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Each girl enthusiastically observes the professional career of Svetlana Khodchenkova. But if you recall how Svetlana looked at the beginning of her professional career, then the situation was not so optimistic. It becomes interesting how Khodchenkova lost weight, on what diet the actress sat, what kind of food she adhered to in order to achieve ideal parameters, what foods helped her lose weight? Perhaps it is an active lifestyle or in plastic? And maybe sports training or physical activity helped to lose weight? Read on to find out the secret of the actress’s figure..

Khodchenkova Svetlana before losing weight

The first role of the actress is the main character of the film “Bless the Woman.” Then Svetlana had the look of a true Russian peasant woman – a woman who is plentiful. The magnificent 18-year-old girl looked attractive, but not graceful. In order to look harmonious in her role, the actress consumed high-calorie foods, a lot of sugar and sweets. The role was lyrical, Svetlana adequately coped with the task..

Ignoring the extra pounds, she looked harmonious and pleasant, and the game was beyond praise. But the shooting was over, and the career continued. The next work has already fallen in love with the audience of the actress – the role of a ballerina, for which Khodchenkova began to lose weight. The result stunned everyone, after a while the star appeared on the screens in a completely different role.

What does Khodchenkova look like now

Since her “figured” youth, Svetlana has played many roles, most of which are major. An example to follow all women, a beautiful and slender lady just flutters. The audience with bated breath is waiting for the release of new films or interviews to enjoy the elegance of a positive girl. It is impossible to believe that a few years ago this was a real Russian woman who, in a burning hut, could stop a horse and carry it in her arms. It seemed that the excess weight of the actress decreased at times. Millions of women ask themselves one question: how did Khodchenkova lose weight??

Svetlana Hodchenkova

Losing weight Svetlana Khodchenkova

Such people deserve respect. It is necessary – recovered, it is necessary – lost weight, it is necessary – mastered boxing or mountaineering. Svetlana became a petite girl. Looking at her movements, you might think that she has been engaged in ballet all her life: delicate facial features, a chiseled figure – all this is the result of playing sports. These efforts confirm that famous actors are people like everyone else. They do not grab stars from the sky, but for a long time and in constant “make” themselves. Each girl can get a figure of her dreams. Confirmation of this – Khodchenkova before and after losing weight, its harmony.

Shape options

The beautiful half of humanity is pondering what parameters must be possessed in order to look as perfect as Svetlana Khodchenkova. Here, as they say, the main thing is not parameters, but proportions, and they are ideal, without exaggeration, for the actress:

  • Svetlana’s height is 169 cm;
  • the weight of the actress today is 52 kg;
  • the girl has breasts of 2 sizes;
  • the breast volume of the beauty is 82 cm;
  • waist 59 cm;
  • hips 86 cm.

How much thinner

Readers are interested not only in how Khodchenkova lost weight, but also in the fact how many kilograms the actress lost. At the time of filming in the feature film Bless the Woman, Svetlana Khodchenkova weighed 74 kg. After completing the shootings, the purposeful girl got a good motivation for losing weight: shooting in the role of a ballerina. This encouraged her to work hard on herself, because in three months Svetlana lost more than 20 kg. At the time of filming in the next film, the actress weighed 54 kg, she looked simply stunning.

Shot from the film “Bless the Woman”

Diet of Svetlana Khodchenkova

If you are asking yourself how Khodchenkova lost weight, or even want to repeat her record, pay attention to what you eat. The first and main condition for healthy weight loss is proper nutrition. Apparently, Svetlana took this issue seriously, because she ate low-fat, low-calorie, but healthy food, which included a lot of proteins. Khodchenkova adhered to the principle of fractional nutrition: as many meals as possible throughout the day in small portions. The main products that made up the actress’s diet:

  • the main “delicacy” during the weight loss period was protein food: low-fat chicken breast, moderate number of eggs, light low-fat cottage cheese, beef or veal, turkey, kefir, milk and other products;
  • a lot of vegetables containing fiber: boiled, stewed, raw;
  • fruits replaced sweets, the actress tried to eat them in the first half of the day;
  • dried fruits, dark chocolate, nuts – all this is also strictly limited in quantity before dinner;
  • minimum brown bread, rye bread;
  • low-fat fish: boiled, steamed or baked;
  • one of the main factors is a large amount of liquid: water, natural juices, unsweetened tea or coffee.

Prohibited Diet Foods

In order for the diet to be effective, for some time some foods, mainly containing fast carbohydrates, should be excluded from the diet. So, without which you have to do for the sake of a divine figure:

  • exclude too fatty dishes;
  • we refuse flour products: we forget about pies, cakes, cookies, cakes, rolls and wheat white bread;
  • we exclude starchy vegetables and fruits: bananas, potatoes, pasta, radish, corn;
  • forget about fried foods, smoked meats;
  • for the period of the diet should abandon the use of alcoholic beverages;
  • even if you really want to, do not eat high-calorie foods: condensed milk, ice cream, various desserts, doggies, hamburgers and other fast food.

After some time, you will be surprised to note that you are not so attracted to eat a piece of cake or unhealthy fast food, because first we form habits, and then they form us. Follow these simple rules, and questions about the type of how Khodchenkova lost weight will be asked about you.

Banana branch

Protein menu for weight loss

In order to make it easier to adhere to the Khodchenkova method for losing weight, it is better to create a separate diet for each day, each meal. Sample menu for 3 days:

  1. Breakfast: one glass of skim milk plus a tablespoon of honey. We start the metabolism.
    Snack: a glass of any tea, a light sandwich with rye bread and butter;
    Lunch: boiled chicken, light fruit salad;
    Snack: unsweetened tea or coffee, a slice of dark chocolate;
    Snack: light tomato salad with cucumber, olive oil, herbs;
    Dinner: low-fat yogurt;
    Snack: Grapefruit.
  2. Breakfast: eat fat-free yogurt on an empty stomach;
    Snack: apple or kiwi, can be mixed;
    Lunch: low-fat fish baked with vegetables;
    Snack: cabbage salad with tomato and cucumber;
    Snack: a slice of black bread and butter, tea;
    Dinner: vegetable stew (we don’t use potatoes);
    Snack: low fat kefir.
  3. Breakfast: fruit puree cooked at home;
    Snack: skim milk, some dried fruits;
    Lunch: boiled chicken ham, tomatoes with mozzarella;
    Snack: some grapes;
    Snack: natural juice, nuts with honey;
    Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese with kefir;
    Snack: green tea with mint, apple.

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

How thinner Svetlana Khodchenkova

You thought that the secret of beauty lies not only in nutrition. What other methods are there, how did Khodchenkov lose weight? And you are right, the best result is achieved by combining proper nutrition, physical activity and sports. The actress adhered to a specially designed regime in which dancing, cardio and strength training were combined. She tried to always be on the move, as losing weight is possible only on condition that more energy is consumed than is obtained.


In order to prepare for the role of a ballerina, Svetlana specially studied ballet. This leveled her posture, improved stretching and made the girl more graceful. The actress became more flexible and flexible, and at the time of filming, it was hard to believe that she hadn’t been doing ballet all her life. As you can see, becoming a pro is possible at any age, there would be motivation.

Physical exercise

In addition to dancing, Svetlana did not disdain and strength training. These were trips to a fitness club for exercise machines, where, with the help of an experienced trainer, a special set of exercises was developed for the muscles of the arms, legs, and the press. So the ideal forms were formed, which we observe on screens and in photo shoots. One of Svetlana’s favorite sports is Thai boxing (as you see, the girl is not as defenseless as at first glance). These grueling activities perfectly kill calories, which also contributed to weight loss..

Svetlana Khodchenkova

Svetlana Khodchenkova after losing weight

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