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Light foundation creams have existed for a long time, and products that mask any imperfections and at the same time care for the skin have appeared on the European market just now. In this article, a product such as CC cream will be considered: its effect on the skin, the difference between it and the BB agent, tips for use, customer reviews. All information is aimed at allowing you to make the right choice of funds and learn about its effect..

What is CC face cream

The face remedy, which is a combination of foundation and moisturizer, is called CC cream. It is an improved version of its predecessor, BB-cream, which appeared on the cosmetic market three years ago. The name comes from the English abbreviation SS, the letters of which are decoded as complete correction (full correction) or color control (color control).

Girl with a jar of cream in hand

What is it needed for

The purpose of this tool becomes clear from the name and consists in correcting the complexion, creating an even coating for the whole day. It is dominated by the content of multifunctional components caring for the epidermis. Particles of color pigments and reflective microspheres adapt to any shade. The main purpose of the cream is an air moisturizing coating with the effect of smoothing complexion.

The difference between SS cream and BB

In the variety of tinting agents it is easy to get confused, and a logical question arises, how does BB cream differ from SS cream. The table below shows one of the important differences between the two types of products:

Parameter for comparison

BB (1)

SS (2)


Blemish Balm From Imperfections

Color correction – correction of complexion


Comprehensive care – nutrition, masking imperfections, tone leveling, the fight against wrinkles and excess pigmentation

Visual improvement – hiding flaws, radiant and healthy looking



Light moisturizing

What skin type is suitable



SPF filter

there is

there is

As can be seen from this table, the first remedy has a wider range of applications, it is essentially an improved foundation that does not dry out the epidermis. The second is a light moisturizer with corrective function, gives the face a radiant, fresh look. Both products are UV protected and can be saved on sunscreen for the face. The texture of the first is denser and suitable for dry epidermis, and the second will delight girls with a problem of oily sheen.

How to use SS cream

No matter how good the remedy, it will not be able to perform all possible facial care functions equally well. So CC creams, although they have a wide range of applications and a large number of caring components, are aimed more at equalizing the tone and hiding the external imperfections of the texture of the skin. Knowing some application rules and application secrets, excellent results can be achieved..

How to apply

Using CC-creams is very simple, you should wash your face in the usual way, and apply the product. This product is very good in that it is combined with any other skin care products: tonal, moisturizing, sunscreen, anti-aging, makeup bases. With normal or combined types, the product can replace the usual tonic, for greasy it will serve as a more stable foundation for makeup, the moisturizing and sunscreen effect of the cosmetic product will be suitable for dry.

Girl puts cream on her face

What to wash off

Proper make-up removal is important for the condition of the skin no less than safe makeup products. Beauticians strongly recommend not to be limited to running water, it is not able to completely cleanse the face, which will lead to clogging of pores and the occurrence of inflammation. Often, tinting products are available in conjunction with a makeup remover, which will best cope with the extra components of the product – it should be purchased to be sure of proper, safe care.

Best SS Creams

A cream with a corrective effect was launched into mass production recently, but many cosmetic companies have already patented their product with changes in composition or with an emphasis on sun protection, for example. In order not to get lost in the variety of brands, the following is a list of products for different skin types, their main characteristics, cost, advantages and disadvantages are indicated.

For oily skin

It is believed that cream-CC is ideal for an epidermis prone to fat, and this is so. The light texture does not block the access of oxygen to the pores, which allows the person to breathe:

  • name: Librederm Seracin CC-Cream;
  • price: 451 r.;
  • Characteristics: 30 ml volume, contains SPF, extracts of gallows, burdock root, zinc, sulfur for an antiseptic effect;
  • pluses: keeps skin moisture, is evenly applied, quickly absorbed;
  • cons: specific smell.

CC-Cream Seracin for Oily Skin by Librederm

CC cream for oily skin should contain absorbent substances. They have an absorbing effect, regulate the intensity of sebum secretion:

  • name: CC Cream Dr. Brandt CC Mat;
  • price: 2400 rubles;
  • Characteristics: Seaweed extract regulates sebum production rate, SPF-30, does not provoke acne;
  • pluses: it adapts well to the tone, mattifies, moisturizes;
  • cons: high cost.

Another important ingredient is tea tree extract or aloe. They have antiseptic properties and fight inflammation of the skin, including acne, high fat content:

  • name: Lumene “Absolute Perfection”;
  • price: 700 rubles;
  • Characteristics: the composition includes oil extract from the seeds of Arctic lingonberry, antioxidants, vitamins;
  • pluses: equalization of a shade, narrowing of the expanded pores, practically does not smell;
  • cons: no.

For dry skin

The fact that the light texture is best combined with oily skin does not exclude the benefits for a type prone to dryness. If moisturizing substances are present in the composition (lactic acid, extracts from berries), you can safely get this cream:

  • name: Secret Key Let me know;
  • price: 730 rubles;
  • characteristics: extracts of herbs of chamomile, mint, scarlet help brighten the face, hiding its tired and dull appearance, adjust the water-salt balance;
  • pluses: smoothes roughness peeling, does not clog pores, moisturizes;
  • Cons: before use, you should additionally apply a moisturizer.

For a dry face, hydration and nutrition are important, therefore, the ability of the product to retain moisture in the epidermis is appreciated. The following Korean product will do the job:

  • name: Berrisom Essence CC;
  • price: 1160 p.;
  • characteristics: extract of Korean noni fruit, whose beneficial substances moisturize and deeply nourish, the presence of an SPF filter;
  • pluses: blends well with the tone of the face, moisturizes;
  • cons: only for fair-faced girls with a yellow complexion.

Essence CC-cream for dry skin from Berrisom

It happens that the epidermis is very dry, the effect of the foundation-SS is not enough. In this case, a little trick is applied: a moisturizer is added to a small amount of the product. This will give additional nutrition, freshness of tone:

  • name: Beauty Style Comfort;
  • price: 599 p.;
  • characteristics: volume of 50 ml, contains substances that strengthen the walls of blood vessels, extract from red grapes, hyaluronic acid;
  • pluses: suitable for daily use, large packaging, perfect tone correction;
  • cons: irritation may occur.

For combination skin

The mixed type is different in that one part of the face (often the cheeks, T-zones) peels, and the second (the area of ​​the forehead, nose and chin) shines:

  • name: LCbio Coing de douceur;
  • price: 3499 rubles;
  • Characteristics: volume 50 ml, contains natural extracts of quince, cucumber, flax seed oil and mineral particles, without parabens;
  • pluses: natural product;
  • cons: high cost, delivery from Germany.

Products for mixed skin mask the flaws of different types at the same time. You should not rush into the choice, but ask for a tester or buy it – on the Internet there is often the opportunity to purchase a 10-15 ml sachet:

  • name: Premium Homework Secret Cream CC;
  • price: 1000 r .;
  • Characteristics: contains snail mucus extract, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, urea, SPF-15;
  • pluses: has a light texture, adapts to any shade;
  • cons: to mask small flaws.

CC Cream with Snail Extract for Combination Skin Premium Homework

No matter how good the remedy is, one should not expect too much from it. You need to keep napkins or powder in your bag to adjust the shine of your face, or mix CC-creams with moisturizers to apply to dry areas:

  • name: CC cream Luxvisage 01 nude;
  • price: 400 rubles;
  • Features: Affordable moisturizer with UV protection;
  • pluses: even coating, resistant, affordable;
  • Cons: from time to time, you need to additionally remove excess shine in the T-zone.

For normal skin

If the skin does not peel and does not shine, it is called normal. A universal cream designed for any type is well suited for her:

  • name: Clinique Superdefense CC Cream SPF30;
  • price: 1850 p.;
  • Characteristics: volume 40 ml, contains optical particles masking irregularities, redness, earthy complexion, fat-free;
  • pluses: softness and smoothness are felt;
  • cons: glistens after application.

Normal skin is not always healthy. The tool should cope with age-related changes, and mask a tired look:

  • name: Deoproce Violet CC Cream;
  • price: 950 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume of 50 ml, contains extract from blueberries, collagen, reflective microspheres, tinting particles;
  • pluses: does not create a mask effect, smoothes small wrinkles;
  • cons: no.

Violet CC cream for normal skin Deoproce

Do not think that normal skin does not need care. She needs vitamins, minerals, nutrition and hydration, which can provide, for example, such a remedy:

  • name: Markell gel-CC complex for dark complexion COMPLETE
  • price: 268 p.;
  • Characteristics: comprehensively solves the problem of equalizing skin tone, affecting epidermal cells from the inside, contains vitamins, minerals, elastin and collagen;
  • pluses: moisturizes, strengthens epidermal cells, smooth tone, cheap;
  • cons: only for swarthy girls.

How to choose a SS cream

SS-creams appeared on the market of decorative cosmetic products recently, but stores are full of a variety of tubes. To choose the best SS cream that is suitable for a particular type and not waste money on an expensive product, the following recommendations are given that will help you make the right decision:

  1. Determine your skin type – normal, dry, oily, combination. Often the compositions of the products for different types contain special components that help to eliminate a specific problem – peeling, dryness, excessive secretion of fat. For girls with a normal type, a remedy with the inscription “for all skin types” is suitable.
  2. Hue. CC foundation is available in a narrow palette of shades: very light, standard, dark. This is due to the fact that in their composition there are pigments that are individually tailored to each face. Try a little remedy on the wrist or back of the hand (in places close in shade to complexion). If after a few minutes it merged with a natural shade, you can safely take.
  3. Pay attention to the features of the skin: vascular asterisks, excess age spots, redness, wrinkles. Some products include special substances to eliminate these problems (hyaluronic acid, collagen, whitening components).
  4. A good solution is to order cosmetic brands from Korean manufacturers in online stores. They are the creators of a series of these creams, product quality is higher.
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