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A woman just needs to relax sometimes. This will help salons and spa treatments, which include massage and body wrap, which will normalize hair and skin. A spa master will help you choose the right service. However, the main thing here is to choose a good salon. High-quality physiotherapeutic methods are not always expressed in high cost, it is better to contact such institutions that one of my friends recommended.

What are spa treatments

The letters SPA are an abbreviation from English “sanitas per aqua”, which means “health through water”. However, there is another version of what spa is. This method of care appeared in the Belgian city of Spa, which has healing thermal waters. Spa treatments are a complex effect on a person: cosmetic, psychologically relaxing.

What is a spa? This concept includes such trifles as music, interior details, staff attitudes, herbal teas, therapeutic cocktails, light snacks, and scented candles. Only by observing all these points, the beauty salon turns into a spa, where you can get complete relaxation. It is pleasant to be in it, you can forget about domestic problems, troubles, stresses and have fun.

Girl at the spa procedure with warm stones

Spa for women

Such care is useful for women, because it allows you to relax and improve your health. They can better feel their body, love themselves. If a woman enjoys her beauty, then everyone will love her. After cosmetic spa treatments, the skin becomes soft, wrinkles are smoothed out, the complexion is leveled, and the hair gains shine and gloss. And the mood is getting much better.

Salon services have beautiful, vivid names, for example: “Orange pleasure”; “Cleopatra’s Secrets”; “Paradise pleasure”, “Perfection”, “Chocolate madness”, “Milk tenderness”, “Golden mandarin” and other similar phrases. Spa-salons provide various services:

  • massage programs;
  • programs for rejuvenation;
  • for rest in order to restore strength;
  • for body correction.

For men in Moscow

It is a big misconception that only women are engaged in spa care. It will be very useful for men. It is nice to relax, relax after a working day. It is much better to visit a cozy, comfortable place where experienced people will take care of you than to drink beer. In the first case, you can get relaxation, rejuvenation, health benefits, vitality. In the second case, there will only be harm to the body and a headache in the morning.

The range of services for men is extensive. It includes both simple events such as massage of the hands, and complex: body peeling, masks, solarium, reflexology, rain shower. All actions are necessarily accompanied by delicious herbal tea, pleasant music and atmosphere. This contributes to a sharp improvement in well-being and mood. A set of activities may include, for example: hammam, foot washing, bath milk, peeling, salt body scrub, sports massage.

Spa for two

This will be a wonderful gift for a young couple, it is especially successful to give such a holiday for a wedding, then no resort is needed. Newlyweds will be able to enjoy each other in excellent conditions and conditions. You can give such a vacation to your soulmate for a birthday or just as a pleasant surprise. The set of methods can be different, each salon draws up a program on its own, comes up with names, unique opportunities. Everyone can choose a service for themselves.

Spa massage for two

To visualize what complexes can be, we give several options:

  • Romantic bath with rose petals, champagne, candles, fruits, aroma massage, firming mask, acupressure of the feet and face, warming oil compresses, kneading the collar zone.
  • Romantic bath with rose petals, champagne, fruits, aromatherapy with a chosen smell, massage of your choice, wrapping, massaging with hot stones. During the spa, you can order different drinks: champagne, tea, juices, etc..

What spa services provide salons

We examined what procedures are generally possible. It is worth describing each of them a little, so that those who wish to first seek such care in a specialized salon can decide in advance what they would like. All spa treatments in the hydrotherapy salon are divided into zones: for the body, for the face, for arms and legs, for hair. Based on the zones, a set of measures is selected that can be supplemented or reduced.

Body treatments

The main zone is the human body. Massage ranks first among spa treatments. There are many different technologies and techniques, we will describe some of them:

  • with hot stones;
  • with aromatic bags;
  • with butter;
  • anti-cellulite;
  • relaxing;
  • four hands;
  • Thai;
  • balinese etc.

In addition to massage, the main types of services are:

  1. Steaming the body (can be carried out in a hammam, sauna, bath, cedar barrel).
  2. Body wrap using various means: therapeutic mud, seaweed, herbs, honey, etc..
  3. Peeling cleanses the skin from dead cells, it can be different: with sea salt, algae, mineral, with essential oils or coffee.
  4. Ozone therapy – chipping of problem areas and the introduction of ozone occur. Due to this, metabolic processes in the cells improve, the hormonal background is normalized, the fat layer decreases.

For face

Spa treatments help get rid of signs of lack of sleep and fatigue. In addition, special care can rejuvenate the skin, smooth wrinkles, improve color. The salons offer massages, peels, scrubs, masks made of vitamins and clay. Hardware procedures are possible. After leaving, it is good to use special creams, lotions based on marine minerals.

Facial massage for girl

For arms and legs

Hand care includes a quality manicure with full cosmetic care. Clients are offered relaxing baths, anti-aging masks, massage with oils. In recent years, paraffin therapy has been very successful. For the feet spend baths. There are decongestant and anti-varicose procedures to choose from. Mud, chocolate, etc. wraps save you from ugly stars. You can do regular or hydromassage.

Spa Hair Care

A special place is taken by hair care. In general, for a woman, hair is of great importance, so she always tries to give them a well-groomed appearance. Many salons offer services such as hot wraps. It gives hair strength, elasticity, well restores dyed, dull hair. Complexes of procedures are calculated that restore, nourish, moisturize hair. This includes peeling, skin cleansing, hair growth stimulation.

Spa treatments

This is the most complete care, it includes several directions at once: for hair, for face, etc. It costs more than if you order individual services, but the effect of the procedures will be much more noticeable. There are complexes of a general orientation: romantic, for a bachelorette party, Thai. Such programs imply a specific direction:

  • anti-aging;
  • anti-cellulite;
  • for weight loss;
  • to cleanse the body.

What are they doing at the spa

One of the main areas of such salons is to improve the mood of customers. All procedures in the spa are aimed at this, which exclude painful sensations, and the result causes a storm of positive emotions. It has a good effect on the well-being of customers and the environment of the room: interior, music, decor, various details. In a good salon, the staff must certainly be polite and attentive, offer drinks and light snacks, look for an individual approach. And in some salons there is an opportunity to buy cosmetics.

Two girls drink tea and juice at the spa

Body correction

One of the services that spas offer is body shaping. There are programs aimed at reducing weight, eliminating cellulite, reducing body volume. There are also techniques that restore skin tone and elasticity. Such figure correction systems involve various massages, peels, and body wraps. Often, to relax before the main procedures, the body is steamed.


This procedure is a targeted flow of water in a bath at a comfortable temperature. Thanks to underwater massage, blood circulation is restored, and relaxation comes. Hydrotherapy can offer several types of procedures. Firstly, it is a comprehensive body massage that water exercises while you sit and enjoy a bath, a glass of wine or juice. Secondly, a swimming pool with a strong backflow. There is no time to relax, but you need to play sports.


Doctors in any clinic will confirm that the benefits of aromatherapy cannot be overestimated. It creates a positive mood, promotes relaxation, can serve as a prophylaxis of some diseases or even treat them. The last point is related to the fact that aroma therapy is carried out on the basis of essential oils, which are made mainly from healthy plants. Aromatherapy can be carried out in the form of candles, spraying the smell in the room. However, there are more accented methods:

  • aromatic massage;
  • aromatic sauna;
  • aromatherapy baths.


Even the abundance of new effective procedures that are in the practice of modern hydrotherapy salons, massage remains the main and main way of body care. However, a large number of different types of massage appeared, here are the main ones:

  1. Classical Russian massage. It can be used to treat any disease with cellulite..
  2. Anti-cellulite. Now the most popular among women.
  3. Spanish. All hand movements are flexible, with the entire surface.
  4. French (lymphatic drainage). The effect occurs on the lymph nodes, as a result, cellulite is reduced, varicose veins are prevented and immunity is strengthened..
  5. Honey. All hand movements occur using honey..
  6. Shiatsu – acupressure. It is carried out by finger pressure..
  7. Thai yoga massage. This is a combination of massage and yoga system elements.
  8. Thai with herbal pouches. Thai herbs, which have a therapeutic effect, are used as filler.

Shiatsu massage

Spa treatments in Moscow

Separate and comprehensive services are provided by many spa-salons in Moscow. Prices are different, so customers have plenty to choose from. This also applies to the abundance of species of different procedures. Some lounges provide additional drinks, others offer fruits, while others select music according to the client’s request. Everyone tries to make the rest as convenient and comfortable as possible..

The best salons include the following:

  1. Harmony SPA;
  2. Spa by Algotherm (Spa Bai Algotherm);
  3. Ego Spa;
  4. Spa Cocktail (SPA Cocktail);
  5. Asia Beauty SPA (Asia Beauty Spa);
  6. Pokrovka Royal SPA;
  7. Bourgeois SPA;
  8. Wai tai;
  9. Tai Spa;
  10. Sen Tai;
  11. First Spa;
  12. Thai Club;
  13. Crown Thai Spa;
  14. Mahash;
  15. China SPA;
  16. VIP SPA;
  17. Palaestra;
  18. Siam Si;
  19. Le Grand Spa;
  20. Viva SPA;
  21. Arena Spa;
  22. Phyto SPA;
  23. 7 Colors;
  24. Spa Tibet;
  25. Sunny spa.

How to choose a salon

Now there are many different salons and even large wellness centers. The main points that you should pay attention to when choosing “your” spa-salon:

  1. Is comprehensive care possible in the cabin.
  2. Does the institution have appropriate education.
  3. Are the conditions for the procedures sterile?.
  4. How much are spa-procedures: how affordable prices and quality of services.
  5. The distance to the house. After the procedures you relax, it becomes important the location of the cabin.

The cost of spa treatments

How much does a spa treatment cost? Here are some examples in Moscow:



Price, rubles

Harmony SPA

Thai massage








Spa by Algotherm

Thai massage


General massage


Eye Care


Hydra-Reed – correction of age-related changes


Ego spa

Water programs for women


Fragrance Magic


Spa cocktail

Deep Cleansing Program


Chocolate scrub


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