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A woman should keep her nails clean and in good order, because a manicure can say a lot about her behavior, lifestyle, and habits. To facilitate the task, it is better to use shellac, since the varnish coating is characterized by color saturation, soft texture, long wear.

Shellac for nails and its advantages

This is an innovative tool for perfect manicure, which successfully combines two concepts – varnish and gel. In this way, you can create original drawings on the nail plates, the real masterpieces of art. The coating itself does not wear off, does not fade in the sun, does not peel off for 2-3 weeks. During this period, you can not worry about the appearance and condition of the nails, after which you need to perform a second manicure. Having found out what shellac for nails is, women of all ages choose this nail coating. This solution is not surprising, since the gel has many advantages. Among them:

  • natural beauty;
  • neat and well-groomed look of manicure;
  • rapid growth of a natural nail plate;
  • lack of need for frequent manicure;
  • reasonable price against the background of acrylic building or the use of a modeling gel;
  • improvement of the condition, structure of nails;
  • prolonged wearing of a manicure (as indicated above);
  • more than 250 shades, an extensive palette of colors;
  • the ability to create a unique design;
  • composition safe for the nail plate;
  • comfortable gel texture.

If we talk about the chemical composition of the varnish coating, it is worth noting the combination of only safe components that do not harm the nail plate, on the contrary, strengthen it, make it dense and at the same time smooth. The absence of aggressive substances allows the nails to grow under the gel, which is easily removed when using a file of high abrasion. Shellac, due to the lack of formaldehyde, does not provoke an allergic reaction, does not have a stable smell, is allowed for use by all women (including expectant mothers).

Fashionable manicure with shellac

Cons shellac for nails

Shellac will stay on the nails for a long time, while not peeling, which attracts many modern women. You can do such an innovative manicure at home, but it is better to familiarize yourself with the shortcomings of the selected varnish. How many of them? Among the main disadvantages of certified masters distinguish the following negative points:

  • Mandatory purchase of LED-lamp, without which it is impossible to perform manicure;
  • the need to purchase a special gel remover;
  • premature peeling of the coating due to the specifics of the work;
  • overpriced manicure in the salon;
  • high price of the gels themselves.

Set for home shellac

Today, in every beauty salon there is a full-time master who makes any stylish design, fulfilling all the wishes of his clients. It is much more profitable to do a manicure at home, but for this you need to purchase everything you need. Prices at specialized points are inflated for most positions, so it is better to use the help of the World Wide Web. Having studied what shellac is for nails, you only need to consider the colorful catalogs, order and buy the following set in the online store:

  • varnishes (specify the names of the master);
  • several files of different abrasiveness;
  • gel remover;
  • LED lamp, no matter how much it costs;
  • accessories, for example, rhinestones, gold or silver powder, other;
  • everything you need for hygienic or hardware manicure.

Set for applying shellac on nails

Price for shellac for nails

Since this nail modeling technique is available at home, more and more women are lively interested in the prices of such innovative products. Compared to the salon procedure, it is inexpensive, but it is important to choose only high-quality products from well-known manufacturers. Otherwise, the once perfect manicure will begin to deteriorate before 2-3 weeks of everyday wear. The price of popular varnishes varies between 200-500 rubles per unit, but more expensive items are also found..

How to make shellac on nails

  1. The first step is to perform a hygienic or hardware manicure, determine the length of the nail, remove the cuticle before applying the gel coating.
  2. Polished, prepared nail plates should be polished, disinfected, apply base gel in one layer. Fix the coating with a UV lamp.
  3. Then a layer of colored shellac will be applied, after which drying is again relied. It takes several layers to achieve saturation of the hue, and the last step is to make the sealing of the plate.
  4. Then it is necessary to apply a fixing layer to strengthen the nail plate, rub the softening oil into the treated cuticle.

Shellac nails

Who is not suitable shellac nails

After applying a transparent or color coating at home, side effects on the nail plates are completely eliminated. Local and allergic reactions to the skin and nails are absent. After numerous studies of shellac, it became obvious that such a gel coating does not harm the health of a woman, it is allowed for use even by pregnant women and adolescents.

Photo: shellac coated manicure

Shellac Nail Design

The works performed on the nails using this innovative material cause increased public interest, because they look fresh, unusual, original and even elegant. If a woman still does not know what shellac nail polish is, then after viewing it will immediately be interested in this unique technique for modeling nail plates without harming their structure and condition. This is an ideal option for all occasions, which removes the female image from the definition of “ordinary”.

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