Wooden skyscraper: the future has arrived

A 984-foot wooden skyscraper in London

A giant toothpick

Nowadays the need for high-rise buildings made of wood is widely discussed. These projects have a lot of advantages.

London needs to grow or its residents will soon have nowhere to buy their apartments. One way is to build high-rise buildings. Buildings made of natural materials should please people much more than conventional high-rises of metal and concrete. Wood and other natural materials are greatly underutilized, and architects are proposing to change that.

For example, during the construction of the College Chapel to Westminster Hall was widely used wood.

A wooden skyscraper is an ecological solution

A skyscraper made of wood is a great ecological solution

Of course, the College Chapel to Westminster Hall –t is an 80-story building. But architects are sure: an 80-story wooden skyscraper is more than real. Modern technology makes it possible. And the switch to wood construction will have a very favorable impact on the environment.

Wood could revolutionize construction in the 21st century, as steel, concrete and glass did in the past. So why not start that revolution today?. And believe me, this tower will be not just modern and stylish, it is also very safe. The form is a matter of taste. Material, here's what to look out for.

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