When can I do sports after cesarean section?

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Many women after childbirth want to regain their beautiful figure, focusing on diets, practices and methods for rapid weight loss, seeking to achieve results faster. It is very important during this period to pay special attention to your health, especially if you do not know when you can go in for sports after cesarean section.

How much after cesarean you can go in for sports

Exercise after cesarean section is negotiated separately with your obstetrician-gynecologist. Relatively safe is called the period after 6 months. If the body is strong, without serious pathologies and with a good immune system, then the sutures are delayed after 70 days. Since these data are individual, before going in for sports, the doctor will check the condition of the suture and take tests.

Press after cesarean section

Downloading the press after caesarean section in the first couple of months is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, you risk causing a discrepancy in the muscles after the operation, which are not only on the abdomen, but also on the uterus itself. Therefore, you need to be careful about almost any training and listen to your body, playing sports. If the exercise will cause the slightest discomfort, immediately discard it. When it is possible to pump the press after cesarean section, only the doctor will say for sure, on the basis of analyzes and examination.

While bed rest is prescribed for you, you can try to gradually tone your body. Repeating movements will help consolidate the result. Here are some exercises after cesarean section:

  • Together with the bodyflex breathing technique and Kegel exercises, begin to slowly raise your head a couple of centimeters above the bed.
  • Next, we use the legs, – stretch and twist in a circular foot. When you feel that the body is a little stronger – start bending your knees, later try to pull them to your chest.
  • Return to starting position lying. Try to lift the case itself, while holding the pillow on your stomach so that there is less load on the seam.

When you are allowed to get out of bed, the intensity of the classes can gradually increase. The complex of easy exercises for weight loss can include:

  • small press;
  • pumping oblique muscles;
  • exercise “birch”;
  • easy twist format.

Girl shakes the press in the gym

Yoga after cesarean section

Classical yoga classes after cesarean section are allowed from 6 months, on the recommendation of doctors. There are breathing practices, asanas. With their help, you can help the uterus recover faster. In addition, yoga is important for weight loss: it helps to establish the digestive process and gradually restore flexibility to the joints and elasticity to the muscles. If you have an instructor, he will tell you effective poses that would not put a lot of stress on postoperative sutures..

Gymnastics after cesarean section

Already after one and a half to two months, gentle, therapeutic exercises after cesarean section are allowed. Light walks, swings, gradual stretching of the body and warm-up are acceptable provided that you are wearing a postpartum bandage. Sport after cesarean section is easy, preventive. Avoid sharp swings with your legs, do not make large lunges forward – this can harm the pelvic organs, as well as cause discomfort in the hip joint itself.

Exercise after cesarean section

Taking into account your physical preparation before and during pregnancy, it is recommended to do physical exercises after cesarean section very carefully, gradually increasing the frequency of training. Minimize stress on your upper body. Remember, if you are a nursing mother, the degree of active physical activity will adversely affect the quality of breast milk, making it acidic. If you do not plan to breast-feed your baby, then before you do it, it is advisable to wait for the restoration of the menstrual cycle.

Pilates after cesarean section

The basic principle of Pilates, like yoga, is proper breathing. Starting with primary breathing exercises, the abdominal muscles can be significantly strengthened. At first, try to hold the seam with your hand while inhaling and exhaling. Exercise “bar”, gradually increasing exposure to a minute, will help to work out all the muscles of the body at once, gently helping to get rid of excess fat. Doctors recommend Pilates after a caesarean section for 3-4 months.

The girl is engaged in Pilates

Charging after cesarean section

Together with the baby, recovery charging after cesarean section is allowed after a month and a half. Physical education exercises return muscle tone, improve well-being. Simple motion sickness of a child can be considered a full-fledged exercise, especially if you add walking around the room. Squats should be introduced gradually, focusing on the internal sensations of the body.

Training after cesarean section

If you are fortunate enough to avoid diastasis (divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles), then the training regimen after cesarean section can be intensified after six months. If you are among those who have to deal with the consequences of diastasis, then it is worth remembering that exercises with a focus on the press will be contraindicated for the first time, until you strengthen the entire pelvic girdle. Exercises lying on your back on a gymnastic ball, a “bicycle” and even a bar are among the prohibited.

Fitness after cesarean section

Complications after an unconventional type of labor include lower back pain. So the complex of future exercises should be concentrated on its strengthening. Often in sports halls they offer to squat with a fitball, and sometimes they allow the presence of the baby so that you work with him in conjunction. Fitness after cesarean section at 3-4 months is quite acceptable. The most important thing to remember is that you need to start with a warm-up, pre-warming up the muscles and keeping the rhythm. To form a waist, you can twist the hoop. Choose a model easier, without additional hard tips.

Take regular walks with the baby – it will benefit him and you. They will gradually return the endurance of the legs, strengthen posture, and stimulate blood circulation. Gradually increase the distance of walks, take breaks on a bench, take a breath, this will be easy fitness. Later, try to get yourself a sports hobby – belly dancing, which is beneficial for women’s health..

Girl performs stretching exercises

Pool after cesarean

After 7 weeks, you can take a bath, but a trip to the pool after cesarean is better to postpone. Given the aggressive aquatic environment, excessively chlorinated water and the ability to pick up a fungus, before swimming, it is better to strengthen the immune system first. Wait until the vagina regains its protective microflora. Water aerobics is allowed from 3-4 months. It will relieve stress on the joints, while allowing you to train your muscles. Choose gentle swimming styles such as brass or crawl.

Running after cesarean

Starting with walking and stepping at a moderate pace, increasing the amplitude of the regularity of activities before cycling, you will gradually come closer to running. Running after cesarean is the fastest way to lose weight if you practice this sport regularly. Underwear for exercise should be chosen carefully so as not to injure the mammary glands. Start jogging from 4 months, gradually increase speed, and enter regular running over long distances six months later after a full recovery.

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