Weight Loss Using Nordic Walking – Technique, Benefits and How Many Calories Burned Per Hour

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Among today’s dynamically developing types of fitness, Scandinavian walking for weight loss enjoys good reviews, the technique of which is simple walking with sticks. It has many advantages – it relieves nervous tension, involves about 90% of the muscles, but at the same time it is gentle for the joints. In order for this method to really help reduce weight, you need a special approach to training. For this reason, it is worth learning more about the benefits and rules of Nordic walking..

What is Nordic walking?

Scandinavian walking found its application in the 40s of the twentieth century. In this way, Finnish skiers trained out of season. Although shepherds began to walk like that up the mountain for sheep. In another way it is also called Norwegian, Norman or Nordic. It is a walking trip with sticks. For Nordic walking there are special sticks. They are sold in sporting goods stores, but on the street you can often meet people with ordinary skiing. The original ones are called Nordics. They have a rounded graphite tip that won’t get stuck in the ground..

Than useful

Nordic walking has a beneficial effect on the body. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, relaxes the nervous system, and improves muscle and skin tone. In addition, unlike jogging and strength training, it does not load the joints so much. The main benefit for losing weight is the waste of energy in large volumes, due to which fat stores are burned. Along with weight loss, skin is tightened, body contours are improved.


Scandinavian walking with sticks for weight loss has a number of undeniable advantages over other sports. During training, about 90% of all muscles work – legs, buttocks, back. Involved not only the lower, but also the upper body – arms and back, because the sticks provide 60-70% of the total load. This is an aerobic sport, therefore, in addition to muscle strengthening, endurance increases, especially of the cardiovascular system. Other benefits include:

  1. Lack of contraindications. You can even walk in Scandinavian style for older women and men, as well as for obesity, problems with the health of the joints, spine or heart.
  2. Classes are held in the fresh air. Thanks to this, endurance is trained and mood improves, and even in winter.
  3. Strengthening bones and increasing bone density. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis..
  4. Metabolism and cholesterol reduction.
  5. Improving the work of the intestines and the digestive system as a whole.

Women and man are engaged in Nordic walking.

Nordic walking and weight loss

It is the norm for any person to take about 10 thousand steps in a day, which equals 5-6 km. This is very useful for maintaining muscle tone and the body as a whole. Scandinavian, it is also Swedish and Canadian, walking increases the number of calories burned. Weight loss is achieved through measured movements and healthy breathing in the fresh air. Along with the expenditure of energy, muscle building takes place. How many calories are burned during Nordic walking and which muscles work? More on this later.

Is it possible to lose weight by walking

The answer to the question whether Scandinavian walking is effective for weight loss is positive. This type of fitness makes all the large muscles work, but it does not strain the joints, and the amount of energy burned is equivalent to running costs. The body does not experience as much stress as on the track. Workouts are more effective in the morning, when you have not had time to consume calories, then the body uses its own reserves.

Calorie consumption

Any sport is characterized by calorie consumption, which can be used to judge the effectiveness of the load. Walking helps burn about 350 kcal in 1 hour. For running, this figure is 550 kcal. Calorie consumption depends on the observance of technology. If you do everything right, then spend the maximum amount of energy. Another calorie consumption depends on:

  1. The masses of the athlete. The more excess weight, the higher the calorie consumption.
  2. Training intensity. Walking the same distance slowly and more quickly, you spend a different number of calories. More of them in the second case.
  3. Duration. The longer the training time, the more kilometers you will walk, which means calorie consumption will also be higher.
  4. Road surface, terrain in general. If you overcome the slopes or climbs, you will have to maintain balance, which requires a large expenditure of energy.

What muscles work

Scandinavian walking for weight loss makes the muscles of the upper and lower body work. This is the advantage of this sport. The list of involved muscles includes:

  • large pectoral;
  • deltoid;
  • triceps;
  • latissimus dorsi;
  • press;
  • buttocks;
  • tibial;
  • subcostal;
  • flexor muscle of the forearm;
  • calf;
  • quadriceps;
  • subscapular;
  • biceps.

Girls go with scandinavian sticks

How to do Nordic walking

Losing weight is achieved not only through sports. Without a diet, especially if the nutrition was unbalanced, success cannot be achieved. In addition, the technique of walking itself and even breathing must be correct, the amplitude of the movement of the hands is also important. Although the movements should be close to natural. If you take all these points into account, you can achieve maximum effect from Nordic walking..


If you are a beginner regarding Scandinavian walking for weight loss, then you should first familiarize yourself with its technique and some important rules. The latter relate to the training itself – duration, regularity and some more points. The most basic of them:

  1. Pace. It’s important to gradually increase the pace during the workout to spend even more calories.
  2. Duration The first 40 minutes of sports load is only the removal of excess fluid. The next half hour, the body already begins to burn fats. For this reason, the duration of the training should be at least 1.5 hours, but you need to start gradually from several times for 15 minutes.
  3. Frequency. For weight loss, it is recommended to exercise 3-4 times a week. This is optimal exercise for weight loss..
  4. Liquid. During classes, it is necessary to restore its reserves in order to avoid dehydration. With a deficiency of fluid, fat cells begin to accumulate it.
  5. Inventory and clothing. It is important to choose the right stick. Their optimal length is 70% of human height. Clothing should be comfortable and loose. Sneakers based on a spring sole are suitable as shoes..


Nordic walking has several main differences from regular walking. But even beginner athletes can easily master the gait on their own. First of all, you need to learn how to take the step correctly – put one of the feet in front of you on the heel, and then roll onto your toe and push yourself from the supporting surface. At the same time, the arm opposite the leg is advanced forward together with the stick. She needs to push off the ground. The other hand is below at the level of the pelvis and stretches back. The brush is unclenched to avoid spastic fatigue..

Then you can transfer the weight to the other leg, pushing it forward and also rolling from heel to toe. There are some more important nuances regarding walking technique:

  • do not put your feet on the entire surface of the foot – take a step by rolling from heel to toe;
  • when alternating hands, it is necessary to turn the entire body in the direction of the stick supporting at that moment;
  • the back should be kept even;
  • elbows are bent to 90 degrees;
  • hands all rise only to the level of the chest;
  • the amplitude of the hands – each of them should go behind the back and forward by about 45 degrees.

The girl is engaged in Nordic walking.


It is necessary to monitor not only the technique of walking, but also the breathing during it. It should be calm and measured – about 1 breath in 2 steps and 1 breath in 3-4 steps, i.e. it turns out longer. If you breathe more often, then you should reduce the speed of walking. Inhale only through the nose, connecting the diaphragm, i.e. protruding belly, and exhale, on the contrary, through the mouth. This breathing rhythm is considered more optimal..


The “golden” rule when losing weight in any way is to spend more calories compared to consumed. In general, it is necessary to abandon junk food – sweets, flour, fatty, fried and salty. Instead, it is worth consuming more fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meat, fish, milk and sour-milk products. Optimum is 4-5 meals a day, and consisting of small portions. An important component is water. On the day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters.

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