The importance of modern highways and transport hubs

The interior of the living room in a city apartment

Urban residents are beginning to get used to the constant smell of gasoline and the unceasing hum

It would seem that apartments and houses located in the vicinity of a busy highway, should be cheaper. This proximity guarantees its owners additional stress and negative effects on health. However, experience shows that most often due to the laying of new routes property prices markedly increase.

Naturally, few people would want to live in an area that can be reached only on foot. Whereas the ability to drive up to one's own driveway is often the reason why the area begins to be actively developed. If you bought a house in a remote village and a main road was built to it, you might be able to sell it for more than you originally bought it.

The exterior of a private home in a metropolis

Suburbs are gradually turning into urban neighborhoods

Do not forget about the deterioration of safety. No parent would let their child go for a walk if there were cars whizzing by outside their window. Drunk and simply inattentive drivers, as well as faulty cars regularly become the cause of accidents in which pedestrians suffer.

In densely populated areas an active growth of criminality is likely. Even dacha residents notice that thefts and hooliganism are much less common in garden communities which are far away from highways and railway lines.

If it so happens that near your property still appeared highway, try to fence it off with a high fence. To drown out the noise, you can build a small waterfall in the yard, and plant a large number of live plants along the fence, which will reduce the amount of pollutants entering the air.

Leather furniture in the interior of the living room

Business people only benefit from highway construction

Thus, the prices of residential and commercial real estate are due to a whole range of different factors and can be individualized on a case-by-case basis. One of the main roles in the formation of pricing policy in any region is the presence or absence of the carriageway. In the end it is always the buyer who chooses where to live.

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