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Many ladies who have just recently declared a brutal war on excess fat sometimes get into a stupor – the arrows of the scales sharply move a couple of divisions forward, although there were no special eating disorders or training before. The answer to the important question of why during menstruation increases weight even on a strict diet or other effective weight loss technique lies in the physiology of the female body – body weight always increases before menstruation. The reason for the phenomenon so upsetting for women and girls is a sharp fluctuation in the hormonal background.

Does weight increase during menstruation

The unique creation of nature – a well-coordinated mechanism called the “female body” – is designed so that every month, under the influence of special female hormones, cyclic changes occur in it, associated with the function of the extension of the genus. Moreover, these periodic metamorphoses affect the work of absolutely all systems. Such changes become more noticeable a few days before the appearance of menstruation – this is a premenstrual syndrome familiar to most women.

The unpleasant symptoms of PMS are not only the appearance of physical and emotional discomfort, – before the start of critical days, several extra pounds are instantly gained. During menstruation, weight always increases, regardless of which diet you follow and how actively you exercise to lose weight. You can also gain one or two kilograms during ovulation.

How much weight increases during menstruation

Weight gain during menstruation is initially due to a genetic predisposition. From birth, every woman’s body has an individual program for passing the monthly menstrual cycle and all the ailments that accompany it. You will gain one kilogram or three whole during women’s days – it depends solely on the characteristics of your body.

However, it is incorrect to consider genetics the only reason for increasing body weight before CD – weight gain during menstruation is directly determined by the amount of food and fluid consumed on the eve of the onset of menstruation. Therefore, it is so important during the period of menstruation not to retreat from the usual diet and constantly monitor the amount of absorbed food so as not to recover.

The girl lies on the scales

Why does weight gain before menstruation

Normally, the main sex hormones of the female body – estrogen and progesterone – have certain meanings. Before the onset of menstruation, their level changes dramatically – the amount of progesterone begins to decrease to critically low numbers, and estrogen increases. This process provokes uncontrolled weight gain before menstruation: hormones cause the body to stock up on fluid, which it will lose so much along with menstruation blood. The body begins to swell from excess water, but menstrual puffiness disappears a couple of days after the onset of CD.

However, there is a second problem associated with fluctuations in the hormonal background and causing a rapid increase in weight during menstruation: such jumps in hormone levels do not affect appetite in the best way. Sometimes he becomes simply brutal – uncontrollable, intrusive, indomitable. Metabolism during this period slows down, so all the extra calories are instantly processed into body fat.

Is it possible to lose weight during menstruation

Since the female body experiences a lot of stress during menstrual bleeding, a strict diet, like active wear training, can be very harmful. They are not only ineffective in the process of losing weight during menstruation, but they are often fraught with unpleasant consequences for the hormonal system, which with this approach can cause a serious malfunction. It is unlikely to lose weight during menstruation, the main thing in this period is not to get better. To do this, it is wise to limit your diet and monitor nutrition.

Girl on the scales

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