What yogurts are useful for weight loss – the benefits and harms, the composition of low-calorie diet menus for a week

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Today, yogurt can be called a popular product among people seeking to replace fatty foods with more wholesome foods to get rid of extra pounds. But before you start using this low-calorie and dietary product, you need to answer the question: is it possible to eat yoghurts when losing weight, and find out how much harm it can bring if you overuse it.

What is yogurt?

We decided to make a choice in favor of such an option as a yogurt diet for weight loss? Then keep in mind that this is a dairy product made from thickened and pasteurized cow’s milk, which is carefully processed. He can be:

  • fat free;
  • low fat
  • creamy.

To change the properties and taste, live bacteria (bifidobacteria) are added to the composition, which contribute to the digestion of carbohydrates and inhibit the development of pathogens. The production process is based on the fermentation process. The chemical composition of 150 g of products includes:

  • 260 mg of calcium, which is 25 percent of the daily intake;
  • 300 mg potassium;
  • 25.5 mg magnesium.

The caloric content and fat content of many known fermented milk products is low, which allows them to be used as an additive to the main diet. The nutritional value of the product on the example of 100 g Activia is equal to:

  • 4.5 g – protein;
  • 3.5 g – fats;
  • 6.3 g – carbohydrates.

Natural yogurt with strawberries in a jar

Low Fat Yogurt

Is it possible to eat yogurt on a diet? In general, yes, but on condition that this purchase will be at least harmless to the body. Especially if you decide to use low-fat yogurt for this. Together with the fat in the composition, the salt content is reduced, which is often replaced with potassium chloride. As for fat, in this dairy product it is replaced with water and sugar. The last component cannot make a diet really healthy..

To ensure that the skim milk product in its consistency resembles the usual variant as much as possible, starch is often added to the composition. Its presence interferes with the processes of fat burning in the body. It turns out that if you degrease this product, then instead of some components you have to add others, which can be more harmful. Therefore, you should not greatly abuse such a non-greasy option, even if it is very fresh.

Low Calorie Yogurt

When deciding to purchase suitable low-calorie yoghurts, pay attention not only to the popularity of their brand and name, but also to their energy value. Often, the calories in such a delicacy, depending on the manufacturer, can differ greatly, and therefore, not every such product can be consumed with diets. On average, the calorific value of a natural product with bifidobacteria for every 100 g is in the range of 60-110 kcal:

  • Activia natural – 75 kcal;
  • Greek – 66 kcal;
  • Thick thermostatic Danone – 49 kcal;
  • Miracle – 99 kcal;
  • Frugurt – 70 kcal;
  • Activia – 90 kcal;
  • Neo Imunele Natural – 63 kcal.

Useful properties of yogurt

Before answering the question: what yogurt is most useful for weight loss, find out what benefits this product can bring and whether it can be combined with certain diets. So, the beneficial properties of yogurt are as follows:

  • a positive effect on the intestines and digestive system, as this product can improve digestion, prevent constipation, help with poisoning and reduce the risk of cancer;
  • a beneficial effect on the vascular system, as a result of which blood pressure is regulated and cholesterol levels are reduced;
  • improving the condition of the genitourinary system;
  • prevention of osteoporosis;
  • boosting the immune system.

Yogurt with fresh berries in a spoon and bowl

Slimming yogurt

Using yogurt for weight loss is a great way to reduce weight and improve the digestive system. However, for this purpose, only a product with bacteria is suitable, which you need to buy slowly – pay attention to the shelf life, which is about 30 days. Many experts recommend reducing it to 2 weeks, because the presence of a long shelf life is associated with the passage of the product through heat treatment. In the process, many fermentation products die and the finished product becomes less healthy..

What is the most healthy yogurt

As with any product, the buyer needs to make sure of the quality and choose the best one. The most useful yogurt is one that does not worsen the calorie situation and has a positive effect on health. Therefore, it is better to choose a “live” product, in which special bacteria are present. To do this, look for the words on the packaging: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, etc. Shelf life should not be more than 2 weeks, and ideally be about 7 days.

Is it possible to lose weight on yogurt

The answer to the question: is it possible to eat yogurt while losing weight has already been clarified, but another arises – how to lose weight with yogurt? To do this, choose not too high-calorie products with a small amount of fat and a minimum of sugar. Therefore, refuse to buy the option with sweeteners and additives in the form of fruits, which many people like to eat for dessert. Avoid products with the words “identical to natural”, “flavorings”.

What kind of yogurts can you have with a diet

Is it possible to eat homemade yogurt for weight loss – a question that many people ask who have not found a suitable option on store shelves. To do this, you only need a yogurt maker, kefir sourdough, about a liter of milk and fruit or jam. All of these ingredients need to be mixed and set to ferment, after which it can be used combining, for example, with cottage cheese. As for the store product and the answer to the question, what kind of yogurt can be used with a diet, keep in mind that their fat content should be about 4 g per 100 g, and caloric content should not exceed 250 kcal.

Homemade Yogurt in Jars

Yogurt diet

Follow such a diet for more than 10 days is not worth it. If desired, the diet on yogurt can be repeated after a couple of days:

  • breakfast – 150 g of product, 100 g of fruit, juice, dried fruits;
  • lunch – 100-150 g of the product, 100 g of boiled meat, salad, 100 g of juice;
  • afternoon tea – vegetables;
  • dinner – stewed vegetables, dairy products, juice.

7-day yogurt diet

With such a diet, you need to consume about 500 g of a natural product daily, divided into 4 doses. 7-day yogurt diet:

  • breakfast – green tea and any fruit;
  • snack – 150 g of dairy products;
  • lunch – a light soup, a salad of fruits or vegetables, which is seasoned with yogurt;
  • afternoon tea – a glass of juice (preferably freshly squeezed);
  • dinner – up to 150 g of meat or fish without adding fat, a vegetable salad and a few tablespoons of fermented milk product.

Fruit salad in a bowl, fruits and berries

Kefir Yogurt Diet

In recent years, the kefir-yogurt diet, which is very satisfying, has become increasingly popular. In addition to the dairy product, it has a large number of vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, there is boiled fish, etc. Losing weight must necessarily drink about 2 liters of liquid every day, including juices, tea without sugar. An approximate menu of the unloading kefir-yogurt diet, which can allow you to lose 500-700 g of weight per day:

  • first and second breakfast – 200 g fat-free and 200 g ordinary kefir;
  • lunch, lunch, dinner – 200 g of yogurt (natural);
  • late dinner – 200 g of biokefir.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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