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A couple of years ago, a place where you can cut your hair was considered an ordinary hairdresser. But time passes, and in place of the usual salons, institutions with an incomprehensible name began to appear – barbershops. If you still don’t know the name of the beard hairdresser, what a barbershop is, continue to painstakingly shave your beard and run to the neighboring hairdresser for a two-hundred-ruble haircut?

Barbershop – what is it

The word barbershop comes from the word barba – beard. This means that in the barbershop they will make a fashionable haircut and they will not forget about the beard. Barbershop is a male territory. There is everything that real men appreciate – quality service, strong masters – barbers, style, special atmosphere. A nice bonus from the barbershop is the complete absence of women. The stronger sex needs a break from female conversations, so you can relax, have a drink, get to know each other, or maybe just shut up and have fun.

Key visitors and clientele

To attend a barbershop, it is not necessary to take special courses or be the son of a deputy. You need to be a man who likes to look tidy and stylish. The main goal of barbershops is to give the client their own style. The main clientele is young people from 25 years old who follow fashion and want to create their own “look”. Men aged 40-50 are also not afraid to look at the barber – after all, you do not always entrust the hairstyle to the woman from the hairdresser on the contrary. And then the mustache will shave as it should.

Master cuts his beard

History of occurrence

Men have always been very special. In the 18th century, not everyone wanted to get a haircut in the same room with women. Therefore, in America, male barbers began to appear, where only men could cut their hair. Here, a man could cut his hair and cut his hair, put his beard and mustache in order, drink a strong drink in the bar, discuss the news with friends or just relax.

In the 19th century, barbers appeared in large cities and small towns. This trend has become so popular that special schools for barbers were created, and later dozens of scientists worked on creating hair and beard care products. Shaving with dangerous razors, which was studied for more than one year, was well practiced. Such a shave was greatly appreciated – the barber was trusted as a doctor.

Men's hairdresser

Male barbershop – a modern hairdresser or hobby club

What is a barbershop – a modern barber shop or a men’s club? For employees of such establishments and regular customers, a barbershop is not just a barber shop. This is a way of life. Any visitor will find their social circle here, get distracted from everyday activities, and get a cool haircut from real professionals. Waiting for the master, you will be treated to your favorite drink – from water to whiskey. As an entertainment offer video games, billiards or comics..

It will be interesting for you to inspect the premises – barbershop owners will not skimp on interior decoration. Everything is done brutally, vintage, with a touch of retro style. Brick walls, furniture of light shades, made antique with a combination of modern details. Inside you will notice shelves with a wide range of stylish sunglasses or expensive beard care products.

Beauty Salon Interior

Traditions and Features

The revival of barbershops began in England in the 20th century. Connoisseurs of tradition have tried to preserve and show the English culture of male barbershops in all its glory. Such a direction has come to Russia relatively recently, and today thousands of barbershop networks have already been opened all over the country. As before, professional hairdressers who love their job work here..

Men in barbershop

Reasons for popularity

Any barbershop positions itself as an institution offering quality services. For this reason, he became the choice of most men. It is difficult for a simple hairdresser to get such a job – only professionals who take care of the blade quickly, know the nuances of caring for a beard and have an unrivaled sense of style. In addition, barbers are constantly improving, attending master classes. Here, every man feels in good hands..

Barbers competition

Who is barber

Barbershop is a place where competent barber experts work. You will recognize an ordinary barber right away – a fashionably shaved hairstyle, a long well-groomed beard, a brutal outfit, and tattooed arms. As for professional qualities, a good barber is a person who follows trends. It is not enough to be able to do a classic haircut. Barber should be able to cut beards, work with a sharp razor, give the image a unique look. Entrusting the hair and beard to such a master, you will definitely not be disappointed as a result.

Shaving with a razor

Barbershop services

The main emphasis in barbershops is on the design of facial hair. Therefore, the list of barber services includes:

  • Classic haircut. You can get out of the barbershop by a completely different person, but men are still afraid to take risks choosing a classic haircut.
  • Children’s haircut. Boys are future men who need to instill a sense of style from childhood. Therefore, taking a child to a barbershop is a great idea.
  • Haircut machine. Given the shape of the head and face, as well as the nature, the barber will offer a haircut specifically for you.
    Shaving the head. Specialists in barbershops know how to make a shaven head out of a shaggy head. You will not experience skin irritations or cuts..
  • Shaving with a razor. The skill of the correct pressure and movements of the master is struck out in a balloon – they literally shave the ball so that it does not burst.
  • Haircut, modeling, the formation of a beard and mustache. The ability of barbers allows you to draw clear borders of the beard, make it well-groomed, neat.
  • Royal Shave. This service is created for gourmets. With the help of special cosmetics and tools, barber shaves facial hair. This is expensive, but smooth skin lasts for a long time..
  • Hair coloring and gray hair camouflage. For those who are afraid to dye their hair, a gray hair camouflage procedure has been created. A special tool dyes hair, beard, mustache for 10 minutes.

Beard formation

Barber Service Cost

Going to the barbers is not a cheap pleasure. Despite the high price, barbershops are popular: someone does not spare money on their appearance, someone wants to radically change their image, and someone goes for the sake of curiosity. Many people want to enjoy the atmosphere in such institutions. The table below shows the average prices for barbershop services in Moscow.

Service Price, rubles
Men’s haircut 1500-2000
Baby haircut 800-1500
Clipper 800-1000
Shaving your head bald 1500
Shaving with a razor 1500-2000
Beard, mustache 800-1000
Modeling, the formation of a beard, mustache 1200-1500
Royal shave 2500-3000
Hair coloring, gray hair camouflage 1000-1400
Hair Styling 500-800


The best barbershops of Moscow – rating

With the growing popularity of barbershops, the number of establishments has grown. Therefore, the choice of a barbershop should be approached carefully: ask friends, read reviews or see for yourself. For those who want to receive exclusive service and not make a mistake with the cost, you can find out what Moscow barbershop is using the list of the best salons in Moscow.

  1. FIRMA is a barbershop network across the country. In Moscow, the institution is popular. The barbers of the cabin passed already 3 stages of tests, in which they proved their coolness. Here you will be shaved with a dangerous razor and treated with free beer. Bonus for visitors – work to the last customer. All this at an affordable price – from 1000 to 2000 rubles.
  2. Barbershop Shegol promises customers to emphasize their features. The barbershop audience is handsome men from 35-40 years old, ready to pay generously for their image. For example, cutting hair and beard will cost 2700 rubles.
  3. OldBoy is a franchise operating in five countries and having 50 branches. The main barbershop profile is a dangerous shave. Professional barbers do this, so don’t worry about quality. Affordable pricing policy – from 800 rubles.
  4. Barberherman & Co is a brutal institution that has existed for 7 years. The owner of the establishment, German Vinokurov, is dedicated to his work: he follows new trends, takes over experience from colleagues abroad, and is constantly looking for something unique to his clients. A man’s haircut here will cost 1800 rubles, and modeling a beard – 800 rubles.
  5. Chop-chop has opened its doors in many cities of Russia. People of different professions and statuses are waiting here, because the prices are quite affordable – for 1800 rubles they will carry out the procedure with a dangerous razor, and for 800 – they will cut a beard.

Barbershop SChegol

Barbershop reviews

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