A unique futuristic necropolis architecture in Taiwan


The three circles represent three fundamental universal spaces, three planes: the first is the world of the Right, the Truth that created the universe of the Supreme Cause; the second is the world of ordinary life that we experience; and the third is the world of Life after death, the metaphysical space. Each of these worlds cannot exist without the other two. And the other two cannot exist without the third. It's this close connection that Stephen has tried to reflect in his architecture, with deep philosophical undertones.

The sacred trinity looks different in every culture, of course. In Christianity, for example, the derivative of the three Borromeo Rings is a triquetra, the symbol of the Holy Trinity. And in Hinduism it is Trimurti – the main sacred symbol of the ancient Aryans: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, who create and sustain the universe.

Perhaps it was the great breadth of meaning of this symbol that was the driving idea behind the project. The cemetery rests the ashes of people of all faiths. Every religion has its own sacred symbols, how to respect everyone without offending anyone? We must pay tribute to the architect: the master solves the issue very originally, ethically, beautifully.

Swimming pool on the grounds of the necropolis

Solar panels resting beneath the smooth surface of the swimming pool will provide 60% of the necropolis' electricity needs. Cooling water will increase battery efficiency by 20%.

There is no doubt that such an ensemble is first of all a cultural center, and then a columbarium. For at the entrance to the necropolis there will be a building with many functions, ennobling the mind. A beautiful lobby, art gallery, Life Museum, auditorium and ceremonial hall, store and restaurant are planned. There will also be a hotel with 21 rooms.

A visitor to the Beautiful Country House can easily guess that such an outstanding necropolis will in time become a famous landmark in Taiwan, attracting like a magnet tourists in love with aesthetics.

Necropolis layout
Layout Diagram of a Necropolis
Interior decoration of the necropolis
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