Twenty modern ideas that will change the world of your site – examples of works by famous designers

Project of garden design from well-known designers

In the picture below, we see a house by the Belgian architect firm dmv A Architecten. A modern yard is designed with grass and tile to create a lawn. Do not limit yourself in the arrangement of the grid.

Land design project by renowned designers

Stone tiles

Nowadays, the presence of stones in the yard. In the English garden below, the space is filled with stone slabs and gravel.

Project of the site design from famous designers

For personality, you can divide your yard into sections of grass and gravel, and then combine them A garden path made of stones.

A site design project by renowned designers

In the other example, the courtyard is mostly outlined tropical vegetation.

Project of site design from well-known designers

The example below shows that the space is divided into a series of rectangles. Grass cover, overgrown steps separated by metal strips.

A well-known designers' landscaping project

We shouldn't forget the trees either. The following yard is decorated with a Japanese maple tree with stones at the bottom, while there is no grass at all.

Design of the site from famous designers

The following example uses an abundance of detail in the same space – small fountain And grassy strips.

A site design project from renowned designers

In the image below, a constructed structure of five galvanized steel containers. They create a sculptural volume in the space.

A site design project by renowned designers

Even small balcony can be skillfully furnished. A compact round table is ideal for difficult areas.

Project of a site design from famous designers

It is worth completing our selection of the yard, which has most of the above elements. And everyone would like to spend time in such a place.

Project of site design from famous designers

Now that you are aware, it is necessary to decide how to arrange your space.

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