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A few years ago, permanent makeup won the hearts of fashionistas, freeing them from the daily ritual to care for pale eyebrows, eyelids and lips to create a fashionable beauty look with a twist. Innovative technologies in the cosmetics industry have made adjustments to the concept of female beauty. Change of chemical dyes to organic components obtained from plants significantly influenced make-up fashion trends.

What is permanent makeup

Micropigmentation is a method of color correction of the shape of lips, eyebrows or eyelids in cosmetology. The salon procedure involves the introduction of a special pigment into the upper layer of the skin to a depth of 0.5-0.8 mm. With its help, you can correct the imperfections of the face:

  • change the shape and emphasize the color of the eyebrows;
  • create black arrows;
  • visually increase the volume of the lips with a clear outline;
  • make lips brighter.

Permanent lip and eyebrow application

What is the difference between permanent makeup and tattooing

Tattooing – the decoration of individual areas of the body through the introduction of synthetic dyes. They relate to foreign bodies, which for many years retain their structure. Micropigmentation is actively used to correct eyes, eyelids, and eyebrows in order to give them expressiveness. The procedure is comparable to jewelry work, it requires utmost care and accuracy. The main differences between tattooing and permanent technique are the method of application, the components used, the duration of the effect.

Specialists of tattoo salons drive the paint into the dermis with a needle to a depth of about 2 mm. Permanent technology provides for the treatment of the surface layer of the skin of the face – the epidermis. The titanium-based chemical dyes used for tattooing last for 10 years. Organic dyes based on glycerin, plant and mineral substances differ in natural shades. They can be withdrawn at any convenient time..

Unlike tattooing equipment, the micropigmentation device is based on a gentle plastic mechanism that eliminates the risk of cuts, injuries to the skin. An important role is given to the qualifications of the master, who will correctly select the pigment according to the type of skin, taking into account the complexion. Professional introduction of paint to the desired depth will provide an aesthetic appearance and duration of the result.

How much is holding

To the question of how long the effect lasts, lineage specialists indicate blurry terms from 2 to 6 years. They depend on the individual physiological characteristics of the clients. Among the factors affecting the durability of the result, there are:

  • skin type – dry skin absorbs pigment better and holds it in the epidermis;
  • age – young skin provides a long-lasting effect;
  • climatic conditions – under the influence of UV rays, the pigment quickly burns out;
  • the quality of the salon procedure – the depth of administration, the concentration of pigment affect the durability of the makeup;
  • individual characteristics of the body – the speed of cell regeneration, metabolism affects the stability of the dye.


To avoid the effect of theatrical makeup, it is important to choose the right pigment. Mineral-based dyes are characterized by long-term durability. Pigments, in which plant components predominate, will last about two years. Micropigmentation does not apply to a number of disposable salon procedures. To achieve the ideal result, correction will be required, so the next time you will need to come to the salon in a month.

Permanent tattooing of blush, freckles or flies is not ruled out. With the help of micropigmentation, it is possible to correct aesthetic skin problems – vitiligo, scars, scars. Fabrice Condemi, a world expert in micropigmentation, advises taking a closer look at white pearlescent dyes. With deep-set eyes they open the eyes. Pearl pigment will visually increase the volume of the lips, make them puffy.

Girl do permanent lip makeup


Micropigmentation with a finely dispersed color dye is introduced into three main areas – eyebrows, eyelids, lips. The goal is facial features correction. The procedure affects the whole body, therefore it is extremely important to provide the master with comprehensive information about medical problems, previous operations, the presence of chronic diseases, allergic reactions.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

The first stage of the salon procedure involves drawing with a pencil the contour of the eyebrows as close as possible to the final result. Choosing a pigment, experts recommend paying attention to hair color. Gray shades are ideal for girls with brown hair, chocolate shades for brown-haired women, red-brown or olive-gray tones for red-haired women. Permanent eyebrow tattooing is a popular salon procedure that can hide the disadvantages of this area:

  • formlessness;
  • pronounced asymmetry;
  • bald spots;
  • dull color.


Micropigmentation of the lips is painful procedure. Doctors advise resorting to cosmetic manipulations in the middle of the monthly cycle, when the pain threshold is much lower. Depending on the technique, permanent lip tattooing will allow:

  • increase lip bulge:
  • eliminate the lowered corners of the mouth;
  • hide scars;
  • give the surface of the lips a seductive natural shade and shine.


Permanent tattooing of the eyes involves the application of thin lines on the upper or lower eyelid, filling the intermuscular space. Experts do not advise drawing arrows on the lower eyelid for women with narrow eyes, a pronounced capillary network. Art permanent tattoo with complex color transitions and shading allows you to create the effect of shadows. Makeup artists recommend giving preference to nude shades for all occasions, and if necessary, adjust and complement them with bright shades.

Permanent Makeup Techniques

The famous London beautician Tracy Gil focuses on the naturalness of makeup. Organic dyes used in permanent tattooing are more rapidly excreted from the subcutaneous cells by lymph. To look well-groomed, you need to choose a “watercolor” technique or a “powdery” effect. Tattooing of lips and eyelids with dots and strokes emphasizes beautiful facial features, excluding its theatrical decoration.

With feather

Permanent tattooing with shading provides for the creation of a contour with a thin needle. Tolstoy draw the final version. Using a light shade, a shading effect is created. A smooth and soft transition is ensured through the use of a needle-brush. Eyebrow shoting technology will color the bald spots, create the right shade.

Master does permanent eyebrow makeup

Draw method

The hair-to-hair technique is a time-consuming process that requires drawing a simulation of each hair with a thin needle apparatus. There are two drawing methods:

  • Eastern differs in the length of hairs, which are asymmetrically interwoven with real eyebrows, imitating natural growth.
  • European is to apply even hair. The procedure is not recommended as a filling for bald spots, as the pronounced effect of a tattoo will be visible.

3D equipment

Permanent 3D lip tattooing will create volumetric relief and swelling effect. The technology is carried out using light pigment for the contour and a mix of two tones for surface filling. The contour color should blend in with the skin tone. Mixed 3D eyebrow technique combines the hairline and shading. As a rule, the drawing is performed at the beginning of the eyebrow;.

Permanent Makeup Procedure

Approval of the sketch by the client will be the beginning of the implementation of hardware acupuncture. The technology of permanent tattooing consists of several stages:

  • Consultation with the master provides for a discussion of the execution technique, sketch, color, possible consequences, methods of care.
  • Preparation for the procedure involves opening the consumables in the presence of the client.
  • Anesthesia is aimed at the maximum elimination of pain. The master applies local anesthesia, additionally resorting to the use of painkillers anesthetics in a spray or ointment.
  • Pigment is applied using hardware using the acupuncture method. In the process of micropigmentation, the master selects the desired size of the needles.

Features of preparation

The procedure for permanent tattooing during menstruation is excluded due to an increased risk of bleeding. Pigment should not be applied after drinking alcohol, drugs that affect blood coagulation. Reception of banal aspirin strengthens blood circulation. In such a situation, the pigment application area will bleed, the dye will not fix.

Soreness of the procedure

The key role in eliminating pain during micropigmentation is given to the quality of the equipment used and the arsenal of anesthesia medications. An incorrect method of pain relief can cause bouts of severe pain. Experts advise to refrain from the procedure before the onset of menstruation and during the ovulation phase, since during this period the woman has a lowered threshold of pain sensitivity of the body. It is important to establish psychological contact with the master. A high degree of confidence will help to relax, eliminate stress.

The master conducts permanent makeup of the eyelids


Micropigmentation involves a detailed history taking, the results of which indicate the absence or presence of contraindications. With relative doubts, the master individually decides on the possibility of cosmetic manipulations, resorting to appropriate precautions. Here are a number of absolute contraindications that preclude the performance of permanent tattooing:

  • viral or bacterial infection;
  • epilepsy;
  • type 1 diabetes mellitus;
  • pathologies of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • hypertonic, coronary heart disease;
  • diseases of the kidneys, liver;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • sensitive skin type;
  • pregnancy.

Possible consequences

After the micropigmentation procedure is completed, the effect can be estimated after about 3 weeks. The indicated period is necessary for the full manifestation of the dye. Depending on the area of ​​application of the pigment, the consequences have distinctive features:

  • Eyebrows – the appearance of puffiness or redness is excluded. During the week, the primary crust will begin to peel off, the secondary crust will disappear in a week.
  • Lips – slight swelling is observed. The first days, the pigment will have a pronounced color. After 14 days, the primary and secondary peels will peel off, the pigment will fully manifest.
  • Eyelids – there may be discomfort in the sand in the eyes. In the process of acupuncture of the lower eyelid, the master risks damaging the capillary network, which will lead to the appearance of slight swelling. Healing lasts about a week. When the crust peels off, the pimento will lighten by 30%.


Depending on the skill of the master and the quality of the pigment, the cost of eye tattoo in Moscow varies in different directions. When asked how much tattooing of lips, eyebrows or eyelids costs, one cannot give an exact answer. Prices depend on the chosen technique, the quality of the pigment used, the skill level of the master lineer. A comparison table will help you compare prices, find out how much tattooing of eyebrows, lips and eyelids costs:


Price, rubles




Good hands



10,000 – arrows

8,000 – filling the space between the eyelashes

12,000 – overlap

Permanent Makeup Studio

7 000-12 000

8 000-12 000

6,000-12,000 – intermaxillary

4,000-8,000 – arrows





Studio Lion Tatto



10 000 – intermill

12,000 – arrow

15 000 – arrow with shading


5 500-8 500


5,000 – intermill

6,000 – arrow

Photo of Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Girl's eyes before and after permanent eyebrow makeup

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