What is better treadmill or exercise bike: how to choose a trainer

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For those who want to keep fit, sports are needed. Doctors recommend jogging or cycling. However, this option is not suitable for urban residents, there are simulators that take up little space in the apartment. You just need to choose which is better – a treadmill or exercise bike.

What is the use of an exercise bike

Even before he became one of the most popular gym equipment in fitness centers, this sports equipment was used for therapeutic exercises in medical health centers. The use of the exercise bike is that it strengthens:

  • a heart;
  • lungs and bronchi;
  • abs, legs and buttocks.

With the correct distribution of the load during intensive classes, a person receives effective cardio training, which is necessary to restore health. In this case, you need to choose a mode that allows you to practice at a slow pace. In addition, the projectile contributes to the development of endurance, burning excess calories and weight loss..

There are several types of devices that simulate cycling – mechanical and electrical. According to the position of the body on an exercise bike, they share:

  1. Horizontal Their seat is low. A man stretches his legs forward to set the appliance in motion.
  2. Vertical. The pedals are under the seat. Spin them harder and load on the spine more.
  3. Combined. Combine the functions of the two previous species and can transform.

Treadmill benefits

An alternative to running in the park is a treadmill. The same muscle groups are involved here, but less time and preparation are spent on training. The benefit of the treadmill is that you can start classes at any time when you have a free minute. If you need a device that does not exert pressure on the pelvic bones, then a treadmill or an elliptical trainer is suitable.

Sports equipment for running is electric and mechanical. The first type of models has many modes, but in order for it to work, you need electricity. The second one works without connecting to the outlet, you need to stand on the track, grab the handrails and start moving. Speed ​​is added simultaneously with an increase in the pace of running. On a mechanical sheet, it is difficult to control the number of kilometers traveled and the load on the muscles.

Girl on a treadmill

What muscles work on the treadmill

In the gym, the fitness trainer will tell you who will benefit from this type of training, what muscles work on the treadmill. At home, you will have to study this information yourself. The main load falls on the muscles:

  • calf;
  • gluteal;
  • dorsal;
  • femoral.

If you need to quickly get rid of excess calories, lose weight, work out the press, then you will have to use other parts of the body. For this purpose, modern electric simulators with the ability to lift the canvas at an angle are well suited. Instructors advise to move your arms while running, and not to keep them on the handrails, then the forearm muscles also train.

Exercise bike muscles

The main group of muscles working on an exercise bike is located on the legs. A large load falls on the calves and ankle joint, which take part in the rotation. If you fully engage in 40-50 minutes a day, the calf muscles will become elastic, pumped up. In order to use the press, the upper thigh, it is recommended to pedal while standing, as when climbing a steep slope.

Pros and Cons of an Exercise Bike

Consultation with a fitness trainer will help determine which muscle groups need to be strengthened and which organs cannot be loaded. The specialist in the store will tell you where the pros and cons of the exercise bike come from, help you choose one of its types. When the device is selected for home use, you need to consider all the disadvantages and advantages over other shells. Unlike them, an exercise bike:

  • relieves the spine of the load;
  • suitable for people of different ages;
  • works out muscles of legs, buttocks;
  • takes up little space;
  • is inexpensive.

Girls on exercise bikes

The main disadvantages of the device:

  • you need to do at least 1 hour a day;
  • only the lower body works;
  • less calories than using exercise equipment such as an ellipse or treadmill.

This type of fitness is contraindicated for some, because it is associated with increased physical activity. Doctors prohibit cycling or use the simulator for patients with:

  • heart disease;
  • diseases of the knee, ankle joints;
  • tachycardia;
  • oncological diseases;
  • heart failure.

Pros and Cons of a Treadmill

Before classes, you should undergo a consultation at a medical institution, only then proceed to training. You need to pay attention to all the pros and cons of the treadmill. Among its advantages are called:

  • a large number of programs with varying degrees of load;
  • strengthening the muscle corset of the whole body;
  • improved coordination of movement;
  • optimal calorie intake.

The disadvantages include:

  • increased shock load on the joints, spine;
  • large dimensions of the structure;
  • high price.

It is contraindicated to perform exercises on a treadmill, people with the same diseases as on a stationary bike. To this list are added:

  • diseases of the lungs, bronchi;
  • impaired coordination;
  • spinal problems.

Man on a treadmill

What is more effective: a treadmill or an exercise bike

People who want to lose weight are often worried about the question: is a treadmill or an exercise bike more effective? After testing at the fitness centers, it turned out that when practicing on a treadmill, 600-900 calories are burned per hour. During the week of classes, you can become slimmer and lose weight by one size. The exercise bike also showed good results, but in order to get the desired effect, you need to spend more effort. Only 400-600 calories will be spent per hour.

What is more useful

It is difficult to say what is more useful, an exercise bike or a treadmill. According to the observation of people who regularly use shells, they are both comfortable, training the respiratory system and muscles. However, for patients with health problems and weighing more than 110 kg, it is more difficult to maintain the pace of running than to pedal on an exercise bike. This shell is less traumatic, contributes to weight loss..

What to choose an exercise bike or treadmill

Often, recommendations to start sports come from the doctor. Before you choose an exercise bike or treadmill, you need to analyze the diseases of the musculoskeletal system and, taking into account the weight and age of the patient, determine the device. If there are no health restrictions, then running or an exercise bike are suitable for training. When it remains to lose a few extra pounds on the hips and calves, a folding bicycle trainer will be the best solution. It costs less, takes up less space.

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