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If you don’t like the daily loss of time during gathering, caused by the need to endlessly invent hairstyles, you like curls – even large, though small, a new direction has appeared in the list of salon services for you: long-term styling or carving. Although you should think about real novelty – the procedure is more reminiscent of a well-revised old technology. Who is she suitable for and is it worth it to resort to?

What is carving for hair?

Half a century ago, at the peak of popularity was chemical hair styling, which is their treatment with a special composition and subsequent wrapping on curlers. The result was a curled head, and the resulting hairstyle lasted a very long time. “Chemistry”, as women called it among themselves, greatly saved time: it took away the need to heat curlers, twist strands on their own, and wait a few hours just for the short term of beauty. However, it had a serious drawback – this long styling killed even the most healthy hair.

Girl with permed hair

Carving is based on the same “chemistry”, but the process has been revised to eliminate some of the minuses and give women the following advantages of such a long-term curl:

  • Visual density and density even on naturally thin hair.
  • Ability to select locally areas for laying.
  • If necessary, long-term curling can be straightened with an iron.
  • Styling does not suffer from moisture – you will not lose curls or volume.
  • Carving can be done even for girls with dyed hair, for highlighting, etc..
  • The effect lasts from 2 months to six months (carving for thin hair dyed), which is determined by the hair structure and the chosen type of styling, and you can repeat long-term curling after 3 months from the date of its implementation.

However, this procedure still involves the effect of a chemical composition, which fixes the styling, therefore it cannot be absolutely safe – only gentle. There are several disadvantages and precautions that hairdressers advise to remember:

  • If your hair is thick, thick and has not previously been dyed, i.e. the structure is absolutely smooth, there is a risk that the installation will not last a day.
  • Long hair styling cannot be combined with henna staining, as conflict of chemical reactions can lead to unpredictable discoloration, or leaching.
  • During pregnancy, due to the instability of the hormonal background, carving is not recommended.
  • Owners of dry, brittle hair and any diseases of the scalp should not resort to long-term perm, because the problem will get worse.

How to do

This variety of salon styling has several options that professionals divide by the length of their hair. Any perm, even on large curls, lifts the cut line, so the owners of the square can find almost a haircut for a boy. However, in addition to this, there is a classification according to the type of curlers used to perform styling:

  • Traditional long-term wave – soft light waves or full-length elastic curls.
  • Texturing carving – styling is obtained through the use of several types of curlers accent, i.e. the whole head may not be affected, only areas.
  • Local styling – basal volume using large curlers or work with the ends. Hair styling possible.
  • Spiral styling – for the volume from the root, curling with a ribbon on a curler-spiral, mainly a very small curl.

Girl with long spiral styling

On long hair

For owners of “braids to the waist” styling can not be particularly long-term, since the force of gravity will outweigh any chemical composition. If you plan on carving for long hair, it is highly likely that the master will offer a vertical curl, i.e. elastic curls that will gradually weaken, or soft large curls to only create a texture.

On medium

With a length of up to the shoulder blades or to the shoulders, a woman has maximum freedom of choice regarding styling ideas – even light curls will be long-term (with the exception of natural heavy hair). However, taking into account the loss of length when curling, the masters advise to refuse too small curls (close to afro, diameter less than 10 mm), especially if a haircut with an even cut.

Short hair carving

For haircuts “pixie”, “page” and even “bean on the leg”, experts offer not a classic curl, but texturing, so as not to lose the almost absent length and give the hairstyle a twist. An alternative laying option is to add only the basal volume. Mostly carving for a short haircut: the hairstyle will be really long-lasting and can last six months.

Short hair carving

Carving hair at home – step by step instructions

You can do this styling on your own only on the hair to the shoulder blades and longer, since it is difficult to curl your neck and treat it with a chemical composition with a short haircut. The procedure itself has a simple algorithm and the main thing to achieve success is to exercise caution and carefully follow the schedule. First of all, you will need to buy all the drugs that make long-term styling, plus – curlers (plastic).

The step-by-step algorithm looks like this:

  1. Wash your hair without using a mask or conditioner – firstly, the flakes must be open, and secondly, an unnecessary chemical reaction can be created.
  2. For drying, use only a towel and do not wait for the complete disappearance of moisture.
  3. Apply a special protective composition to dyed hair. You can skip this step in kind.
  4. Wind each lock on curlers using the scheme chosen in advance. Fasten well, making sure that the tips do not stick out, otherwise they will remain straight.
  5. Impregnate each wound strand with long-lasting curling compound three times.
  6. Cover your head with a plastic hat, throw a towel on top. Warm with a hairdryer throughout the waiting time of the composition.
  7. You need to wash your hair for about 5 minutes, the shampoo is no longer used to fix the styling. Dry again only with a towel.
  8. At the final stage, a fixing composition is applied, which is washed off after a few minutes.
  9. A new hair wash is also carried out without shampoo.

Long-term styling products

Most companies that produce professional hair care products also offer special ranges for long styling. The first was Schwarzkopf, after which there were options for Londa, Shot, Cutrin, Goldwell, and GreenLight has sparing compositions for bio-laying. If you calculate how much hair carving is based on materials, then it will be about 2000 rubles, and the purchased one will be enough for you several times, so it’s more profitable than in the salon.

A complete set should include:

  • The main composition, which is selected by the type of hair (mainly companies offer 4 types).
  • Latch or fixer.

Permanent Curling Set

Hair Care After Carving

Permanent styling is not without damage, therefore, hair subjected to this procedure, even with initially exceptional health, becomes worse in structure and requires careful handling. In addition, in order for the styling to remain long-term, it is necessary to prevent the washing out of the applied composition, and therefore special care should be selected. The basic rules that each specialist tells the client during the procedure:

  • For at least 72 hours after visiting the salon for long-term curling, dyeing hair is prohibited.
  • You need to wash your hair with the subsequent use of moisturizing masks, and the shampoo should not contain sulfates.
  • Disassemble curls only with your fingers or comb with rare teeth.
  • You can start using the curling iron / ironing only a week after installation, the hairdryer – after 2 days.
  • Do not practice wet head sleep and forget to rub wet strands after washing with a towel.

Carving price

The cost of long-term curling, which is indicated by the salons of Moscow and the regions, is approximately the same – this is an expensive procedure, especially if you perform it on long hair. It was specified above that it is cheaper to purchase a set and try to do the styling yourself, however, if this is not your option, the table below will help you navigate the picture of average capital prices:

Hair length



1700 r.


2800 r.


4900 r.

Permanent styling photo

Carving with large locks on hair

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    I’m curious about the carving technique for hair. Can you please share some information on how it’s done, both at home and in a salon? I’d also like to know how long the carving style typically holds before needing a touch-up. Additionally, if you have any before and after photos of the carving technique, it would be great to see the visible transformation.

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