamin D;
  • exacerbation of stomach problems;
  • lowering sugar levels;
  • decreased performance.


Active use of rice dishes provokes constipation, so this type of weight loss is prohibited in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. You should not resort to it with potassium deficiency, too obvious fluctuations in insulin, pregnancy. Particularly rigid systems, involving a strong reduction in diet, require caution in people with liver diseases and active inflammatory processes..

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