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Pomegranate for weight loss has useful properties for the body, used when observing diets and fasting days in the form of grains or juice. The substances in the composition accelerate the metabolism, establish the process of fat burning, allowing the body to lose weight quickly. There are contraindications to the use of pomegranate, which are worth knowing in order to prevent negative consequences for the body when losing weight.

What is useful pomegranate

Nutritionists call the fruit a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. The following beneficial properties of pomegranate for the body are distinguished:

  • is part of the complex treatment of vegetative dystonia, hypertension;
  • eliminates fragility of blood vessels, atherosclerosis;
  • restores the body after illness;
  • normalizes the digestive tract, eliminates pain in the stomach, colic in the kidneys, diarrhea;
  • a decoction of the peel of the fruit treats tonsillitis, stomatitis, diarrhea;
  • the bones normalize the hormonal background, reduce the risk of cancer;
  • septa increase hemoglobin, eliminate anemia, burn calories, prevent fat.

Vitamin Composition

Very valuable is the vitamin composition of pomegranate for weight loss. A large fruit weighing up to 200 g contains about 80% water, up to 100 seeds. Pomegranate includes:

  • vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin P, E, beta-carotene, A;
  • minerals – iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus;
  • fatty acid;
  • monosaccharides;
  • organic acids – citric, malic, oxalic;
  • amino acids;
  • dietary fiber, fiber;
  • tannins, phytohormones, alkaloids, antioxidants;
  • 100 g account for 14.5% carbohydrates, 0.9% protein and 0.8% fat, nutritional value – 80 kcal.

Pomegranate whole and slices

The benefits of pomegranate for a woman’s body

It is especially worth highlighting the benefits of pomegranate for a woman’s body, because this acidic fruit is rich not only in vitamins:

  • due to antioxidants, tannins, anthocyanins and ellagic acid, strengthens the immune system, protects against breast tumors, diabetes;
  • polyphenols in the composition of pomegranate strengthen the heart, arteries, reduce the amount of bad cholesterol, neutralize the effects of high pressure on the walls of blood vessels;
  • affects the fight against atherosclerosis;
  • treats acne, infectious diseases, prevents aging;
  • protects the skin from the appearance of pigmentation, neutralizes damage from the sun;
  • normalizes dry skin of a woman due to valuable oil;
  • contains a lot of folic acid, which positively affects the fetus during pregnancy, prevents the development of damage to the brain of the child;
  • the dose of flavonoids improves the functioning of blood vessels, prevents the occurrence of varicose veins;
  • facilitates pregnancy, maintains water balance, stimulates intestinal motility.

The benefits of pomegranate for men

The benefits of pomegranate for men and men’s health are considered equally valuable. In addition to the treatment of atherosclerosis and vitaminization of the body, it consists in:

  • normalization of potency, increased libido;
  • disinfectant, antiseptic properties comparable to antibiotics, treatment of infections;
  • prevention of the development of cancerous tumors, influenza, acute respiratory viral infections with bones;
  • improving blood formation, improving blood quality, normalizing metabolic processes, eliminating metabolic disorders;
  • treatment of diarrhea, inflammation, colitis with a decoction of crusts;
  • excretion of radionuclides.

Whole and Refined Pomegranate

Slimming Pomegranate

A popular ingredient is pomegranate in the diet, which is used in the form of pulp, broth or juice. For those who are losing weight, it is indispensable due to replenishment of the vitamin deficiency, the fight against anemia, and quick saturation. In addition, the fruit fights excess calories, although it is low in calories. You can use pomegranate for weight loss in low-fat diets, but not in low-carb or mono-diets..

On a diet or fasting day, it is recommended to drink pomegranate juice, it suppresses hunger, reduces the concentration of fatty acids in the blood, and prevents the accumulation of fat on the stomach, hips and waist. The fruit has contraindications: it should not be taken in large quantities by expectant mothers due to the risk of increased uterine tone. Pomegranate is prohibited for children under one year of age and for people with ulcers, gastritis, colitis, and increased acidity of the stomach. Eating unripe fruit can cause harm to the body:

  • allergies
  • relapse of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • thinning of tooth enamel;
  • constipation
  • poisoning;
  • exacerbation of hemorrhoids;
  • appendix inflammation.

Is it possible to eat pomegranate when losing weight

When asked whether it is possible to eat pomegranate while losing weight, nutritionists respond positively. but subject to the absence of contraindications and diseases. This fruit is actively used for losing weight in different forms:

  • fasting day on concentrated juice, which must be diluted with boiled water;
  • a low-calorie fruit juice or fruit pulp diet;
  • recipe from a mixture of seeds, pulp, olive oil to cleanse the body of toxins.

Girl with Pomegranate

The benefits of pomegranate for the body when losing weight

The replenishment of nutrients is the benefits of pomegranate for the body when losing weight. In addition, the sweet and sour fruit maintains a normal blood composition, preventing anemia from developing when the body is depleted. Low calorie content gives you the chance to use pomegranates to quench your appetite, grains help prevent obesity, normalize the metabolism, break down fat cells and lose weight.

Slimming Pomegranate Juice

According to studies, it is useful to drink freshly squeezed pomegranate juice while losing weight in order to achieve a slim figure. It is recommended to take 0.5 liter of drink daily: this is how the work of the kidneys, heart, pressure, and waist volume are reduced. Pomegranate juice helps reduce the amount of fatty acids in the blood and slow down the deposition of fat stores. It is well absorbed, has a diuretic, choleretic and antiseptic property. In addition to losing weight, the whole body heals, it will not work to get fat.

Is it possible to eat pomegranate in the evening with weight loss

But the question of whether it is possible to eat pomegranate before bedtime, nutritionists respond negatively. Like any fruit, this one is not recommended for eating at night, because it is poorly digested, difficult for digestion, so it is better to eat it in the morning. If you include pomegranates in the menu for weight loss, you should eat or drink juice three hours before bedtime and not abuse it – a large amount of water in the fruit will cause facial swelling in the morning.

Fasting pomegranate juice

Definitely, you can’t drink pomegranate juice on an empty stomach, because the drink has a very high concentration of organic acids that can damage the gastric mucosa. It is better to take a freshly squeezed drink half an hour after eating. Remember that 20 minutes after squeezing the juice, it oxidizes and can cause harm.

Pomegranate juice in a glass

Pomegranate diet

The pomegranate diet for weight loss, which has several varieties, is especially popular:

  1. Ten-day – after sleep, a glass of warm water is drunk, after half an hour for breakfast, the juice of half the fruit is drunk or the pulp is eaten. The second breakfast consists of boiled buckwheat without seasoning and oil, lunch – from buckwheat with fish or chicken for a couple. Snack – apple, dinner – buckwheat with a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs. At night, drink green tea or low-fat kefir.
  2. It lasts a month – according to the recommendations of doctors, proper nutrition is observed and juice is drunk. In the first week for weight loss, a drink is taken between meals three times a day in a glass, in the second week twice, in the third – once.
  3. Five-day – weight loss is possible at 3 kg. For breakfast – a glass of juice or one medium pomegranate; for lunch, boiled chicken with a glass of juice; for dinner, cottage cheese with pomegranate seeds. Every day it is recommended to drink two liters of pure water..
  4. Seven-day – weight loss is possible at 4 kg. For breakfast – boiled buckwheat and a glass of juice, the second breakfast – a glass of low-fat yogurt or an apple / pear. For lunch – buckwheat with boiled or steamed lean meat, a banana for an afternoon snack. For dinner – buckwheat with herbs, at night – kefir, green tea with dried fruits.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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