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When striving for a beautiful figure, and not just attractive numbers on the scales, diet is only half the battle. The remaining 50% take physical activity, but what they are – effective workouts for losing weight, whether they can be performed at home, whether there are separate complexes on the stomach, hips, etc. problem areas – not everyone understands. Is it mandatory to go to the gym, take individual lessons with a trainer to start losing weight?

What workouts are more effective for weight loss

Leading nutritionists and sports doctors say that it doesn’t matter – you intend to conduct workouts in the gym with exercise equipment, prefer to run or do video exercises in front of the computer monitor. Not only this, but a system of external factors, including the reasonableness of the lesson, will be responsible for the speed of fat burning. Here you need to take into account the initial weight, preparedness of the body, count the pulse under load. To say which workouts are more effective for losing weight – at home or in the gym – is possible only from the perspective of psychology.


The psychologically easy option is on its territory. Nobody looks at your failures, you do not compare yourself with already pumped up sports girls, but you may not have the equipment required for productive work. Effective home workouts for weight loss are mainly fitness, tabata, jumping. You can add gymnastics, stretching, but they are more focused on tightening contours..

In the gym

The advantage of classes outside the home is the presence of a coach (an exception is a free single visit subscription), which will not give you the opportunity to spare yourself, will control all actions, and will help if necessary. The number of equipment and types of physical activity is also disproportionately higher, which makes classes more effective. Effective training in the gym is predominantly compiled by a trainer and is a combination of strength training with aerobic.

Work in the gym

Weight Loss Workout Program

Movement is an important point in the process of burning fat and calories consumed, but just adding walking or swimming in the pool to your usual schedule is not enough to start losing weight. This measure will be effective only in individuals with obesity. The rest need to choose an individual (!) Version of the movement and understand how weight loss programs are formed – complexes of physical activity, with which fat burning starts in a specific body, and nutrition according to BZH.


If you are moving away from being overweight, a hard load plan that trains your strength does not make sense. You will not notice fat burning (such as we would like), but after the first lesson, decide that sport is not for you. Strength training program for weight loss will be effective at the stage of grinding, because it will begin to shape the muscle structure and help bring the body’s proportions to the ideal. It does not include exercises for weight loss, but loads that affect endurance. You also spend fat reserves, but less actively.

Fat burning

If you study the effectiveness of classes for weight loss, cardio is the leading option from a small list. The bottom line is to maintain heart rate at the aerobic level throughout the workout, while it should last 40-45 minutes. The pulse should not fall, otherwise the load will cease to be useful, you will begin to work on endurance. This program for may include treadmill work, aerobics, dancing and other loads that meet the specified requirement. Please note that warm-up before cardio is not included in the indicated 40 minutes..

For fast weight loss

If you are trying to urgently correct the figure, you can include intensive (or interval) workouts in the program for quick weight loss. They are shorter in duration than cardio, because the body works at maximum power and a very high pulse. Such a load must be dosed, otherwise it ceases to be useful. Mostly this set of movements is added to the basic cardio, since they themselves do not give a result, but together they accelerate the process of burning fat.

Raise the bar

Weight Loss Training System

To create an individual course of studies, you need to take an integrated approach – only how it will be effective. A training system for weight loss is being developed with an eye to:

  • initial weight;
  • physical fitness;
  • specific (!) goals.

Any work gives effect when you see the end result. Decide how you need to reduce the volumes: drop abstract 5 kg or remove 3 cm from the abdomen, 5 cm from the hips and tighten the back surface of the hands? The plan in these situations will be different, as well as in a person with obesity and a normal BMI, in the beginner and the athlete in the past. Even age and chronic diseases can leave a mark on weight loss rate and program selection..

What time is better to train

With a loss of a kilogram, the experts consider morning training to be more effective, since the so-called carbohydrate hole, after which any physical activity leads to the consumption of deferred reserves. If you perform the same exercises for effective weight loss in the evening, you will first start to burn what you ate during the day. However, the optimal time for classes is also the time when physical activity does not worsen your well-being..


The frequency of classes is also an important factor in the question of their effectiveness. Even with the fastest kilogram dumping, there is no point in practicing daily, because the body will begin to work on endurance and burn not fats at all, but muscles. In addition, you will overtake hypoglycemia – a sharp nullification of sugar. The recommended schedule that makes this process useful is with an interval of 2 days for beginners and up to 5 times a week for trained.


When compiling your workload schedule, you need to keep anaerobic and aerobic workouts daily. At the initial stage, you should not combine them – you will not achieve the result you are striving for. It is better to stick to such a weight loss training plan: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are given to cardio, Tuesday and Friday – to power. This is an option for the “advanced” – in the first weeks you will have only 2 cardio, and by the end of the month you can already add variety to your schedule.

Cardio training

A set of exercises for weight loss

From the list of elements presented below, you can make up half of a full-fledged lesson, but it is better to break them into sets for days of arms-backs and legs-abdomen (as an example) without combining them into a single complex. For convenience, rewrite them in a table and note how much and how each was done – so you will be able to evaluate the process of burning fat and evaluate the effectiveness of the training. Finish with a massage of the worked-out areas – so you will help the skin, while maintaining its tone.

Warm up

Specialists advise warming up the body by jogging or a selection of different jumps. In addition to them, the weight loss workout plan includes:

  • Half squats with outstretched feet and a flat (!) Back.
  • Swing legs forward and to the sides (possible with weighting compound at the ankle).

Side exercises

A beautiful waist is not only narrow, but also with a soft bend, so you need to grind the sides for it. The right loads for them are those that affect the oblique muscles of the abdomen. These exercises for losing weight will work only when working at a fast pace:

  • Tilts of the straight body with the left hand touching the right heel and vice versa.
  • Lying on your back with bent knees, tear the shoulder blades off the floor and reach for your left leg with your right hand and vice versa.

For belly

A simple pumping of the press, familiar from school gymnastics, is not effective in the issue of weight loss. Exercises to reduce the abdomen should affect the deep abdominal muscles, especially in women. The most effective options:

  • Scissors. Additionally, it will contribute to the departure of centimeters from the hips. Lying on their backs, legs torn 5-10 cm from the floor are brought together and spread like blades. 2 minutes fast pace.
  • Clip. Lying on your back, raise your legs and arms sharply up with the separation of the shoulder blades. After 10 seconds to relax.

Scissors lying on your back

For the whole body

The most beneficial in the matter of rapid weight loss is considered to be aerobics and any kind of fitness. From the latter, you can draw up such exercises for losing weight:

  • Burpy on explosive power. Perform fast. From a vertical position, squat sharply, after taking the push-up position, group back and jump up. There are no pauses, do 4 minutes with 3 breaks of 10 seconds.
  • Strap. The emphasis on elbows and half-fingers, the main task is to keep the body parallel to the floor for 1 to 5 minutes (time increases with each lesson).

For hands

The study of the upper part of the body is best done with weighting, otherwise the effectiveness will be reduced. The most effective exercises for losing weight are pull-ups that require a horizontal bar and push-ups. The latter can vary in width, speed, weight on the back. There are a couple more ideas on how to diversify your activities:

  • From bodybuilding: lying on your back, pull your arms stretched in front of your chest with dumbbells to your chest and straighten back.
  • Within 2 minutes, having taken the position of the “bar”, change the emphasis from the elbows in the palm of your hand and back, without losing an even body.

For legs

Jumping is the best type of physical activity after running (not allowed for everyone) if you want to achieve slimness in your hips. However, they should be performed with a mandatory landing in full foot, otherwise you will begin to pump calves. Both types of jumps from the list need to be done for 5 minutes:

  • Jumping with an asterisk: legs together apart, arms opposite.
  • Jumps back and forth, feet connected.

Night exercises

Before going to bed, give yourself a high-intensity load, because it contributes to a surge of adrenaline, so insomnia will visit you. Evening exercises for weight loss at home are more aimed at dispersing blood and give muscles little work. Experts advise making simple elements of stretching and Pilates:

  • Lying on his stomach, quickly tear off his chest from the floor (hands behind his head) 25 times. At the last linger in the raised position for a minute.
  • In the evening complex, you need to include the “fold”: make 50 slopes of the body down with legs joined. Wrap their arms under your knees, stand a minute.

Girl doing abs exercise lying on her back

Slimming exercise

In the morning, the body needs to train without spending reserves: only help awakening and metabolism. Solo charging does not work, because you do not enter the aerobic zone, but by doing it every day, in a month you can see the changes. Morning exercises should last at least 20 minutes. This can include working with a hoop, walking on stairs.

The best exercises for weight loss to morning exercises:

  • Tilts of the case by points: forward, sideways, backward, sideways – clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • The rotation of the body with static hips will work well sides.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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